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Financial Documents

Financial Documents

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Published by api-3702381

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Published by: api-3702381 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[CA Covering Letter]
(This letter is a Sample)
URL:http://usapply.tr ipod.com/visa /ca_stat. html
To Whomsoever It May Concern
This is to certify that Mr. Yo u r- n a m e - h e r e R/oyour-address-here is the only son of his parents Shriyour-
dad'sname-here and Shmt your-mom's-name-here. His family consists of his parents and his sister; he is

hence the sole heir.
The market value of his family assets is as follows:
Land & Buildings

Particulars Area Ownership
Mkt Value
(Rs. Lakhs)
Location1 Built up residential
property atx xxx, New
xxx sq yards Sole Owner xxx.xx
Location2 Ancestral Residential
Property atxxx x Delhi
xxx sq yards 1/5th share of Rs.
xx Crore property
Location3 Commercial Shopping
Complex atxxxx
xxx sq yds 1/4th share of Rs.
xx Crore property
TOTAL xx.xx
Business Holdings
Company Name Particulars
Ownership Value of Share
(Rs. Lakhs)
(relation -here)
M/s xx xx xx & Co. xxx company
at xxxx xxxx,New Delhi
1/3rd share of
xxxx xxx
M/sx xxx Co.xxxx company at
xxxx, xxxx Road, Delhi
1/2 share of
xx xxx
Bank Balances, Shares & Policies

Account Holder Bank Account Details Bank Balance

(Rs. Lakhs)

xxx xxx (Self) State
Bank ofxxx x Fixed
Deposit A/c no.xx xxx

xxxx Bank Savings
Account no. xxxx xxx

xxx xxxx(relation-here )
State Bank ofx xxx
Savings account no.

Grand Totalxxxxx
* All values in Rs. Lakhs.
** The market value of assets is based upon the opinion of experts engaged in their respective fields.
ForCA- compan y- name-here & Co.
Chartered Accountants
My self prepared format that I\u2019d sent in the University Applications

This colored space here represents the stamp portion of a stamp paper. To get a stamp paper, you need to
go to any of the Local court complexes at your city and the denomination of this particular stamp paper for
Visa purpose should be either Rs. 10 or Rs. 20. Although, there is nothing wrong to put in higher
denominations, it is not imperative\u2026.and could be deemed a waste.

This is done for about Rs. 26.00(including commission of stamp vendor for stamp paper of Rs. 20
denomination ) or Rs.14 (including commission of Stamp vendor for stamp paper of Rs. 10 denomination).

While purchasing the stamp paper, the stamp paper should be purchased for(i.e on the name of) \u201cxxxxxxx\u201d where \u201cxxxxx\u201d is your sponsor and \u201cfor whom\u201d should be written as \u201cSelf\u201d. People usually type stamp papers with the vendors at the court complexes, but they don\u2019t do a neat work, so, it better to buy a blank paper and then take it home and print it out.

After printing out the contents on the stamp paper(\u2026I did it as I\u2019d written below), you need to go to the court complex in your respective city or to any Notary around your place and have him stamp in the area in the below format marked by\u201d Sworn and signed before me\u2026\u2026\u2026\u2026.\u201d. The notary usually charges around 20 bucks for this.

If there are two sponsors for you, then each sponsor should sign a separate affidavit. I read somewhere that an affidavit of support is not required if parents are sponsors, but I don\u2019t think it would hurt to spend 30-40 bucks on each stamp paper to give a complete financial proof. Isn\u2019t it???

Affidavit of Support
I,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Resident of:zzzzzzz zz , do hereby solemnly affirm and state on oath as follows:
Thatyyyyyyyyy, who is seeking admission in <your University> for pursuing his <intended
course like M.S e.t.c.> is my son/daughter.

That I have the required financial resources to provide funds for my son\u2019s/daughter\u2019s education at <your university> for the course tenure mentioned on the University I-20 and I undertake to support him/her financially till he/she completes his/her education.

I hereby assure you that my son\u2019s/daughter\u2019s educational expenses would be met by me and

that he/she would not be a public charge on the American Government.
Hence, this Affidavit of Financial Support.
Solemnly affirmed on this, the

<Ath> day of <Month> 2004, at
<city>,<state>, INDIA
<This is the place where the Notary puts his stamp
and Judicial Seal and signature>
If sponsor is employed then...
Salary Certificate (Latest) and Employment Certificate if sponsor is doing a job. If tax is deducted at the
source by the company, carry the TDS certificate as well.

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