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English Notes

English Notes



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Published by: api-26953169 on Oct 15, 2008
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English Notes : (First Year)English Notes : (First Year)
Character of “Mrs. Meldon”
Mrs. Meldon is the sister of professor Corrie. She is aged about fortythree. She is widow. She is highly sensitive woman. She is dressed inblack because of her son Eddie’s death. Her husband had died of thatshock. Although she is sad and gloomy ( ) yet she is not fretful (). She rather conducts ( ) herself in a balancedand dignified manner throughout the play except in the last scenewhen she kills her brother.She is kind woman and loving mother. Her son Eddie was killed in awar and her husband had died of that shock but she still remembersthe tragedy. She has lost all charm in life after their death. She alsotalks about there inhuman death of the young men in the battlefield.She rather displays ( ) a great strength of characterand coolness which is hardly credible ( ). She isalso kind to her brother when professor Corrie did not receive her atrailway station, she does not complain and ignores it.She has a human attitude ( ) towards life. Shehates wars. Se speaks against wars form her personal experience. Shecalls these “an organized butchery ( ) of young people”. Sheloves pace, therefore, she requests her brother to suppress () his invention because it would destroy peace. Her attitude towardswar is sharply contrast to Prof. Corrie who thinks that war cannot befinished.Her will power is as strong as her brother and she rejects hisstatement. ( ) . They have differentapproach ( ). The attitude of Corrie is purely scientificand materialistic, whereas Mrs. Meldon thinks and feels like a grievedmother. When she learns that the invention has made for thedestruction of humanity. She becomes sad and requests him todestroy this terrible invention. When she finds him too adamant, shekills him for the sake ( ) of humanity.
Professor Henry Corrie
Professor Corrie is an important character of the play “Progress”. He isan early twentieth century brilliant ( ) scientist. He hasspent many years working silently on the invention of a deadly () bomb. He has hoped to become rich and famous. He remains so
Jinnah Islamia College of Commerce & Science Students Series # 2
English Notes : (First Year)English Notes : (First Year)
engrossed ( ) in his work that even food and resthave litle importance for him.His preoccupation with his work is clear form the fact that he evendoes not go to receive his sister at the station.He is proud and discourteous ( ). He tellsHannah that maid servant to her face that she is uneducated and doesnot have the ability to understand his experiment.His opinion of women is very insulting. He thinks they lack application,( ) concentration ( ) and devotion ( ).His heartlessness is proved ( ) by the fact that he cannotunderstand the misery ( ) of his sister who has lost heronly son and husband in the war.He has invented a bomb which will destroy a very large area, andrelease odorless ( ) gas which will poison and killed peopleover a wider area.His sister request him in the name of humanity to give up the idea of making the bomb but he is adamant ( ). Herather tells her to thing like a politician and not like a mother. In shorthe was heartless, selfish and criminal minded person.
Why did Mrs. Meldon kill her brother?Was she justified?
Mrs. Meldon is the sister of Professor Corrie. She is a sad woman. Sheis a window. Her son Eddie has been killed in a was. Her husband dhas also died of the shock. This has given her a great shock in life. Shehas lost all interest in life after their death. Corrie is a devotedscientist. His main interest in life is to make scientific research (). He is over-joyed when he succeeds in inventing the formula of adangerous bomb.On the day which is also the death anniversary of her son when hissister meets him he tells her about his invention. She congratulateshim on his achievement. When she comes to know that her bother hasbeen successful in inventing the formula of such a dangerous bombthat would destroy a large part of the population in no time. Shebecomes unhappy. She therefore, appeals her brother to destroy hisinvention. He laughs at her foolish proposal. He thinks that it is source
Jinnah Islamia College of Commerce & Science Students Series # 2
English Notes : (First Year)English Notes : (First Year)
of income and fame for him, therefore, he would not destroy it whenher brother does not listen, and she breaks all his apparatus (). Her brother laughs at her by saying that this could not destroy theformula, as it is safe in his mind.At this she kills him. She is quite justified in dong so. We appreciate( ) her courage. She has no alternative except to killhim to save humanity ( ). Form further destruction.Her act seems to be quite justified.
Write a brief story of the play or Write asummary of the “Progress”
 The “Progress” is the play of deep meaning. It presents very seriousproblem before the readers.Professor Corrie was a famous scientist. His age was between fifty andsixty. He was bachelor, because he was busy in his research work allthe day long. His sister Mrs. Meldon lived with him. She was a widow.Her son was killed in the war. Her husband also died of that shock.Prof. Corrie had invented a formula for a deadly bomb. He was veryhappy and proud of his invention. He intended ( ) to sell hisinvention to a government who would pay him the greatest price. Hehoped to become rich and famous by selling his invention.One day Mrs. Meldon was very sad. It was the death anniversary of her son. He informed his sister about his invention. At first, she sharedhis delight but when. She learnt that her brother had invented theformula of a dangerous bomb which would kill a large number of people, she became unhappy. Therefore, she compelled () her brother to destroy his invention. He did not agree with the viewof his sister.Prof. Corrie thought that war is necessary for the nation. He was infavour of weapons. Therefore, there was no possibility of finishing of was. She disagreed with the views of her brother. She advised to givehis invention but he did not accept her point of view when she foundhim rigid ( ). She destroyed all the apparatus which wee set onthe table. She thought that she had destroyed the formula of thebomb.Prof. Corrie told her that the formula of the bomb was still in his mind.She again requested her brother to give up the invention but he didnot agree. Then she killed her brother.
Jinnah Islamia College of Commerce & Science Students Series # 2

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