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I Collide With World

I Collide With World

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Published by api-3742679
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Published by: api-3742679 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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i collide with world

by: jon schaub
*this not-so-much-of-a-book is actually just a compilation of many of my livejournal
entries, in chronological order. some entries have been omitted due to lack of relevance
to anything human-oriented, and the format of some entries has been altered, mostly
spaces deleted in order to make it shorter. all text/data contained in this
conglomeration of entries is\u00a9jon schaub-2007. in other words, they\u2019re my memories. if
for any reason you have the urge to suddenly... i don\u2019t know... use something i wrote in
a letter to your grandma or something like that, just send me a message first via

i hope you like reading it as much as i did re-reading it. i don\u2019t know... maybe it\u2019s
because i was there. if you get anything out of reading this, please, let me know.
take care, and never forget!

play practice-08:43pm 19/02/2004

play practice is fun, its great, its the best thing ever invented... until i get there.
people just don't get it... i'm fine when i'm taking 1 on 1, but when there gets to be
mass groups of people (3 or more) it freaks me out and i want to shrivel up into a little

so, that being said, vandy's paper is really stressing me out, i keep trying (wanting) to
work on it and just get it done, but i keep getting side-tracked and end up with 3 1/2
more hours racked up on kirby and a quazi-crap thesis statement...

i don't update my journal much, i'm just that much loser, so if you see me, knee me in
the... you know... and tell me to update it.

one last thing... whats all this talk about gay people? nothing against them, but it
really peeves me when i hear someone talking about them behind their back and starting
rumors. so... yeah... quit it! i'm sure they don't start junk about you.

and yup, thats about it...
[untitled]-10:30am 24/12/2004

wow... its been forever since i wrote last. just another grey christmas break, beth dropkicking nick, sam
screaming like someone tried to kill her, the usual.
and incase you're wondering why theres two answers to the quiz above, when you take it, the quiz shows you
%'s for each character. i got 49% for yuki and shuichi. ^_^

weeee, christmas!-07:00pm 26/12/2004
well, theres always that one christmas entry, so here's mine.

it all started christmas eve, my stomache was kinda gurgly, i thought i'd eaten some of
my moms food again. as the day went on, it got worse and worse, until my family went off
to church, leaving me home. after church they were going to go to the first of three
family christmas parties, one christmas eve, christmas, and the day after. about an hour
after they left, i really started to feel horrible... then i puked, i threw up eight
times, at least thats how many i'm guessing, because i got distracted by these tiny
chunks that looked like brain and lost count after the fifth time.

anywho, that was my wonderful christmas eve. on christmas, just really achy and i only threw up once. much better than the day before if you ask me. my kitty layed on me all day as i played my new ps2 game, star ocean (its awesome). she smells like butt.

and today, i'm feeling much better, cept i woke up with a bad headache and had to miss
church (awe darn).

this may sound like a bad christmas, but it was actually the best christmas i've ever
had! no one fighting or yelling, i got to stay home all day by myself while the rest of
the schaub mob went to parties and church and stuff.

but really, it was my favorite christmas.
mirror of my mind - 09:25pm 26/12/2004
"make the world your enemy and your friends will soon follow" \u2013js
mirror of my mind - 10:05pm 26/12/2004
"you never know who you can hurt until you try" -js

i don't know... it seems that so many people are hurting others, maybe out of some sort of curiosity if whether there actions will actually influence those around them or make an impact, so they try something and it works, but then its too late, and they hurt the ones they love. it seems so sad.

post-it notes own - 01:52pm 27/12/2004

well, i'm not really doing anything else for the next week, cept going out the movies
with two people. if anyone wants to hang just give me a call! if you don't know my number
then... oh well... you should just know my number.

enervation - 01:58pm 27/12/2004

kacey, you rock my fricken socks, and i don't know why. keep being a kacey ^_^
that reminds me, i got some elmo socks (yes, elmo, sesame street) for christmas from my
grandma... i don't know, must be a grandma thing i guess. i'll wear them monday. they
look funny but holy crap there warm and fuzzy ?=d

i can't wait - 05:39pm 29/12/2004
tomorrow's going to be so fun! i get to hang out with two of the awesomest people on the
planet... if everything goes right of course.
back in my corner - 07:27pm 02/01/2005

i'm so frustrated i don't know what to do... i could just kill myself, literally. why are
my parents against everything that i'm about? it seems that every time i try to make
something of myself they step in the way, doing anything they can to stop me. i'm so fed
up with everyone, why can't they for once let me do something on my own, or am i really
that horrible of a person that they need to keep me locked down and away from the world?
everything that i've tried to do, they make excuses, like "you can't because you don't
really need to" or "we don't have the money", but it's all a bunch of bs. talking makes
me want to scream until i bleed.

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