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The Fallout - Bastardfest Special Edition

The Fallout - Bastardfest Special Edition

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Published by Liam Guy
The Fallout - Bastardfest Special Edition
The Fallout - Bastardfest Special Edition

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Published by: Liam Guy on Oct 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sydney tech-metal/mathcore outfit Tangerine Nebula have had tohold off the release of their debut album “Naked Singularity” due totheir guitarist sustaining an injury whilst recording. Luke Skully, 23,was recording riffs to the album song “Turbine”, which according tothe band, contains a fast, syncopated polyrhythmic tremolo sectionthat goes continually for a minute and a half.As Skully had only been in the band for two months (having replacedformer guitarist Jed Claymore) he’d been given little time to learn thematerial perfectly in time for the recording. After twenty attempts of recording the difficult section, Skully had to stop playing as his fingerswere locked permanently in place around his guitar pick.
It’s very painful for him at the moment and he will require months of ther-apy to get the movement back in his fingers
lead vocalist Jim Tomlinsontold The Fallout of his bandmate’s injury.Despite Skully’s determination to continue with the band after hisrehabilitation, Sydney osteotherapist Dr Roger Jacobs, who has dealtwith other similar cases to Luke Skully’s injury, feels not-so-optimistic.
“More of these ‘technical’ styled musical groups have been surfacing over the years since the style became popular, and consequently, the number of musicians with Luke’s condition are increasing rapidly. The effects of techni-cal music are frighteningly serious. Overall, prevention is the best therapy 
.”Last week, Perth djent outfit DeciKortex had to cancel their debut showwhen their drummer Dillon T required medical attention after his handspermanently cramped around his drumsticks.
Oct 14 at The Jubilee Hotelw/Clagg, Looking Glass, Summonus,Fear the Setting Sun.
- Oct 15 at Sandringham Hotelw/Clagg, Pod People, Summonus,Looking Glass, Daredevil, Mother Mars,The Devil Rides Out, Rituals of the Oak.
- Oct 21 at The Enigma Barw/Space Bong, Hydromedusa, Mammoth
- Oct 22 at Northcote Socialw/D.usk, Clagg, Looking Glass, Summonus,Hydromedusa, Sons of the Ionian Sea, MotherMars, Wurms.www.myspace.com/doomsdayfestaustralia
ETERNAL REST - NEW ALBUM AND VOCALISTBrisbane’s Eternal Rest are in the finishing stages of recording their debut album, which is being produced by Psycroptic’s Joe Haley.Joshua Robinson (formerly of The Fevered, Klokblok and current frontman of grinders Tazer Torture) was recently announced as thedeath metal quintet’s new frontman, with the band’s press release stating that his “range of techniques and styles has alreadybrought a lot to the band”. The band will be re-recording the album’s vocal tracks in the coming weeks.HOUSE OF THE UNHOLYHouse of the Unholy is a brand new Sydney rock/metal club opening at the Sly Fox later this month. The club is being dubbed as a“non profit underground rock club”, featuring many kinds local talent from blues to black metal, and the entrance is free. “
We wantto bring back the fun of playing in a band rather than a futile exercise in how many punters can get through the door. Music is art andart isn’t a product. “
The club’s first show will be the Doomsday Festival afterparty on October 15 featuring Sydney sludgers Moth.NE OBLIVISCARIS UNVEIL NEW ALBUM ARTWORK AND TITLEIt almost seemed like we’d never see it, but it’s finally here (almost). After a number of years in the making, Melbourne’s progressivemetallers Ne Obliviscaris have revealed the artwork for their first album. Titled Portal of I, the album spans a mere seven songs andwas mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia). “The portal this album creates for each of us in NeO is significant and pronounced,and whilst every person will experience this album differently, we hope that it also provides each of you with your own portal jour-neying into the musical world we’ve created.” A release date has not yet been an-
Many Modern Bands Love To Give Themselves Long Names But Look I Just Beat Them With This. Any band wanna buy this name from me before I patent it? 
By Zaph
 AS I LAY DYING... a DEATH ANGEL BENEATH THE SKY was ENTOMBED AT THE GATES by an IRON MAIDEN IN FLAMES, POSSESSED by the LAMB OF GOD upon the DARKEST HOUR. BETWEEN THE BUR-IED AND ME lay the DYING FETUS, the DECEASED being EXHUMED from the COFFINS underneath theDEATHSTARS at the foot of the METAL CHURCH, suckling on the GOATWHORE’s VENOM whilst beingresurrected by the SKELETONWITCH. INEVITABLE END awaits all who grovel at the GRAVES OF VALOR, aFEAR FACTORY of utmost secrecy, a BLACK LABEL SOCIETY that forewarns a TOXIC HOLOCAUST. EYE-HATEGOD, but nevertheless, thy HOLY GRAIL must be presented to HOLY MOSES, even though thou may be an ATHEIST and a STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. EXTREME NOISE TERROR is one of the faces of PESTI-LENCE, a sonic WEAPON that plagues THE OCEAN of thoughts swooshing about your BAD BRAINS; a CERE-BRAL BORE is in need. The ROTTEN SOUND is persistent. Are you SICK OF IT ALL? Under the BLACK FLAG,THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, but wait, did He get it from the CARPATHIAN FOREST? No, perhaps the AR-MOURED ANGEL? Maybe even the MORBID SAINT ENSLAVED by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, a VIOLATOR of ROTTING CHRIST, the DEKAPITATOR, chants an INCANTATION that goes “Abrahadahadahadabra” and ends it off with a DEATHSPELL OMEGA.FUCK THE FACTS! EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY abound! It is a MORTAL SIN to have missed that, and you’d bean ANAL CUNT if you did. HATE is good, VIO-LENCE is even better, and a MASSACRE is excellent! A BEHE-MOTH shall arise and conjure a ZYKLON. ALL SHALL PERISH, and AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK, nothing but aGHOST will linger.ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW ran down the IRON MASK, THE ABSENCE of a BLIND GUARDIAN WITHIN THE RUINS bringing forth DEATH, DESTRUCTION and MAYHEM… but DARK TRANQUILLITY remains within theWOODS OF YPRES. IMMORTAL is the KREATOR, the MORBID ANGEL in the KEEP OF KALESSIN UNLEASHED, launching a HAIL OF BULLETS on the ORPHANED LAND, a DETROIT METAL CITY filled with 3INCHES OF BLOOD. BLACK SABBATH draws close as the DETHKLOK tolls, the CARNIFEX inciting aGOREFEST upon the NILE, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER paling in comparison.In the SUICIDE SILENCE, BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS, for HEAVEN SHALL BURN as humanity's ARCH EN-EMY, the DARKTHRONE's EMPEROR IHSAHN, shall walk the land and raze the earth. His loyal ARCHGOAT shall bring forth the CHTHONIC spirits, a HATE ETERNAL mass of AMORAL SUICIDAL ANGELS, a LEGION OF THE DAMNED that spelt APOCALYPTICA.DAYLIGHT DIES and MAN MUST DIE, SUFFOCATION by the ANNIHILATOR being well deserved. An EARTH CRISIS is imminent, so prepare to BURY YOUR DEAD at the WHITECHAPEL! THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD, we wonder: HEAVEN AND HELL, are there such places? Only when the WINDS OF PLAGUE haveceased shall we know.Metal poem by Willard Shrapnelspear (aka Yours Truly)
Gone are the golden old days when band names are kept at one or at most, two words. There is somethingreally special and sacred about names like “Megadeth” and “Judas Priest”; they are oh-so-darn-brutal-and-blasphemous-sounding
(most importantly) short and sweet. How ‘bout “Metallica”? Yeah? We all rememberthat one too. Let’s see… there are also “Slayer”, “Kreator”, “Destruction”, “Sodom”, “Pentagram”,“Helloween”, “Stratovarius”, “Manowar” and “Dio” amongst many others to join in the One-word Band Namefray too, and it is a real pity we aren’t seeing lots of names like these coming out these days. Sure, some youngmetal bands may be adhering to this tradition defiantly whilst playing equally nostalgic yet impressively crea-tive tunes (e.g. Brazilian thrashers Violator), but many others have long forsaken it in favor of loooooooooonooooooo-*inhales*-ooooooooooooooong band names. Ever heard of “Between The BuriedAnd Me”? “Arsonists Get All The Girls”? Wheeze, wheeze, pant, pant. Yes, okay I get it; take a deep breathfirst before I continue again, alright?… … … Done?

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