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Catholics in the 110th Congress

Catholics in the 110th Congress

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Published by api-25926714
A list of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Catholics in the 110th Congress.
A list of the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Catholics in the 110th Congress.

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Published by: api-25926714 on Oct 15, 2008
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Roman Catholics
House of Representatives
Rep. Altmire, Jason (DEM-PA-4th)
Rep. Arcuri, Michael (DEM-NY-24th)

Rep. Baca, Joe (DEM-CA-43rd)
Rep. Becerra, Xavier (DEM-CA-31st)
Rep. Bilbray, Brian (REP-CA-50th)
Rep. Bishop, Tim (DEM-NY-1st)
Rep. Boehner, John (REP-OH-8th)
Del. Bordallo, Madeleine (DEM-GU-AL)
Rep. Brady, Kevin (REP-TX-8th)
Rep. Brady, Robert (DEM-PA-1st)
Rep. Brown-Waite, Ginny (REP-FL-5th)
Rep. Camp, Dave (REP-MI-4th)
Rep. Capuano, Michael (DEM-MA-8th)
Rep. Cardoza, Dennis (DEM-CA-18th)

Rep. Carney, Christopher (DEM-PA-10th)

Rep. Castle, Michael (REP-DE-AL)
Rep. Chabot, Steve (REP-OH-1st)
Rep. Clay, Wm. Lacy (DEM-MO-1st)
Rep. Costa, Jim (DEM-CA-20th)
Rep. Costello, Jerry (DEM-IL-12th)

Rep. Courtney, Joseph (DEM-CT-2nd)

Rep. Crowley, Joseph (DEM-NY-7th)
Rep. Cuellar, Henry (DEM-TX-28th)
Rep. DeFazio, Peter (DEM-OR-4th)
Rep. DeLauro, Rosa (DEM-CT-3rd)
Rep. Delahunt, William (DEM-MA-10th)
Rep. Diaz-Balart, Lincoln (REP-FL-21st)
Rep. Diaz-Balart, Mario (REP-FL-25th)
Rep. Dingell, John (DEM-MI-15th)

Rep. Donnelly, Joe (DEM-IN-2nd)
Rep. Doyle, Mike (DEM-PA-14th)
Rep. Ellsworth, Brad (DEM-IN-8th)

Rep. English, Philip (REP-PA-3rd)
Rep. Eshoo, Anna (DEM-CA-14th)
Rep. Ferguson, Michael (REP-NJ-7th)
Rep. Fortenberry, Jeff (REP-NE-1st)
Res. Com. Fortuno, Luis (REP-PR-AL)
Rep. Fossella, Vito (REP-NY-13th)
Rep. Foxx, Virginia (REP-NC-5th)

Rep. Gillibrand, Kirsten (DEM-NY-20th)

Rep. Gingrey, Phil (REP-GA-11th)
Rep. Gonzalez, Charles (DEM-TX-20th)
Rep. Grijalva, Raul (DEM-AZ-7th)
Rep. Gutierrez, Luis (DEM-IL-4th)

Rep. Hall, John (DEM-NY-19th)
Rep. Hare, Phil (DEM-IL-17th)

Rep. Hastings, Doc (REP-WA-4th)
Rep. Higgins, Brian (DEM-NY-27th)
Rep. Hinchey, Maurice (DEM-NY-22nd)
Rep. Hinojosa, Ruben (DEM-TX-15th)
Rep. Holden, Tim (DEM-PA-17th)
Rep. Hulshof, Kenny (REP-MO-9th)
Rep. Jindal, Bobby (REP-LA-1st)
Rep. Jones, Walter (REP-NC-3rd)
Rep. Kanjorski, Paul (DEM-PA-11th)
Rep. Kaptur, Marcy (DEM-OH-9th)
Rep. Kennedy, Patrick (DEM-RI-1st)
Rep. Kildee, Dale (DEM-MI-5th)
Rep. King, Peter (REP-NY-3rd)

Rep. King, Steve (REP-IA-5th)
Rep. Knollenberg, Joseph (REP-MI-9th)
Rep. Kucinich, Dennis (DEM-OH-10th)
Rep. LaHood, Ray (REP-IL-18th)

Rep. Lampson, Nicholas (DEM-TX-22nd)

Rep. Langevin, James (DEM-RI-2nd)
Rep. Larson, John (DEM-CT-1st)
Rep. Lipinski, Dan (DEM-IL-3rd)
Rep. LoBiondo, Frank (REP-NJ-2nd)
Rep. Lungren, Dan (REP-CA-3rd)
Rep. Lynch, Stephen (DEM-MA-9th)
Rep. Mack, Connie (REP-FL-14th)
Rep. Markey, Edward (DEM-MA-7th)
Rep. Marshall, Jim (DEM-GA-8th)
Rep. McCarthy, Carolyn (DEM-NY-4th)
Rep. McCaul, Michael (REP-TX-10th)
Rep. McCollum, Betty (DEM-MN-4th)
Rep. McCotter, Thaddeus (REP-MI-11th)
Rep. McGovern, James (DEM-MA-3rd)
Rep. McHenry, Patrick (REP-NC-10th)
Rep. McHugh, John (REP-NY-23rd)

Rep. McNerney, Gerald (DEM-CA-11th)

Rep. McNulty, Michael (DEM-NY-21st)
Rep. Meehan, Marty (DEM-MA-5th)
Rep. Melancon, Charlie (DEM-LA-3rd)
Rep. Michaud, Michael (DEM-ME-2nd)
Rep. Miller, George (DEM-CA-7th)

Rep. Mitchell, Harry (DEM-AZ-5th)
Rep. Moran, James (DEM-VA-8th)
Rep. Murphy, Patrick (DEM-PA-8th)

Rep. Murphy, Timothy (REP-PA-18th)
Rep. Murtha, John (DEM-PA-12th)
Rep. Napolitano, Grace (DEM-CA-38th)
Rep. Neal, Richard (DEM-MA-2nd)
Rep. Nunes, Devin (REP-CA-21st)
Rep. Oberstar, James (DEM-MN-8th)
Rep. Obey, David (DEM-WI-7th)
Rep. Pallone, Frank (DEM-NJ-6th)
Rep. Pascrell, Bill (DEM-NJ-8th)
Rep. Pastor, Ed (DEM-AZ-4th)
Rep. Pelosi, Nancy (DEM-CA-8th)
Rep. Porter, Jon (REP-NV-3rd)
Rep. Radanovich, George (REP-CA-19th)
Rep. Rangel, Charles (DEM-NY-15th)
Rep. Renzi, Rick (REP-AZ-1st)
Rep. Reyes, Silvestre (DEM-TX-16th)

Rep. Rodriguez, Ciro (DEM-TX-23rd)

Rep. Roybal-Allard, Lucille (DEM-CA-34th)
Rep. Royce, Ed (REP-CA-40th)
Rep. Ryan, Paul (REP-WI-1st)
Rep. Ryan, Tim (DEM-OH-17th)
Rep. Salazar, John (DEM-CO-3rd)
Rep. Sanchez, Linda (DEM-CA-39th)
Rep. Sanchez, Loretta (DEM-CA-47th)
Rep. Schmidt, Jean (REP-OH-2nd)
Rep. Serrano, Jose (DEM-NY-16th)

Rep. Sestak, Joe (DEM-PA-7th)
Rep. Shea-Porter, Carol (DEM-NH-1st)
Rep. Sires, Albio (DEM-NJ-13th)

Rep. Smith, Christopher (REP-NJ-4th)
Rep. Solis, Hilda (DEM-CA-32nd)
Rep. Stupak, Bart (DEM-MI-1st)

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