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alibaba platinium

alibaba platinium

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Published by sencer110
Alibaba platinium
Alibaba platinium

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Published by: sencer110 on Oct 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Please Enjoy these 17 Pages of David
s Personal Notes for the Interview As acompanion to the Audio!
…oh, and M
ost of All
International Export Agents - The Next Great Frontier
David Weinberg is our guest; he has a vast knowledge on the subject of exporting.Some of David's Products where one of kind inventions. Many of his new ideashave sold all over the world. What we are going to concentrate on today isExporting. David, please tell us about your experience in business and howExporting has been an important part of your success.Exporting has absolutely been the most exciting aspect of my businessexperience. My business started in a garage making wallpaper border. Our servicewas very simple. We cut rolls of Wallpaper into a smaller Border Spool. We woulddo this with a few homemade cutters and a rewinder. I started this process in1987. This was when Wallpaper was in big demand. In the beginning I did verysmall orders for a handful of retail store. We would turn double rolls into borderto improve the retailer's inventory.When I studied how to expand my small operation I noticed that most of theWallpaper Manufactures were in Canada. So In order to get my first large accountI would have to go to Canada. This is where I would learn my first lesson in tradinggoods and services with another country. I was 21 years old at the time. All four of the largest Wallpaper Manufactures were right there in Toronto. So I called eachof them with a message. My little company could convert their jumbo reels of Wallpaper into finished spools of Border. Not only could we convert the productbut we could also ship it directly to their United States Distribution Centers. I gotthis idea from an article in the Wall Street Journal. It was called, "How smallbusiness can grow through Exporting."
One of the four Manufactures agreed to meet with me. The drive to Toronto was11 hours. I can remember making 4 different trips before I made any realprogress. These French speaking Canadian business people were really interestingto observe. After several discussions it became clear to them that if they couldput on each label, "Packaged in the USA", that it would sell better in Kmart. Thereit was the breakthrough that I was looking for. That was how my little shop addedvalue to their supply chain. Our first test run was an opportunity to convert whatthey called a small order of 5,000 spools. A few weeks later they placed an orderfor 900,000 spools.I can remember the Manufacture asking me if we could handle such a large order.I said, "We can do that." Then, I hung up the phone and said, "how are we goingdo that?" We went from a 3 employee company to a 45 employee company in 30days. I remember having someone stand out by the road with a sign that said,"Help wanted now". Soon we were producing all of the Wallpaper Borders for theKmart account across the United States. We would add Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes,and Home Depot over the next 3 years.So why was that exciting? Well, when you can take a group of people that havebeen out of work and tell them that we are going to be handling a worldwideaccount. There is something really special that you can see in their eyes. Givingpeople a chance to prove themselves and watching them succeed is a very specialprocess. A large percentage of what we were producing was being shipped toEurope on a weekly basis. I can remember the first time I talked with a Plantmanager from England. Wow! He sounded cool, but I could hardly make since of what he was saying. The Labels that we were putting on the product had 7different languages.As our company developed we began to produce our own product lines ratherthan just converting product for other manufactures. As we introduced brandnew innovative products to the Nation Chain Stores they would in turn ship ourproducts to their out lets stores worldwide. We also sold our new Patented LaserCut Wallpaper Border to a major worldwide distributor called the Warner
Company. We went from a garage with a few homemade machines to selling ourown one of kind products to 52 different countries within 5 years.During much of that time my responsibilities involved traveling to outlets inseveral different countries. It was my job to make sure these new ideas werebeing introduced successfully. The first time I arrived in Europe they told me thatmy entire product line was out in the Shed. I was horrified. How could they putmy brand new product out in a shed? Come to find out the next day later thatwhat we call a home center they call a Shed. I would visit one Shed Store after theother, making sure the product was understood by different district managers.Many times I would help put a display together wearing a suit and tie.In many cases the United States was much more advanced then nearly everycountry that I visited. Just getting a new product across Europe at that time couldtake months because of all the different customs and regulations. Yet thesepeople were trying with all their might. There are so many lessons that I learnedalong the way. People all over the world are putting their best foot forward morethan we realize.Interacting with these different people, different cultures, and differentbackgrounds was just absolutely life changing. It's hard to put into words exactlywhy? I guess it has to do with the realization that a master plan really is in place.Somehow the maker of all these people is able to holds all this together. On thesurface it is called Exporting, but to me it is the chance to really experience theentire human family.When I would introduce myself as a business man from the United States, thesepeople would express so much admiration and curiosity. They wanted to knoweverything. How we created so much success. Answering the questions of peoplewith excitement to learn is really something. That is the primary reason thatExporting and Trade has been so exciting to me. I can remember talking to ayoung business man in South Africa. He asked me with complete focus, "is it truethat in America you can have 3 jobs?" It is hard to describe in that moment howproud it made me feel to be born in the USA. It's one thing to be told that weshould appreciate what we have more. It is another to see firsthand how we are

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