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Attempted Murder in New York

Attempted Murder in New York

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Published by Geoff Caplan
It’s a horrifying charge.

An accusation of attempted murder obviously carries potentially dire consequences.
It’s a horrifying charge.

An accusation of attempted murder obviously carries potentially dire consequences.

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Published by: Geoff Caplan on Oct 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Attempted Murder in New York
It’s a horrifying charge.
 An accusation of attempted murder obviously carries potentially dire consequences. If you or someone you know has been accused of attempted murder, you might notrealize that the severity of the attempted murder charge is attached to the detailssurrounding the incident. The person accused might face federal incarceration up to onehundred and sixty two months. They will face a lifetime scar on their federal record witha felony charge and civil litigation by the victims of the attempted murder. If the chargeis proven, the charged individual faces heavy penalties and only a competent attorneycan reduce this sentencing. Ketover & Associates are New York criminal lawyers who are qualified and prepared to handle the challenges of this delicate situation. Theirattorneys work tirelessly to ensure satisfactory results and to prove that there isreasonable doubt in the case to prove an attempted murder, or even if even a crimewas actually committedIn order for a person to be found guilty of attempted murder the government must prove:In most jurisdictions, attempted murder is viewed as acting deliberately and intentionallyor recklessly with extreme disregard for human life, while the person attempted to killsomeone; and the person did something that was a substantial step toward committingthe crime. Mere preparation is not a substantial step toward committing a crime.There is a significant difference between a charge of attempted murder and first degreemurder, for example. In order for someone to be found guilty of first degree murder thegovernment must prove that the person killed another person; the person killed theother person with malice aforethought; and the killing was premeditated.To kill with malice aforethought means to kill either deliberately and intentionally orrecklessly with extreme disregard for human life.Premeditation means with planning or deliberation. The amount of time needed forpremeditation of a killing depends on the person and the circumstances. It must be longenough, after forming the intent to kill, for the killer to have been fully conscious of theintent and to have considered the killing.

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