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Letter to Jagdish Gandhi3 Page

Letter to Jagdish Gandhi3 Page



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Published by api-3742748
A world Parliament
A world Parliament

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Published by: api-3742748 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RESI-H.I.G. 203, Preetam Nagar
Sulem Sarai, Allahabad,211001
Phone No:- (0532)436451/637720
Mobile No.- 9415284843
E-mail:-yogrekha@sa ncharnet .in

Shri Jagdhish Gandhi
Founder-Manager, CMS
City Montessori School, Lucknow
Head Office: 12,Station Road
Lucknow \u2013 226001 (INDIA)

Dear Sir,

The struggle for survival of the existence and the domination thereof over the rest of the people has been the desire of despotic monarchs. There has been number of the wars resulting in the death of innocent persons during the period when the wars were fought by the different dictators on the land of such nations who were not amenable for their slavery and ultimately the people living in those nations have suffered the great sacrifice for maintaining the sovereignty integrity and unity of the nation. Some of the people have unnecessary crucified just to satisfy the carnal desire of the invaders to that nation. It was completely forgotten that those people are the part of the global phenomenon to maintain the life cycle in the world. The concept of sovereignty of the nation is not supreme than that of the empire of the God. No country has got the right to invade the people of the other nations and as such the concept of the \u2018World Parliament\u2019 was rightly recognized as the safe-guard of the future of our world\u2019s children. The problem of the welfare of the entire mankind is no longer recognized by the national governments and as such the enforceable International law is the need of the society.

We, the people of the world are living inside an iron cage of ideology, ethics and religions with our hands tied with a knot looking towards the projection of our images on the wall as the light of brightness is coming from our backside which is invisible to the people living in the different nations. This phenomenon has not only the basis on the concept of Supreme importance to themselves but rather invading the other point of view in respect of the same ideological fronts. The divine message conveyed by Swami Vivekanand calling these people as the Frog inside the Well who kills the Frog of the Ocean simply because of the reason that they have never seen the ocean there at outside the well. These people are living in the complete bankruptcy of their spiritual awakening but they have become slave of their own ideology. There is complete darkness inside the iron cage surrounding to them. The different countries having their statutory regulations just to control over the mankind have further created a hurdle in fulfillment of the dream of unification of the world and thereby non-strengthening the United Nation concept of solidarity amongst the human being of the different nations to live with the feeling of brotherhood which have now being evaded from the mind of the rulers of different nations. International terrorism demands the enforceable sanctity of the law and penalty for violation of peace and tranquillity of the fellow citizens. This should have been dealt with by the exemplary punishment. Thus the enforceable International Law is the need of the time.

T. S. Eliot in the First Chorus from "The Rock" said :
"0 perpetual revolution of configured stars,
0 perpetual recurrence of determined seasons,

0 world of spring and autumn, birth and dying!
The endless cycle of idea and action,
Endless invention, endless experiment".

The cycle of change and experiment, rise and fall, growth and decay,
and of progress and retrogression recurs endlessly in the history of man and the
history of civilization. Progress and retrogression punctuate the story of mankind.
Empires have risen and crashed into the dust of history. Civilizations have
flourished, reached their peak and passed away.
. The law exists to serve the needs of the society, which is governed by it. If the
law is to play its allotted role of serving the needs of the society, it must reflect
the ideas and ideologies of that society. It must keep time with the heartbeats of
the society and with the needs and aspirations of the people. As the society
changes, the law cannot remain immutable. the early nineteenth century essayist
and wit, Sydney Smith, said, "When I hear any man talk of an unalterable law. I
am convinced that he is an unalterable fool." The law must, therefore, in a
changing society march in tune with the changed ideas and ideologies.
Legislatures are, however, not best fitted for the role of adapting the law to the
necessities of the time, for the legislative process is too slow and the legislatures
often divided by politics, slowed down by periodic elections and overburdened
with myriad other legislative activities. A constitutional document is even less
suited to this task, for the philosophy and the ideologies underlying it must of
necessity be expressed in broad and general terms and the process of amending
a Constitution is too cumbersome and consuming to meet the immediate needs.
This task must, therefore, of necessity fall upon the courts because the courts
can by the process of judicial interpretation adapt the law to suit the needs of the

The vital issues regarding the protection from hunger, disease, violence and natural disasters are completely vanished from the mind of politicians ruling in the different nations and the concept of the cold-war even between the different countries which was started from the period of second world war can still be seen from the distraction of the different ideological fronts by converting them to the use of such nations who have the powerful nexus just to rule over the world. Thus a chance may be given to the peace and all the raw materials, vegetation\u2019s and the natural resources are required to be utilized for the distribution amongst the productivity of the mankind. The extermination of the dreaded disease through the scientific research and the Indigenous Nutrient Energy Therapy administered to the individual patients is the need of our spiritual life which can be stimulated only by the intellectuals taken participation\u2019s for the enlightenment of the people to endeavor for the enforceable International Law. About 5,500 children die daily due to the polluted water and scarcity of the food provided to them. Thus the rule of Law which is the concept of the future global phenomenon is the need of our time by providing the effectiveness to the ideology behind the creation of the United Nations. Perhaps the concept of the \u2018World

Parliament\u2019 by the children of City Montessori School at Lucknow in

the previous International Conference of Chief Justices of the world was an eye opener concept to the people attending the conference and also to the entire mankind living in this world.

There has been always the need for having a shout for the purposes of giving the awakening to such persons who are sleeping soundly. Even the lighter sleeper should now be awaked as to enlightened the glory of their past when we were united together in absence of any boundaries of the nations. The people of the world who are regarded as being blessed by the omnipotent God with the superior quality of the life are now given a life worst then the life of some animals. There may be the complete destruction\u2019s of the race of human being by the probable use of 36000 nuclear weapons which are now in the possessions of the

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