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Edition II - Associated Press

Edition II - Associated Press

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Published by Prateek Patnaik

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Published by: Prateek Patnaik on Oct 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General Assembly: U.S paves way for the  future?? 
Where the countries yesterday were openly opposingthe trade of oil in USD today U.S.A went as far asproposing a consortium with countries like Libya,Canada, Qatar, Kuwait etc. Some of these very
countries had accepted OPEC’s idea to not trade in
USD but exceptionally the U.S also included them. Thisconsortium was initiated not only for the NATOcountries to meet their demands on petroleum but toalso stabilize upcoming economies like India, which areheavily dependent on petrol and diesel. Terms wereagreed on this consortium but before it could take off,the idea of a consortium was scraped. OPEC thereforestated to unanimously sell to everyone.The U.S also led the point that the organization takes astep backwards to the old ways and thereforecontinues with the US dollar since it has proved timeand again that it can survive any crisis and furthermorehas been used in all kinds of transactions. The Indiandelegates had it all coming their way because even if the consortium was dissolved, the agreements thatIndia had with OPEC countries still managed to bepulled through. The U.S delegate on the consortiumnot working stated that the reason was that in order tomove with the times, one must consider the goodwillof all the countries, an opinion to which everyoneagrees on.
Non-Alignment Movement: Loopholes in the system?? 
NAM was on a roll today as the motion that wassuggested were the loopholes in the peace makingorganizations and then reforms to correct the same.Unreliable group concentration, inadequate planningand Non-functional logistic gaps were some of theproblems highlighted by the delegate of Madagascarwho also suggested the motion. There were also timeproblems which India rightly pointed out for theimplementation of various plans and strategies whichsometimes get no time at all, but sometimes canstretch towards eternity. Bahrain pointed out quiteabnormally that the peace keeping organizations aremeant for the agenda of the developed countries butforgot to mention that the U.S has indeed helped outmillions with their resources.The delegate for Syria then pointed out thatthe UN failed to keep the basic right of life in theMiddle East, Asian and African countries. This pointwas supported by other nations as the protection of civilians is very important for long term peace building.The UN should therefore maintain on meeting itssuccess and not fall in the same scene as the defunctLeague of Nations.
Interpol: Arguments Unbound!! 
With the chairperson setting up the ground rules fordiscussion meant to be strictly adhered to, thesession progressed to address the legality of extraordinary rendition. When many countries sharedthe opinion that human rights should take the centerspace in the discussion, the chairperson was of theopinion that though human rights play an importantrole, they are not the only matter of concern. Hesuggested the discussion to move in a directionwhere the legality of extraordinary rendition could bediscussed so that the committee can formulateguidelines to promote or to not promote the act of extraordinary rendition. The delegate of UAE stronglyrecommended the undertaking of extraordinaryrendition under the strict supervision of the Interpol,or the next option, she said, would be to illegalize italtogether. The delegate of UAE went as far asaccusing the US by blatantly taking nonsensical fiction.This and raising her placard got her gagged.Countries including UAE, Mexico,Netherland, Australia, China and Jordan aimed tolegalize extraordinary rendition with rights whilecountries including Iran, Finland, Japan, Belgium andSwitzerland agreed to a blanket ban on extraordinaryrendition. Amidst all the deliberations the delegate of Israel wished to leave the fight and argument to theleaders and escape for a cup of coffee with the
delegate of Iran. Let’s hope Iran has a positive reply in
Disarmament: Curse or Crisis?? 
The Council on Disarmament dealt with an arms dealcrisis. The USA was groundlessly blamed while the KGBgot away without scratches despite possessing Intelthat only terrorists had access to. The Russian delegatehowever continued to raise suspicions against the USA,despite the fact that US delegates were killed while innegotiation with China regarding its possession of USmilitary equipment, that was quite clearly sent to Iraq.In fact, Chinese involvement in the crisis was highlysuspicious in that it breached the trust of India and theUS, and furthermore seized the arms from the Somalia
pirates, de facto ‘stealing from the thieves’ (delegate
of Spain) and claimed it as their own. When faced withthe terrorist attacks on
South Korea and China’s
proximity to North and South Korea, the Chinese
delegation chose to ‘distance *itself+ from theallegations’. This act of China was considered a blatant
violation of everything discussed in the past two days.China, in fact, suddenly developed a conscience at one
point and claimed to ‘respect the sovereignty’ of India.
The fact that everyone is trying to deal over here is theblatant lies by China and how the U.S was blamed fornothing yet are giving away everything.

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