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AFL-CIO Organizing Summit Agenda

AFL-CIO Organizing Summit Agenda

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Published by: LaborUnionReport.com on Oct 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A F L- C I O
1–6 .m.RegistRation
3rd Floor, Redwing
1–4:30 .m.give Back to Minneapolis: coMMunity seRvice pRoject
Participants will have the opportunity to create back-to-school care packagesfor children who live in the Twin Cities. The service organization Tubman, ourcommunity partner for this service project, helps women, children and familiesstruggling with relationship violence, substance abuse, trauma and mental healthissues. Tubman provides safe shelter, legal services, mental and chemical healthcounseling, youth programming, elder care resources and community educationto more than 54,000 people across the Twin Cities metro area.
5–6:15 .m.WelcoMe
3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom
Kurston Cook,
 AFL-CIO Young Worker Coordinator
Shar Knutson,
Minnesota AFL-CIO President
 AFL-CIO Young Worker Advisory CommitteeWill Fischer,
Community Services Coordinator
k addr
Elizabeth Shuler,
 AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer
6:15–8 .m.WelcoMe Reception
3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom Foyer 
 w w w. face boo k.com /a f lc ione x tup #ne x tup
8–9 .m.BReakfast/caucuses
3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom Foyer 
 late RegistRation continues
3rd Floor, Redwing
9–10:30 .m.
plenaRy panel
3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom
 s  h u
Workers didn’t create the economic situation we are in, but we are poised tofix it. This economic crisis has disproportionately impacted young people andwill have long-term repercussions on their ability to raise families, buy homesand live the American Dream. In times of great adversity lies an even greateropportunity to shape the future of the country—to build an economy that canbe measured by what it does for those who have too little rather than enrichingthose who have too much. This plenary panel not only will address the currenteconomic crisis but will discuss pathways to building a just economy.
10:45 .m.–12:15 .m.
 BReakout sessions
3rd Floor, Salon A
sd  sdr: Hw u d immr ar fh thr r Wrr’ Rh
Our immigration system is broken. But what does that mean for young workerstoday? This panel discussion will unpack the complexities of our currentimmigration system and discuss immigration reform from the labor movement’sperspective. The panelists will explore how new, growing movements ofimmigrant and union activists, from DREAM students to domestic workers, arecoming together to build a broader, more inclusive labor movement to fight forsocial and economic justice for all.
s B: W ar o
3rd Floor, Salon B
In recent months, some of the fiercest attacks on workers’ rights have come fromstate governors and legislatures. From Wisconsin to Florida, New Hampshire toOhio, workers are under attack and their rights are being stripped away at a recordpace. But if you take a closer look at the assault on workers, it is clear this is acoordinated effort to destroy unions and attack the middle class. This plenary willexplore the recent surge of state battles and connect the fight for workers’ rightsto solutions for winning these battles.
a  v:
3rd Floor, Salon C
‘a thr  amr Dmr’
2011 has seen a disturbing increase in state legislation imposing severerestrictions on voting. Over the last year, numerous states have passed oppressivephoto identification and other restrictive voting laws with the singular purpose ofdisenfranchising certain voters. Under the guise of preventing voter fraud, GOPlawmakers have implemented the most restrictive voting laws in recent history.Impediments to voting rights cause massive disenfranchisement and votersuppression, threatening our democracy. This plenary will discuss the challengesfacing voters under the new laws, what can be done to educate voters about thechanges, and the mobilization efforts necessary to get voters to the polls acrossthe country in 2012.
Bd  cr-gr
3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom 
lbr Mm
“Young people don’t come to meetings!” “Old people are too slow to change!”We all have heard, and probably have expressed, reservations about our older/ younger counterparts, but how can we work together to build a stronger labormovement? This plenary is designed to start the conversation between leadershipand young workers on how we can come together, learn from each other andmodernize the labor movement.
    Y    O    U    N    G    W    O    R    K    E    R    S

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