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Muhurta Electional Astrology RAMAN

Muhurta Electional Astrology RAMAN

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Published by Karen de Witt



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Published by: Karen de Witt on Oct 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MUHURTHA(Electional Astrology)B. V. RAMAN
MUHURTHA (Electional Astrology)
CHAPTER I The Importance of Muhurtha
CHAPTER II General Hints
CHAPTER III The Birth Star and the Birth Moon
CHAPTER IV Influence of Constellations
CHAPTER V Special Adverse Yogas and their Neutralisation
CHAPTER VI On Certain Special Yogas
CHAPTER VII Pre-Natal Ceremonies
CHAPTER VIII Post-Natal Ceremonies
Special Considerations
Destructive Constellations
The So-called Kuja Dosha
Electing a Time for Marriage
CHAPTER X Elections Concerning General Matters
CHAPTER XI Elections Pertaining to Education
CHAPTER XII House Building
CHAPTER XIII Agriculture and Farming
CHAPTER XV Medical Elections
CHAPTER XVI Public Matters
CHAPTER XVII Miscellaneous Elections
Concluding Remarks
CHAPTER IThe Importance of Muhurtha
The value of Time is inestimable. All objects in nature are produced inTime, developed in Time and destroyed in Time. The truth of thesestatements requires no further proof. It stands unchallenged. Here wehave a grand problem for solution. If the creative, protective anddestructive forces are embedded in the all-Powerful Time recognised asthe great KALAPURUSHA in the astrological literature, then will it not bereasonable to study the influences of the various energies issued fromthe solar globe and from the other globes dependent upon the Sun for
their supply of all vital energies and reflected by them under variousmodifications? Astrology is a science which deals with Time proceedingfrom the Sun and all the wonderful phenomena which are embodied inthat mysterious agency. Scientific investigations have now led to theconclusion that "we are faced with a cosmic determinism". Astrology "isa complete system of philosophy that requires the assistance of neithermetaphysics nor physics. It's the empirical systematisation of the ideathat radiation is the determinant of all terrestrial phenomena. That ideais as valid today as when it was first started and the most strikingexperimental evidence of its validity has been furnished by modernscientific research. Being the first human attempt to apply mathematicsto biology its conclusions and broad generalisations are being confirmedby newer scientific data".As to how planets influence human beings, we do not propose toanswer in these pages. This particular subject has been dealt with indetail in An Introduction to Study of Astrology by Prof. B. SuryanarainRao and in our Planetary Influences on Human Affairs to which thereader may conveniently refer if he wishes to understand the rationaleof astrology. Suffice it to say that we are living in a veritable sea ofvibratory energies which unerringly and equitably supply the means ofcreating, maintaining and destroying life and its activities in our littleuniverse. Planetary x-rays are unseen vibrations and they affectbiological an.i psychological processesIf we admit that the Sun is the source of all life and its activities then itfollows that in Time - which is denoted by the Sun - is embedded allforces or energies for the works of creation, protection and destructionand these energies have been very carefully unearthed by the ancientMaharshis and embodied into the formulae found so profusely in thepages of MUHURTHA, an important division of astrology. Time is theessence of all things - their creator, protector and destroyer. Theseasons of natural law into which the common year is divided have theircounterparts in the processional cycle of the Sun. Periods of planting,cultivation, harvest, maturity and decay are common to every subcycleof its activity. Time has got its own properties. The first substance ofTime is of course energy generated by sidereal activity. Its forms areactive when phenomenal and potential when non-phenomenal. Timetherefore can be said to be the basic working power in astrology. This isespecially so in Muhurtha as within the time chosen for a particularpurpose all the good vibrations have to be centered such that the

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