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Harry Potter- Knowledge is Power

Harry Potter- Knowledge is Power



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Published by api-3739295
HP Knowledge is Power
HP Knowledge is Power

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Published by: api-3739295 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Harry Potter- Knowledgeis Power
http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3876970/1/ Saved by Fanfiction DownloaderProgram, Updates:Bugs, Errors, Problems:http://www.home-eisele.deraimond@home-eisele.deAuthor: FettuciniChapter 1 to 28
Author's Introduction: READ IT!I was reading random fanfics the other day, searching for just the right one when Irealized something. I really, really end up disliking a lot of the ones I start to read. Ifigured that author’s could make things a lot less complicated if they identified the mainaspects of each story at the beginning so readers can (a) see prematurely if they’ll likethe ideas within a story and (b) decide whether they should waste their time reading. I’mgoing to do that here very briefly:- Harry, in this story, is two years older than he is in canon. Nobody else’s age isdifferent, as far as I know, except for Harry being born two years earlier than normal.- The year in which Harry will start Hogwarts will be the year 2000, rather than 1990, or1991 like it is in canon. Eventually, the story will branch out into the muggle world, it willmake things more exciting and easy for me if I can write in technology I know about,instead of having to refer to wikipedia and discover what technology was around in the 90’s . . .- This does not change the fact that he, too, is a candidate to be the ‘child of prophecy’,for if you read it carefully ‘the one with the power to vanquish the dark lord approaches’does not necessarily mean they are about to be born.- Hermione, Ron and Ginny and pretty much the rest of the Weasleys will not play asmuch of a main role as they do in canon, or many other fan fictions. Yes, Harry will be inthe same year as the twins, but he won’t be befriending them. Ron and Hermione won’tcome into the story until Harry’s third year, due to the aging change.- Harry is not the ‘Boy-who-lived’.- The prophecy will force nothing in this story. It will be as it should have been; apossibility rather than a sure thing. I hate it when people make the prophecy give Harrygod-like powers or make Harry and Voldemort Invincible – it just won’t happen in this story.- Harry’s strength will be believable, as in, anybody who works as hard as he does couldachieve it. This is the case because he’ll be strong using magic available to everyone – he’ll just be better at it because he worked for it. The only thing he will be able to do that isn’tavailable to is speak Parseltongue.- Parseltongue, in this story, works just like a Metamorphagus’ powers work, and by that,i mean how one obtains the ability. They randomly pop up in someone every now andagain, and once it does, it becomes hereditary (Tonks had it, none of her relatives did,and then she passed it on to Teddy).- Neville Longbottom is the Boy-who-lived and his personality will be different because ofit. Instead of suffering ridicule for his whole life, he has been showered with praise. Hewill not be evil, or mean. Just a little stupid, self-righteous and arrogant – like a youngJames Potter or Ron Weasley.- Therefore, what actually happened that night is that Riddle chose to go to theLongbottom’s manor first; Wormtail is still the Potters’ secret keeper, while Bella,
Chapter: 1
Rodolphus, Rabastan and Barty Jr went to the Potter’s house instead, after Wormtailsold them out. What actually happened that night will be explained in the story.- Ignotus Peverell is Neville’s ancestor, not Harry’s – the cloak belongs to Neville.- Yes, Harry will be somewhat super compared to other wizards by the time he graduatesfrom Hogwarts. He will never flaunt his power or use it to beat down bullies and flex hismagical muscles.- Harry’s powers and abilities will be believable; no power boosting rituals that no one buthim, funnily enough, performs. No multiple or magical Animagus abilities that allows himto become a phoenix/basilisk/dragon etc. No famous magical ancestors who, uponHarry’s magical maturation, give him super powers. He is not related to any of thefounders. Basically all the annoying shit like that won’t be here.- Harry will excel (ridiculously so) at Transfiguration, Charms, Runic Magic, Arithmancyand Parsel-magic. Possibly, he may also combine his Parsel healing magics with mugglemedicine/ surgery later on, it hasn’t been decided. All his powers will be believable, and inmy opinion, make the fight scenes all the more awesome.- Don’t expect Harry to go all out for the first time until the end of his seventh year (Fifthyear canon).- Harry is an anti-hero. Many people will think he’s cruel, a jerk and not a nice person.Those people will be right. Think Greg House, he’s bitter about something, absolutelybrilliant, and a smart-ass who doesn’t care about anyone but himself – the only differenceis that he does care for people he considers family, he just won’t tell them.- Harry will not be dark, evil, or light. He’ll do things his own way, not caring what anyonethinks of him when he does.- The magical world will be expanded on in a major way. After he graduates fromHogwarts, very little of the story will be based in Britain.- Don’t expect Harry’s personality to mirror ninety-nine percent of the Gryffindor’spersonalities. He’ll be a Ravenclaw to the bone, though that particular sorting system willcome under scrutiny eventually.- Dumbledore is not evil; he genuinely does want the best for everybody. The road tohell though, as they say, is always paved in good intentions. His manipulations won’t benearly as severe as some other fanfics authors make it out to be though.- There will be OCs. Harry’s best friend and the best friend’s love interest will be OCsfrom canon families. People usually don’t like OCs because they either become Mary/GarySues, or die off early. I won’t make promises, but tall OCs in my story will have theircharacters developed, even more thoroughly than some canon characters. I also hope tomake them more likable than Hermione and Ron (their personalities always rubbed me thewrong way). Remember that, at first, you may not like the OCs, but their characters willbe developed and, I hope, you’ll grow to love them and not even think of them as OCs later on.- No Slash or Severitus, Nuff said.- Harry will be paired with Fleur, eventually. I have rather unique, in my opinion, views on

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