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Charter Schools Complete Application Packet

Charter Schools Complete Application Packet

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Ca Sc Acan
 A Model Resource for MissouriCharter Public School Sponsors
DevelopeD by the NAtioNAl ASSoCiAtioNof ChArter SChool AuthorizerS
sponsor namesponsor address
* Denotes sections required only of certain applicants
Introduction 3Application Components and Guidelines 5Application Requirements Checklist 6Missouri Charter School Application Cover Sheet
A.Education Plan
A.1 Mission, Vision and Educational Philosophy 10A.2 Curriculum and Instruction 11A.3 Career Education * 12A.4 School Calendar and Daily Schedule 14A.5 Target Population 15A.6 Special Student Populations 16A.7 School-Specifc Goals and Objectives 1A..1 Comprehensive Perormance Measures * 18A.8 Assessment 19A.9 School Climate and Discipline 20
B.Organizational Plan
B.1 Governing Body 22B.2 Governing Board Composition 23B.3 Management and Operation 24B.3.1 Education Service Providers * 25B.4 Stafng and Human Resources 26B.4.1 Four-Year College and/or University Afliation * 2B.5 Student Recruitment and Enrollment 28B.6 Community Involvement 29B.6.1 Joint Application * 30
C.Business Plan
C.1 Budget 32C.2 Financial Management 33C.3 Facility 34C.4 Transportation 35C.5 Insurance 36C.6 Pre-Opening Plan 3
Appendix 1: Request or Inormation romProspective Charter School Board Members 39Appendix 2: Frequently Asked Questions aboutCharter Schools 41
This application calls or proposals to start charter schools that are likely to achievestrong educational outcomes. Through charter schools, we expect to provide amilieswith educational options o many dierent shapes and sizes but with one thing incommon: quality education.This application packet will guide you through the steps o developing a charter schoolproposal. Each section requests inormation about a specic aspect o your plan andpresents the evaluation criteria that reviewers will use to determine whether the sectionmeets the standard or approval. Experience has shown that successul charter schoolstend to have a number o common characteristics:A clear, ocused, results-oriented mission statement that aligns all parts o the
proposalDemonstrated understanding o the population that the school is likely to serve;
An educational program that is likely to be eective or the target population;
Strong and diverse leadership; and
Strong nancial planning and management.
We are eager to receive well-developed applications rom capable school developerswho are committed to educating their students well and improving the lives o childrenand amilies in our community.I you have any questions regarding this application or the evaluation process,please contact:
sponsor name and address

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