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YU Today Fall 2011

YU Today Fall 2011

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Published by Yeshiva University

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Published by: Yeshiva University on Oct 05, 2011
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FALL 2011
VOLUME 15 • NO. 3
Top-Tier Graduate Schools Accept MoreYU Alumni Than Ever
he new classes o 2014 and 2015 have arrived at YeshivaUniversity (YU) armed with personal and academic goals anda desire to succeed in whatever career path they choose. Forsome inspiration and encouragement, they can simply look toward YU’s current crop o students and alumni.At Stern College or Women, 30 students applied to medicalschool this past year, with 27 receiving oers o admission, including 17 to YU’s Albert Einstein College o Medicine, making them eligibleto apply or up to a ull tuition scholarship rom the Anne ScheiberFund. Stern’s 90 percent acceptance rate to medical schools is wellabove the national average o 60 percent.“As the years have progressed, the number o students interestedin the health elds has grown substantially, and the acceptance ratehas gotten better and better,” said Dr. Brenda Loewy, who has beenthe pre-health advisor at Stern or close to seven years. “This reectsthe high caliber o students that we are attracting, and is also indica-tive o the quality o education that they are receiving at Stern Col-lege, both in the overall curriculum and especially in the sciences.”One Stern student will be pursing a Ph.D. at Einstein in thebiomedical sciences, while two others will be pursuing Ph.D.s inchemistry, one at Princeton and the other at Columbia. Thirteenout o the 14 women who applied to dental school were also oeredacceptance to top schools, including Columbia, Harvard and theUniversity o Pennsylvania.
Yeshiva University welcomed over 600 new undergraduate students during Orientation 2011
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Creating Sense From Tragedy: Remembering 9/11
hey elt helpless.Jessica Russak Homan,then a senior at Stern Collegeor Women, watched the two tow-ers o the World Trade Center all tothe ground rom the window o herapartment on Lexington Avenue.“One second you’re having a nor-mal morning, brushing your teeth,”she said. “The next you’re staring atthe television, at the window, at thesmoke, saying, ‘What do we do?’ ”Dodi-Lee Hecht heard the rstplane as it roared across Manhat-tan beore crashing into the SouthTower. A reshman rom Toronto,she turned to her new roommates,also rst-timers in New York City,and joked, “I that pilot’s not careul,he’ll y into a building.” The joke leta deep memory. “It was the kind o  joke that was never going to be unny again,” she said.For students, aculty and sta o Yeshiva University on Sept.11, 2001, those memories are as vivid today as they were a decadeago. Their experiences dier prooundly, but together they cre-ate a shared narrative o shock and utility, marked by nightmarishplumes o smoke, the constant wail o sirens, and dazed, ash-coveredmasses o people walking uptown to escape the calamity.“There was this terrible, over-whelming sense o ear and dis-belie,” recalled Dr. Karen Bacon,Dr. Monique C. Katz Dean o SternCollege. “It was like a science c-tion movie. A bright, sunny day wasturned into one o tragedy and hor-ror, and I think or all o us it tookdays to internalize how things hadchanged.”Former students remember acity without hope, where three-hour-long lines to donate bloodwere suddenly dispersed becausethe projected casualties were allassumed dead and subway stationswere wallpapered with photos o the missing. Yet, with no woundedto aid, members o the YU com-munity responded to the devasta-tion o 9/11 with the ultimate
chesedshel emet
(genuine kindness): They dedicated their eorts to thosewho perished.Rabbi Daniel Rapp, then associate dean or undergraduate Ju-daic studies at YU, was tapped to serve on the committee investigat-ing the resulting 
(chained wie) crisis. As one o the youngestmembers o the Beth Din o America, his understanding o currenttechnology, including computer
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Interesting new facts
about YU all the time.
Check in often at
years ofYU and communityservice by RabbiAharon Lichtensteinand Rabbi Julius Berman
YU alumni whohave served asPresidential Fellows
Community kollelsand learning programsrun by CJF across thecountry this summer
years Sheldon Gelmanserved as Wurzweilerdean, a record forsocial work schoolsin North America
YU alumni selectedfor Wexner Fellowshipslast year
YU student athletesnamed to the SkylineAcademic Honor Roll,the most in theconference
September 11, 2001
FALL 2011
ChampionsGate 2011
Look at our online photo gallery, with
dozens of pictures from the conference.
Download mobile reader at http://scan.mobi and enjoy additionalweb content throughout YUToday.
11 undergrad students participate in summerresearch program at Einstein
Meet the fresh faces on YU’s faculty
Orientation 2011
Over 600 new YU studentsarrived on campus duringOrientation 2011. To view ourull photo gallery, please visit
CJF Missions
The Center or the Jewish Futureran several worldwide servicemissions this summer.Check out photos rom theCounterpoint Brazil program at
Dr. Pava Leads New Team Forward at Syms
U’s Syms School o Business has a newdirector. Dr. Moses Pava, Alvin EinbenderProessor o Business Ethics and proes-sor o accounting at Syms, is nowresponsible or both the undergrad-uate and graduate programs, report-ing directly to the provost’s ofce.Pava is the author o numerous booksand articles on corporate account-ability and is an expert on Jewishbusiness ethics. He has been withthe business school since 1988, haschaired the accounting departmentand served as chair o the ExecutiveFaculty Committee.“My goal as director or theSyms School o Business is tostrengthen our primary commitment to our en-ergetic, bright, ambitious and very hardworking students,” Pava said. “I view Syms as a dynamiclearning-community, dedicated—rst and ore-most—to preparing the next generation o highlysuccessul Jewish business leaders and pro-essionals in accounting, nance, marketing,management and entrepreneurship.”Michael Strauss, entrepreneur-in-residenceand clinical proessor o management at Syms,has been appointed associate director o studentadvising and administration at the school, wherehe has taught business courses or several years.Strauss is currently CEO o a company he oundedseveral years ago, BSae Electrix,Inc. and is also chairman o Sher-wood Consulting Group, Inc., whileserving on several advisory boards.Dr. Avi Giloni has been namedassociate director or academic re-search o Syms. Giloni has been withSyms since 2000 and chaired theInormation and Decision SciencesDepartment since its inception. Hisresearch is in robust orecasting,optimization, stochastic system de-sign and their applications to sup-ply chain management. Giloni haspublished papers in top-tier journals, including 
 Management Science
and the
SIAM Journal onOptimization
.Syms continues to pursue accreditationthrough the Association to Advance CollegiateSchools o Business International and recentlyreceived New York State approval or an executiveMBA program. The growing Master o Scienceprogram in accounting, which has graduated itssecond cohort, will continue under the director-ship o Dr. Joseph Kerstein.
Packed House or Sen. JosephLieberman at New Straus Center
FALL 2011
Chairman, YU Board of Trustees
President Chancellor 
Editor in Chief Editor Art Director 
Bruce Bobbins, Enrique Cubillo, Zev Ele, Norman Goldberg,Aliza (Berenholz) Peled, Peter Robertson, Tova RossPerel Skier, V. Jane Windsor, Matt Yaniv
yutoday@yu.edu www.yu.edu/cpa
is published quarterly by the Oce o Communications and Public Aairs and is distributedree to aculty, sta, students, alumni, donors and riends. It keeps them inormed o news romacross Yeshiva University’s undergraduate and graduate divisions and aliates. The quarterlynewsletter covers academic and campus lie, aculty and student research, community outreachand philanthropic support. It showcases the University’s mission o Torah Umadda, the combina-tion o Jewish study and values with secular learning, through stories about the diverse achieve-ments o the University community.
© Yeshiva University 2011 • Ofce of Communications and Public Affairs
Furst Hall Room 401 • 500 West 185th St. • New York, NY 10033-3201 • Tel.: 212.960.5285
Stanley I. Raskas, Chairman, Board o Overseers, Yeshiva College; Shira Yoshor, Chairman, Boardo Overseers, Stern College or Women; Alan Kestenbaum, Chairman, Board o Overseers, SymsSchool o Business; Ruth L. Gottesman, Chairperson, Board o Overseers, Albert Einstein Collegeo Medicine; Leslie E. Payson, Chair, Board o Overseers, Benjamin N. Cardozo School o Law;Froma Beneroe, Chair, Board o Overseers, Wurzweiler School o Social Work; Mordecai D.Katz, Chairman, Board o Overseers, Bernard Revel Graduate School o Jewish Studies; CarolBravmann, Chair, Board o Overseers, Ferkau Graduate School o Psychology; Moshael J. Straus,Chairman, Board o Overseers, Azrieli Graduate School o Jewish Education and Administration;Julius Berman, Chairman, Board o Trustees, (aliate) Rabbi Isaac Elchanan TheologicalSeminary; Miriam Goldberg, Chairman, Board o Trustees, YU High Schools; Theodore N. Mirvisand Michael Jesselson, Co-Chairs, Board o Directors, (aliate) Yeshiva University Museum.Board listings as o September 1, 2011.
he Zahava and Moshael Straus Center or Torah and WesternThought played a key role in the launch o Yeshiva University’snew academic year on Aug. 31, eaturing an appearance by U.S.Senator Joseph Lieberman o Connecticut. The program in LamportAuditorium drew more than 1,200 students, alumni and communitymembers.“I eel very much at home,” Lieberman said. “YU and the StrausCenter stand or an important proposition, that our mission cannotbe narrow.”Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik, the center’s director, interviewedthe senator about religion in America, his historic political careerand his new book,
The Git o Rest: Rediscovering the Beauty o theSabbath
.“The center’s theme or the year will ocus on Jewish ideas, aith and American democracy,” saidRabbi Soloveichik. “We will be eaturing public gures whose lives relate to that theme.”Future speakers will include ormer U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and Britain’s Chie Rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, who will lecture on aith and democracy in the United States and Europe.Rabbi Soloveichik will engage each guest in dialogue at the events, which are geared “rst and ore-most to the students, but will be open to the public as well,” he saidDuring the year, Rabbi Soloveichik will teach a course or undergraduate honors students onBiblical ideas in American democracy and will lead a seminar or select semicha students, which looksat how Jewish ideas appear throughout America’s oundational documents and helped shape the newdemocracy.
For ull coverage o the event, please visit yu.edu/lieberman
 Dr. Moses PavaSenator Joseph Lieberman
President Obama Appoints CardozoProessor to Federal Commission
resident Barack Obama announced his nomination o Proessor Richard Weisberg—theFloer-sheimer ProessoroConstitutional LawatYeshivaUniversity’s Benjamin N. Cardozo Schoolo Law—to the Commission or the Preservation o America’s Heritage Abroad. In this position,Weisberg will help protect and preserve historic buildings, collections and monuments in Europe that aresignicant to the heritage and culture o U.S. citizens.Weisberg has been a member o the Cardozo aculty since 1977. He received his doctorate rom CornellUniversity and his JD rom Columbia Law School, where he was an editor o the Columbia Law Review.“An opportunity to serve in any governmental capacity is a great privilege and I’m especially pleasedto serve on this commission,” Weisberg said. “Its work was designed to respect and extend the memory o Holocaust victims now in the U.S. and other interested citizens by preserving American patrimony abroadrom misuse, desecration or expropriation.”
RIETS to Honor Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein and
Rabbi Julius and Dorothy Berman for 50 Years of Service
o hear Rabbi Aharon Lichtensteintell it, he simply “ended up being the right man at the right place atthe right time.” Ater entering YeshivaUniversity at 16, he went on to become anEnglish proessor at Stern College, later ashiur assistant to the Rav, Rabbi JosephB. Soloveitchik, o blessed memory, andnally a maggid shiur [Torah lecturer]and head o the Gruss Institute inJerusalem, an afliate o YeshivaUniversity’s Rabbi Isaac ElchananTheological Seminary (RIETS).RIETS will honor 50 yearso Torah and community leader-ship by Rabbi Lichtenstein and byits chairman o the board, RabbiJulius Berman, and his wieDorothy, at its annual dinner onNov. 13 at the Grand Hyatt in New York—a jubilee tribute to RabbiLichtenstein and the Bermans.Rabbi Lichtenstein earned hisbachelor’s degree rom YU,
[rabbinical ordination] romRIETS and a PhD in English litera-ture rom Harvard. Ater serving as rosh yeshiva at YU in New Yorkor several years, he made aliyahin 1971 to become rosh yeshiva at Yeshivat Har Etzion. He maintainsa close connection to YU as rosh kollel orthe Gruss Institute. He is deeply involvedin educator training programs world-wide and has published extensively onJewish lie and education.A renowned scholar, Rabbi Lich-tenstein’s teachings reect the traditiono the Rav, who was not only his teacherbut also his ather-in-law. “I spent manyyears learning,” Rabbi Lichtenstein said.“The combination o background skillsthat I had made me, both or YU and or Yeshivat Har Etzion, the kind o personwhom they elt they needed to promote,to develop and to inculcate learning andan agenda or
[Judaism],and to develop bnei Torah, both withinthe respective yeshivot and the broadercommunity.”Reecting on the occasion o being honored, Rabbi Lichtenstein said heconsiders it a privilege to work in
 [education], “which satises a personalneed, and enables one to transcend theegocentricity and to devote onesel withgenuine religious ervor to the
 Ribonoshel Olam
[Master o the Universe].”As or RIETS today, “any observero the
[study hall] would beimpressed with the positive developmento a more
[Torah-oriented] cli-mate, as regards both the ability to learn,the desire to learn, and the readinessto assume the mantle o responsibilitywithin the Jewish world,” he noted.Over the last 50 years, Rabbi Lich-tenstein is most proud o “having built,together with my wie [Tova, nee So-loveitchik], the wonderul amily thatwe have,” he said. “It is a personal ac-complishment, a social accomplishment,and a contribution—through what theyare giving and will give in service o the
 Ribbono shel Olam
in the uture.”Rabbi Berman, who currently chairsthe RIETS Board o Trustees, receivedhis bachelor’s degree rom YU and his
rom RIETS, where he was also astudent o the Rav. Ater graduating romNew York University School o Law, hewent on to hold a number o inuentialpositions in communal aairs, including leadership roles at the Orthodox Unionand the Conerence o Presidents o Major American Jewish Organizations.Today, in addition to his work asa partner at the law rm Kaye Scholer,Rabbi Berman is chairman o the Coner-ence on Jewish Material Claims AgainstGermany. He took the helm o the RIETSboard ater the previous chairman,Judah Feinerman, stepped down in 1999.“Yeshiva has been and remainsthe core o the movement with which Iproudly identiy, so it stands to reasonthat I would ‘return home’ … and sharewhatever leadership talent G-d hasgranted me as honed by the teaching o the Rav,” he said o his appointment.In 2002, under Rabbi Berman’sleadership, a Special Strategic InitiativeTask Force was convened and eventu-ally recommended “exceptionalproessional training to prepareour
[students] or the cur-rent realities o the Jewish com-munity,” leading to the creation o R-PEP, the Rabbinic ProessionalEducation Program.Those advancements havecontributed to the way RIETSstudents are now tracked, in oneo ve courses o study: pulpit,education, community and cam-pus outreach, non-prot work andhospital chaplaincy.Alongside these changes,“RIETS continues to perorm itsage-old responsibility o ground-ing our
[ordainedrabbis] with the spiritual and intel-lectual base upon which they can
[determine] the Halacha,while at the same time, equipping them with the wherewithal to deal withthe diverse situations that arise, to enablethem to educate, lead and care or ourpeople,” Rabbi Berman noted.Reecting on his achievements inthe broader Jewish community, RabbiBerman takes pride in having been therst Orthodox lay person elected tochair the Conerence o Presidents. “Tosit in the Oval Ofce next to PresidentReagan or in the Kube Palace in Cairowith [ormer] President Mubarak, as
 representative o the total organizedJewish community in America is anexperience beyond compare,” he said.
Revel Hosts Intl ConerenceIn Memoriam: Rabbi Moshe Furst
ozens o scholars rom Jerusalemto Wyoming gathered on YeshivaUniversity’s Wil Campus in Julyto share research on a broad array o topics within Jewish studies. The three–day international academic conerenceon “Israel and the Nations: Visions andReality” was hosted by YU’s BernardRevel Graduate School o Jewish Studies.“This conerence, precisely becauseo its breadth, high quality o participantsand international scope, reects the en-hanced role that the Bernard Revel Gradu-ate School has assumed on the global stageo Jewish studies,” said Dr. David Berger,dean and Ruth and I. Lewis Gordon Pro-essor o Jewish History at Revel. “To addto the extremely impressive research byour veteran aculty, we have recruitedyounger scholars who have bolstered ourresearch in Bible, modern Jewish historyand Jewish philosophy.”Berger served on the conerence’ssteering committee, along with Proes-sors Avinoam Cohen, Hanah Kasher, Yeshayahu Maori and Yose Rivlin. Sup-port or the conerence was provided bythe Mordecai D. and Dr. Monique C. KatzFund. Over 40 scholars lectured in bothHebrew and English and presented onancient, medieval and modern Jewishhistory, Bible, Jewish ethics, Jewish law,literature and Zionism.The opening day was highlighted byBerger’s keynote address, charting thedevelopment o Jewish-Christian encoun-ters throughout history. Cohen lecturedon the second day, arguing that it is possi-ble to detect early anti-Christian polemicin Talmudic literature.Dr. Seth Ward o the University o Wyoming presented on attitudes o 20thcentury writers toward gentiles. “Asa visiting scholar, it was a particularlywelcome opportunity to spend time withacademics who share both my commit-ment to Modern Orthodoxy and Judaicscholarship,” he said.
abbi Moshe (Milton) Furst, the executive assistant to Dr. Samuel Belkin, Yeshiva University’s second president, passed away July 19 at the age o 88. A valedictorian o Yeshiva College in 1943 and a graduate o the RabbiIsaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in 1946, Rabbi Furst served the YU andRIETS communities with distinction, and was responsible or the SynagogueCampaign Division o RIETS.In 1971, he made aliyah to Israel, in where he was served as director gen-eral in the Rabbinical Council o America’s Yeshivat HaDarom. He and his wieBatya (Beatrice, nee Bick), who predeceased him in 2005, were both deeplybeloved by the members o the Rabbinic Alumni or their warmth, riendshipand genuine commitment to strengthen RIETS and YU, together with mem-bers o their respective distinguished amilies.“He was very devoted and a great Zionist,” said Dr. Herbert Dobrinksy, YU’s vice president or university aairs, who succeeded Furst as executiveassistant. “I considered him to be my mentor, along with others here at Yeshiva,and a remarkable leader whose dedication to YU and RIETS was a source o inspiration to all who knew him.”Heartelt condolences are extended to his children, Zev (and Sandy) Furst,Aryeh (and Deborah) Furst, Malkah (and Dov) Cymbalista o Israel, and hisgrandchildren and great-grandchildren, as well as to his beloved cousin, YUTrustee and Beneactor Gerald (and Violet) Furst, the son o his beloved uncleand aunt, Sol and Hilda Furst, o blessed memory, or whom Furst Hall wasnamed during his tenure.
 Rabbi Aharon LichtensteinRabbi Julius and Dorothy Berman

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