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Animal Test

Animal Test

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Published by api-3714309

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Published by: api-3714309 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. ___ Napoleon: an aggressive and ambitious boar
who becomes dictator of Animal Farm and who is
responsible for the slaughter of many animals.

KGB: a group of Soviet police trained to
track down real and suspected lawbreakers.

2. ___ Snowball: a creative and intelligent boar who is run off the farm by Napoleon's dogs because he is a threat to Napoleon's power.

Lenin: a Soviet who dreamed about a
society where 'II men work together and share all

profits: Communism.
3.____ Napoleon's dogs: a small army of attack
dogs trained to attack real and suspected

Trotsky: an intellectual who was sent into
exile by the ambitious and aggressive Stalin.
4.____ Boxer: an enormous horse who was worked
to death by Napoleon.
Stalin: a Soviet dictator who led the
Bolsheviks and who eventually slaughtered millions

of Russians,
5.____ Old Major: an old, benevolent pig who
dreamed of an animal society where all animals are

proletariat: the working class of the Soviet
Multiple Choice - Select the best answer.
6. The political philosophy that governed Animal Farm was called
a. democracyb. animalism
c. socialism
d. capitalism
7. Old Major taught the animals a song called
a. "Old Faithful" b. The Star Spangled Banner"
c. "Animal Crackers" d. "Beasts of
8. The farm was governed by rules called the
a. commandments
b. code
c. constitution

d. statutes
9. The first battle between the humans and the animals came to be known as the
a. Battle of Cowshed b. Battle of Windmill

c. Battle of Jones
d. Battle of the
10. After they assumed power, the pigs went to live in
a. the castle b. the barn
c. the farmhouse

d. the sty
11. Whenever anything on the farm went wrong, the trouble was blamed on
a. Benjamin

b. Mollie
c. Squealer

d. Snowball
12. While on parade, Napoleon was preceded by a
a. band of dogsb. a rooster

c. Moses

d. Mollie
13. The first time the windmill was destroyed, it was destroyed by
a. a storm

b. humans
c. Snowball

d. Napoleon
14. The second time the windmill was destroyed, it was destroyed by
a. a storm

b. humans
c. Snowball

d. Napoleon
15. Moses, the raven, liked to talk about a place called
a. Shady Lane b. Heaven

c. Kismet

d. Sugar Candy Mountain 16. At the end of the book, Napoleon changed the name of Animal Farm to a. Napoleon's Place

b. Manor Farm
c. Animal Kingdom
d. Pilkington's Farm
17. Boxer continue to support Napoleon's government for all of the following reasons except:

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