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Material for the Iowa Workshop That I Never Submitted

Material for the Iowa Workshop That I Never Submitted

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Published by Martinfreebase

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Published by: Martinfreebase on Oct 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Material for theIowa workshop thatI never submittedMartin Freebase
2Love found in an overcoat
The frame for this poem is the joy of discovery. One thing that I really love doing is solving a puzzle. When we tackle some problem or issue that evades an easy answer and when we finally create something meaningful from the chaos of information, thatact of discovery is a very joyous activity. I truly treasure those moments of discovery.
To look is to marvelAt all of its dimensionsIt wills you freelyTo wonder is a mustStanding with jaw slungWe marvel and take notesWanting to share thisWith all the hoary othersIt makes me feel so freeSo alive in the momentAnd I marvel at its beautyMy Breath upon this mountain
The framing perspective for this poem is the point of being contrary to everything thatexists. The nature of this piece is the fish that swims upstream to spawn in its homewaters. The point of the struggle is to simply struggle and the end result of the struggle isdeath. Epicurus suggested that humanity should not struggle. I would argue thecontrary; a life without struggle is a life not worth living.
If you burned it all downI would rebuild it from the ashesJust like the PharaohThe plans written in indelible ink Some people never get a chanceTo pick themselves up from the stormThe fastballs and curveballs
It’s in the
blood and the dirt and the landBuilding these monuments of fleshSelling lies in the New Yorker Making them just like us
3Happy to be untrueHoping for a better dayOne found in the pages of magazinesA better lifeListen as my breath escapesIt makes an uneasy rattling soundA rattle from my childhoodI want to burn this breath in the fire on the mountainWhere god spoke to MosesNext to the StarbucksA Mountain of coffee and donutsIt is alive with the fireBurning with my breathThe coffee rattles around my stomachJust like my childhoodAnd my loveThey both escape from my heartAnd we think things are better They are just like meSelling lies to the newspapersRun away with your bag full of liesBelieve yourself a godYour sad climb up your mountainWith your gas can and lighter All you need is your plansWritten with invisible ink Some lemon and a candleTo light the wayIf you were PharaohI would burn it all down

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