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Achievement Test 2

Achievement Test 2

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Published by Duy Nguyen

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Published by: Duy Nguyen on Oct 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Achievement Test 2Teacher In Charge: Nguyen Hoang Duy
I. MULTIPLE CHOICE:Question 1-5:
Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:
1. A. wait
B. need
C. belov
D. lov
2.A. st
ysB. s
ysC. m
kesD. t
kes3.A. pr
ruptionD. t
mperature4. A.
vailable5.A. av
lableB. s
feC. l
dderD. r
Question 6-30:
Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) that best fits each space blank:
6. If only I _____ at the seaside with my friends now.A. amB. wasC. wereD. will be7. Without the sun and its light, nothing _____ survive on Earth.A. canB. is able toC. willD. could8. –Congratulations on winning the championship! – It is very nice _____ you to say so.A. toB. ofC. fromD. with9. The fruit from the store hasn’t been washed. _____, we have to wash them carefully before eating.A. ButB. ThereforeC. HoweverD. Despite10. Can you tell me the reason for _____ the Valentine’s Day?A. celebratingB. celebrationC. celebratedD. celebrate11. You should get a doctor _____ your health to see what is wrong with you.A. checkingB. checkC. to checkD. checked12. Everything must be done carefully in preparation _____ the event.A. ofB. forC. withD. to13. _____ has been an increase in the use of Internet all over Vietnam lately.A. ItB. ThereC. HereD. That14. Festivals are occasions when people get _____ with those they love and care.A. alongB. awayC. togetherD. of15. The children are looking forward _____ on their summer vacation.A. to goB. to be goneC. to goingD. going16. You were very _____ to pay for the drinks last night.A. activeB. proudC. goodD. generous17. Joe used to be a lot faster than he is now, _____?A. wasnt heB. isnt heC. doesnt heD. didnt he18. _____ his dislike of the new uniform, he had no choice but to wear it.A. Because ofB. Despite ofC. Thanks toD. In spite o19. We _____ our neighborhood when that conservationist arrived.A. cleanedB. were cleaningC. are cleaningD. would clean20. Oh dear, how _____ your water bills are! We can’t pay them.A. heavyB. greatC. enormousD. small21. Water, electricity are not luxuries _____ necessities.A. andB. orC. butD. as22. It is not widely known that baths use twice as _____ water as showers.A. muchB. a lotC. manyD. a lot o23. Once you _____ the homework, you can watch the cartoons on TV.A. will finishB. are finishingC. have finishedD. finished24. Bill Gates, _____ is known as the King of computer programs, is famous for his charitable work.A. thatB. whomC. whoD. who he25. Many people were injured when the building _____.A. collapsedB. hitC. struckD. erupted26. HCM City is known _____ one of the best commercial centers of Vietnam.A. forB. withC. likeD. as27. I’ve been _____ for my schoolbag but it is nowhere to be found.A. findingB. lookingC. accountingD. making28. We have to hurry now or we’ll end _____ being outside the house.A. inB. atC. downD. up29. I suggest _____ the raincoats along with us in case of the rain.A. to takeB. to be takenC. takingD. being taken30. I am going to have a lot of trouble with the test results, _____?A. am not IB. arent IC. wont ID. shant I
Achievement Test 2Teacher In Charge: Nguyen Hoang Duy
Question 31-40:
Identify the mistake in each of the following sentences:
31. After a ten-minutes discussion with his group, he was chosen to give his ideas to the audience.A B C D32. I wish I were free to help you with the exercise at school now but I were not!A B C D33. When he arrived home, he was too hungry that he ate all the food left in the fridge.A B C D34. The new light-bulb saves much more energy compared with another appliances in the samecategory.A B C D35. Passover is an ancient spring festival, which is celebrated by Jewish people for freedom of slavery.A B C D36. In spite the qualifications he had, he was not chosen for the job.A B C D37. There is going to be a parade along Nguyen Hue Street to celebrate Independence Day in Sundaymorning.A B C D38. If you want to be successful in any job, remember not to lose hearts!A B C D39. The show was very successful thank to the good preparations of the teams.A B C D40. A recent disastrous volcano eruption in Japan has taken the lives of more than 10,000 people in Tokyo.A B C D
II. WORD FORMATIONSupply the correct form of the words in brackets:
1. I will always be with you, my dear and _____ friend.
2. You cannot hide your _____ for her forever. Just go and tell her what’s on your mind.
3. We were surprised by the _____ of the electricity bill. We didn’t know we had used that much.
4. It is common to see the streets which are _____ with rubbish in Vietnam.
5. Various ways have been suggested to reduce _____.
6. For most _____, lighting takes up 10% to 15% of the electricity bill.
7. His _____ between the two laptops was not useful as both of them are fake.
8. On his once-a-year vacation, he decided to stay at an expensive and _____ hotel.
9. A _____ earthquake is the power of nature that men are most afraid of.
10. The _____ of the recent tidal waves haven’t been announced yet.
DESTROY III. READING COMPREHENSIONQuestion 1-15: Read the following passage carefully and choose the correct answer (A, B, C orD)
(1)_____ are storms with very powerful turning winds and dark clouds. These winds are perhapsthe (2)_____ on Earth. They (3)_____ speeds of 300 miles per hour. The dark clouds are (4)_____ like afunnel wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The winds are most dangerous in the center of thefunnel. Tornadoes are especially common in the United States, but only in certain parts. They take(5)_____ mainly in the (6)_____ states.A hot afternoon in the spring is the (7)_____ likely time for a tornado. Clouds become dark. There is thunder, lightning, and rain. A cloud forms a (8)_____ and begins to twist. The funnel movesfaster and faster. The faster the winds are, the louder the noise is. Tornadoes always (9)_____ in anortheastern direction. They never last longer than eight hours.A tornado’s path is narrow, but within that narrow path, it can (10)_____ everything. It cansmash buildings and knock down trees, not to mention it can kill people (11)_____ well. The worst tornado swept through the states of Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana in 1925 and(12)_____ 689 people, although people had been (13)_____ by scientists. Modern weather equipment nowmakes it possible to (14)_____ when a tornado is coming. People have a much better chance of protecting themselves. But ()_____ can stop a tornado from ruining everything in their path.
1.A. HurricanesB. TyphoonsC. CyclonesD. Tornadoes2. A. heaviestB. fastestC. strongestD. hardes3.A. goB. reachC. runD. come4.A. shapingB. shapedC. shapeD. shapes

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