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Ethical Values and Law

Ethical Values and Law

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Published by: api-3742748 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court, Allahabad, U.P.
Vice President, Advocate\u2019s Association, /Hind Kishan Sangthan,/ All
India Lawyer\u2019s Association, High Court, Allahabad
Ethical value in scientific invention versus Law and society

The principle of science is discovery than what is the doctrine of any social framer of our society. There is inherent conflict between the principle of society, which is of continuity and conservatism and that principle of science, which brings about invention and challenge to conservation. Thus we have to invent a delicate balance; as science seldom has the facilities that it deserves accept when misfortune comes, while the society is inclined to protect conservation. Can in such curiosity ,invention and exploring the unrest, any society may be protected without enforcement of Rule of Law in the Society?.

The History of man has always been characterize by enduring and attempting for exploration of new frontiers, in reaching out to new environment and to built understanding with the Nature. The frontiers are control by intellect and capability, which is motivated to explore the unknown mystery. Challenge to excite the intellect creates devise new techniques, new instruments and new approach to unknown area of Nature. Thus the problem relating to the vital force of science in relation to the society always remain the same.

Creativity is the sign of invention. Enthusiasm leads to ambition. Thus instability becomes the condition of mind, which is never pacified in isolation. Thus search for the new dimension and to realize its effect upon curiosity is the desire of an individual. There is the secretion of male Harmon due to the biological factors, which governs the activity of the mind of the criminal in commission of sexual crimes . Thus the mind of such criminal to has got the learning in a sex starved society; in which the man has no respect for women. This stimulate them to indulge for committing an offence of sexual assault upon women. The society provides a check upon it through law enforcement agency and simultaneously maintaining the balance to the individuals liberty. The ratio of the fear upon the psychology of an individual person is having a vital role to preserve the society from Commission of a Crime. The recent incidents of committing the rape, in Budha Jayanti Park of a girl student of Molana Azad Medical College, at Siri Fort Auditorium with Swiss Diplomat, with a Foreign Tourist in Goa and also the attempt upon Lady assistant Film Producer in New Delhi during Film Festival, has atleast provided introspection upon our legal system. Although many incidents of the rape committed with the women remain unreported due to the stigma upon her character and dignity of the family of the victim girl, as there is no protection to the women in the society.

The legal system in India stinks. The victim is shamed. The evidence is tempered with. Experts are persuaded to change their mind. DNA samples and viscera are tempered in the science laboratory thus the judicial system is a mess, which insults a woman\u2019s dignity and perpetuate sexuality more quickly and punished her more hardly than the punishment provided to the culprit of the crime. Thus without giving spontaneous punishment to the culprit, we can not ensure the

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