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Yogvedgita Muni Religion

Yogvedgita Muni Religion

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Published by api-3742748
My Mission of life
My Mission of life

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Published by: api-3742748 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Divya- jyoti anubhuti Kendra = Founder President YOGVEDGITA MUNI

In the search of bad human being, I could not find a single evil minded person;
Once I had an introspection of my mind, no one was found worst than myself.
We should speak such language, the listener to such orator may be hypnotized;
It may provide coolness to other person, and listener of it may feel comfort by it.
By collecting and assimilating stone and rocks, you have constructed a mosque;
There after he starts crying from its top, as to whether his god is hard of hearing.
If by worshiping stone god is assessable, one may get the worshiping the hills;
It is better to keep two flaps stone grinder, as entire world may grind the wheat.
Please do not commit cruelty upon weaker, as it has got potential to curse other;
By the flow of fire through leather blower, even the Iron may be extinguished.
The compassion for animals is the religion, and the greed reflects to the sin soul;
The anger is the invitation to the death, but the forgiveness is reflection to God.
Human being thy ideals are the virtues, your flesh and lust is of no significance;
As bones of body are mortal being, thy face made up of skin is perishable.
Politeness, forgiveness and humbleness, all are virtues for commanding respect;
It is thus predicted by yog muni dev, the strongest will be having forbearing.

The life of Mohammad is not based upon the preaching and slogan of Bismillah
Rahimanirhin ( god is forgiveness-full) but on the other hand the prophet based
his religion on aggressiveness and crudely. The opening word of Quaran conveys
the message for killing to the follower of the other religion. His command that
there is no other god then Allah is in itself based upon the misconception and
ignorense as god is only important, omniscient and omnipresence in every living
creature of the world. The carnal desire is impulsive for which the life of the
prophet was dedicated. He got the child circumcised for intensifying the sexual
potential and there after provided a message of mistrustfulness by slaughtering to
the animal after wining their confidence the same became the life style of his
follower of Islam who did not care to kill the people who have trusted upon
them. The preaching in Islam provides that the Muslim women may not read
Quaran, but in heaven one may get naked women ( hurrown) and beautiful boy
(gilmanow) for sexual intercourse. They are like mosquitos, scorpion and boa(
big snake) to bite, sting and to gallop the other follower except Islam and
wherever they will live they will kill animal in exictence and ruin the nature by
making desert. They are the destroyer of the temple but never constructed any
monuments. Taj mahal was a temple and converted to grave yard by Sahjahan
who was having illicit sex with her own daughter namely Roshan nara and thus
put in imprisonment by his own son Aurangzeb from 1556 AD to 1566 AD.Thus
in due course of time the follower of Muslim religion are bound the become
criminal status and terrorist in there own nation. They can not tolerate peace,
tranquillity and brotherhood amongst other fellow being and as such, a secular
nation may not survive its existence forever. Thus we must hate the follower of
Islam till they may not give up their hatred with other Hindu citizens.

On other hand, Hindus must give up their caste system, individualistic
approach of worshipping the mortal Shri Ram and Shri Krishna as god unto
themselves but they were the superior quality people praiseworthy. The brahmins
have provided the great harm to the vedic religion based on spiritualism which
was propagated in our country throw ved and Geeta which is thoroughly
accepted by other religion. There were many flow in a Ram Charitra Manas
towards Shri Ram killing of Bali in lieu of friendship with Sugriv and killing of
deer and using its skin for concentration meditation and worshiped to the god.
The denouncement of Mata Sita on the saying of another citizen are disgraceful
example in Ramayan. It is also not acceptable that lord Krishna may take away

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