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Michael Grimm Clipbook

Michael Grimm Clipbook

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Published by: NortheastClipbook on Oct 04, 2011
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 Rep. Michael Grimm (NY-13)
 Notable Headlines
Bay Ridge to Grimm: Hands Off Our Medicare! [Brooklyn Paper,4/29/11]A Rowdy Reception at Rep. Grimm’s Town Hall [Wall Street Journal,4/28/11]Ethics watchdog group named Michael Grimm among “most corrupt” [The Brooklyn Politics,9/20/11]Rep. Michael Grimm On The Perks Of Being A Congressman: Chicks Dig It [NY Daily News,2/07/11]Business associate of Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm is convicted felon Carlos Luquis [NY Daily News,8/14/11]How much did a convicted felon help Rep. Michael Grimm’s campaign? [Staten Island Sun,8/23/11]Questions surface over ex-FBI agent, Grimm [Staten Island Advance,8/21/11]Rabbi’s Followers Cast Doubts on Congressman’s Fund-Raising [New York Times, 1/27/12] Michael Grimm Pushes Pipeline, Pulls Donations [NY Daily News,2/09/12]Michael Grimm Extolled Hospital Funding Increase From Health Care Bill He Voted to Repeal[Politicker,2/15/12]Michael Grimm’s Health Care Problem [MSNBC, 2/15/12] Congressman’s Business Ties Are at Odds With Upright Image [New York Times,2/15/12]Michael Grimm’s ‘checkered business background,’ from scam-artist partner to mystery restaurant[Capital New York, 2/16/12] A string of Grimm headlines [Politico,2/16/12]Staten Island Representative Michael Grimm Hid Shady Businesses, Poorly Named Companies [NewYork Magazine, 2/16/12] Grimm Caught in Political Firestorm [National Journal, 2/16/12] After Allegations, Michael Grimm No Longer a Romney Delegate [Politicker, 2/16/12] Michael Grimm’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month [MSNBC,2/17/12]
Grimm’s Whistleblower Bill Would Hand Corporate Crooks The Keys To The GetawayCar
In May 2011, the Staten Island Advance blasted Grimm’s plan to force corporate whistleblowers to firstreport misbehavior to their superiors, not government regulators.“It is bad enough that corporate thieves all too often escape punishment for their crimes. Now Rep.Michael Grimm wants to hand those crooks the keys to the getaway car,” the editorial board wrote. “Mr.Grimm suggests that any employees who are aware of corporate misbehavior should simply take thatinformation to their superiors. […] If you see something, say something - but it matters whom you say itto. If you report a burglary to the police, that doesn't automatically ‘open the floodgates to frivolousclaims and costly penalties.’ If you report the burglary to the burglar, you have tipped the crook, putyourself at risk and all but assured an undesirable outcome.”
[Staten Island Advance, 5/16/11]
Advance Criticized Grimm for Sympathizing with Convicted Spy
In October 2011, the Staten Island Advance wrote an editorial criticizing Grimm for his support andadvocacy on behalf of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.The editorial criticized Grimm for visiting Pollard in a North Carolina federal prison. While Grimm saidthat he was “working with many others in Washington to have justice prevail and have him released from prison,” only one other Republican in Congress shared Grimm’s views about Pollard. The editorialquestioned Grimm’s interest in the case when it would matter little to his constituents. Grimm cited hislifelong interest in Pollard’s case and stated that it had nothing to do with politics.
[Staten Island Advance,Editorial, 
Budget Issues
Voted for REINS Act
In December 2011, Grimm voted for the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny (REINS)Act, which would require Federal agencies to submit regulations with an annual economic impact of $100million or greater to Congress for approval. The bill passed the House by a vote of 241-184.Grimm said, “My vote for the REINS Act represents one of the very reasons I came to Congress: to fightfor the return to small government. Our country has become over-burdened with Washington bureaucratsand ‘big-government’ regulations that have killed any opportunity for our economy and businesses togrow. In fact, these job-killing regulations have cost America’s employers roughly $1.75 trillion annually,and that’s unacceptable. The Obama Administration has proposed more than 200 new regulations thisyear alone, each of which cost our economy $100 million or more. The REINS Act targets these veryrules, making them subject to Congressional approval before they can be implemented.”
[Grimm E- Newsletter, 12/9/11]
Voted for REINS Act

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