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Class Project

Class Project

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Published by api-3744361

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Published by: api-3744361 on Oct 15, 2008
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CS304: Class Project

The objective of this project is to design and implement a database application. The design phase consists of developing an Entity-Relationship Diagram (E-R Diagram) and converting it into a relational schema. The implementation phase consists of implementing this design in a relational database system and developing a web interface to access this database.

The project is carried out as a group assignment. A group consists of 5 students and you are expected to arrange groups among yourselves (this is accommodated as a choice in Moodle. Please select your group from groups A-T). A group member evaluation form (to be filled by every member of a group) will be used to verify that everyone has participated in the project.

Every group should work on the same scenario described below. Communication and collaboration between groups is allowed provided that such activities are well documented and that large sections of code are not shared by several groups. It is recommended that you use forums in Moodle for this purpose. Each group can start a discussion forum for their project discussions.


Represent the information regarding the submission of feedback forms to lecturers and instructors of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Feedback forms are used to inform the opinions and concerns of students of a particular course module with regards to academic matters, course logistics, etc. This can be done at the end of the semester or several times per semester. A typical feedback form consists some questions where students have to give a numerical \u201cgrade\u201d (e.g.:- 0-10 to indicate how clear the lectures are) and one or more comments fields. Typically, lecturers/instructors would like to see a summary of the feedbacks in addition to going through them individually. Recording the identity of the students with their feedback is not expected, but if the student prefers to do so they should have this option. One student is allowed to give only one feedback in one turn; however they are allowed to change it at any time later. All the modifications to the feedback should be tracked. In addition, you will have to consider factors such as courses conducted by more than one lecturer and students belonging to different departments.

This description is kept vague to a certain extent so that you have the opportunity to come up with the details. For instance, you can think about allowing lecturers/instructors to respond to feedbacks.

The deliverables of the project are as follows.
Part I:
Develop an E-R diagram to represent the scenario of submission of feedback forms and
convert that into a relational schema (i.e. give table specifications for the design).

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