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Dear Dad 21 Agustus

Dear Dad 21 Agustus

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Published by z4k412i4

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Published by: z4k412i4 on Oct 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear dadHello my dady...here I always pray for you and hope you in good health.. you it all for me.Yesterday when I hear your voice I so happy, I feal alone dad.. if I can go to you I will do.. every dadWith same activity is make me not intersting to
be here..in the boarding. I don’t know dad. I thinks I
miss you dad.. with you I can more rileks more enjoy this day.. it make me always thinks want go toyou. Dad I so miss you. Come to me dad... to my dream..to my sleeping..n to my days...Dear dadThis
manth is rhamdan..it’good manth for all muslim people..all people are pasting and go to themouseque for parying and reading al Qur’an till morning..it was nice to do that. And I also do that
but..Mr..P no... he lezeey to do it. This is the activity all muslim people are did now here. I and T withhis wife, suci and indra also do it. On the days we are pasting till afternoon when azan coming weare eating rice vegetable and drinking sweet water like sirup o jus. and after dad we go the mouseqefor pray and we back from mousqe about 21: 00 aclock in the evening, after that some time
wereading qur’an in the boarding and than we sleep and about 3; 00 a clock in the morning we
wake au for eating and we waiting till the azan after azan we praying and thean when about 7aclock in the morning we take sower nad go to do our activity like go to scholl to the campus. It wasto do it.On sundy I was home talk with papa and mama he like so much If we all are home the house is busyall people do what he want to do in the village it make papa so happy because if we not there the
house was quit..no body there only papa and mama no more.. now it’ 21 of rahmadhan
and we willpasting 9 days again and will idulfitri at 1 of september it will be very nice because it big party for allmuslim. You know it dad..Dear dad.Now I not to be worry again about my study becase I can be study in the same hospital the fire lastmanth make the condition was not good but know will going normal again the teacher said we canstart study there on november because now the hospital still renopation he say it will be finis onnovember and if it ready we will start study there. So now I still waiting for it and we study atcampus and I now still do my home work dad. Only this info from my campus for now..How about you dad.?? I dont know what must I say dad. I only thinks about your condition but I cangot info about it, for me it inforten... so please tell me all about it..ok dad..How about Mohammad that you got contact weth him?? When he back from java.?? I not gotcontact with him.!Dad on thusday i will home because on Wednesday it idulfitri. It next weeks dad. 1 of september.
Ok dad greeting to mr..P don’t worry only one weeks and he can free....dad I so so miss you.. I feal
lone with out you... I LOVE YOU DAD. BK.BL.BH 134 L/CUr son dr.jacko.

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