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DNC News Release

DNC News Release

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Published by The Washington Post
This is an email issued by DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse in response to The Fact Checker column that appeared on October 6, 2011
This is an email issued by DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse in response to The Fact Checker column that appeared on October 6, 2011

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Published by: The Washington Post on Oct 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Only thing that is Ridiculous, is this Kessler FactCheck:http://wapo.st/ok2d7T 
 The Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kessler thismorning proved once again how ridiculous fact checks arethat don’t take into account a candidate’s history, profile andcharacter and which don’t take the time to probe acandidate’s positions by say, actually asking the candidate.Kessler’s hyperbolic, over the top, fact check of the DNC’sassertion that Mitt Romney supports private Social Securityaccounts considers none of these factors, failed to actuallytalk to the Romney campaign about his current positiondespite repeated suggestions that he do so and uses theweakest of evidence to assert that Romney’s position onprivatization is “clear.”One should of course start from the proposition that MittRomney, in his nearly two decades pursuit of various publicoffices, has rarely been clear. Mitt Romney has changedpositions – fundamental positions – on everything from awoman’s right to choose to gay rights to TARP, Health Careand beyond. Romney lacks convictions and changes hisviews with the political winds depending on the audiencehe’s in front of and the office he is running for. To believehis weak-tea denials and dodges of his support for privateSocial Security accounts is to ignore his profile as avalueless, conviction-less flip-flopper – which is exactly whatKessler did. But at its core, Kessler’s fact check cites the flimsiest of evidence to support his claim that Romney doesn’t supportprivate Social Security accounts. Both sources of evidenceare typical Romney – mushy declarations followed byvagueness and uncertainty.Kessler cites a passage from Romney’s 2010 book “NoApology” where Romney actually says that personalaccounts (privatization) could still be considered but wouldneed to be phased in. Well – phased in, voluntary private
Social Security accounts was exactly what George Bushproposed in 2005 that was so soundly rejected by theAmerican people – the same plan Romney called a “goodidea” in 2007. Kessler cites a passage where Romney sayshe would “prefer” that such accounts be added to SocialSecurity rather than diverted from it. Well – I’d “prefer” tobe 6’5 and have six pack abs but running for President isn’t just about what you prefer but what you would do and whatyou would sign. Kessler leaps to the conclusion thatRomney’s supposed “preference” represents a renunciationof private accounts when it obviously does not. The obviousquestion of course, one Kessler chose not to ask the Romneycampaign, is what would he sign? This was a centralquestion around the Ryan-Republican plan to end Medicareas we know it. There too Romney tried to dodge thequestion but ultimately admitted he would sign the Ryan-Republican legislation to end Medicare and move to asystem of vouchers. Even if Kessler were right and Romney would now supportprivate accounts on top of Social Security why hasn’t headvocated for that on the campaign trail? Why just a singleline in a book written nearly two years ago? If Kesslerbelieves Romney’s supposed preference for accounts on topof Social Security is proof positive that he no longer supportsprivate Social Security accounts why isn’t Romneyadvocating for them on the campaign trail? In the debates?Did Kessler ask the Romney campaign this question?Apparently not.
Kessler also cites a video from a New Hampshire town hall inAugust. Kessler snipped a short portion of the back andforth Romney had with a voter on the issue of privatizationwhere he appears to reject the notion but actually simplydodges the question by, among other things, noting he hadnot mentioned it in his remarks. The rest of his remarks,which Kessler did not show, are a jumble where heeventually calls the
privatization “value-laden” andappears to be rejecting the “term” more so than the

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