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Prayers for Vigil

Prayers for Vigil

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Published by robert543

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Published by: robert543 on Oct 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Prayers for All night Vigil:"...Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God." (Luke6:12)"And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice, and quickly." (Luke18:7,8)
Can you not spend one hour with Me
,” our Lord said to His Apostles in thegarden of Olives that Holy Thursday night? And He says the same thing to you Why Pray during the night?1.It’s in the mystery of the cross and sacrifice where the treasure and fruitlie which leads to one’s own sanctification and the transformation of ourculture.2.We pray at this time to imitate Jesus who prayed late into the night in theGarden of Gesthemine.3.It is a time when most people are available and do not have work orfamily obligations inhibiting them from attending.4.Our Lord said to Sr. Faustina, “Anyone who prays the chaplet wheneverthe 3 o’clock hour strikes will receive special favors and great graces. Anocean of mercy is opened at the 3 o’clock hour. I will not deny anyonetheir requests who prays the chaplet at 3 o’clock.”
 5.To sacrifice a bit of sleep for our Lord and these intentions is exactly themedicine that is needed to kill the maladies which infect our country.
20 minutes praying to end abortion: (from
1.Spend the first minute simply worshipping and adoring the Lord Jesus who itTHE Life! Try not to make any requests at this time. Just spend a minute tellingHim how incredibly awesome He is! Check out these Psalms for help with thisif you need it or want it. Psalm 48, 63, 65, 84, 89, and 92. There are manyMANY more, but these should take you well into a minute of praise andworship!2.Spend another minute thanking God for the gift of life. Use this short time torecognize what an awesome blessing it is just to be alive, and let that enhanceyour prayer for those yet unborn to have the chance to experience how greatlife can be.
Pray for the woman in your community who at this very moment isconsidering an abortion. Consider her emotions (fear, anxiety, maybeeven contempt or indifference) and pray that the Holy Spirit wouldminister to her, teaching her to recognize, respect, and love the“personhood” of her unborn child. Pray that God would grant her thecourage she needs to carry and deliver him/her. If you know someonepersonally, please mention her to our Lord by name!
This one is in bold because I would like this to be the one request that we ALL pray for! No matter which “method” of prayer that you use,
pray this one request!4.Pray that the families, friends, churches of those who choose to carry their  babies would support their decision to let the child live. Especially pray for thefather's of these babies, that they will love and support their child.5.Pray that adoption agencies would be successful in finding loving families fo babies that are placed in their care. (This is a very Pro-Life issue! We don’t just want to see the babies born, we want to see them loved and nurtured aswell!)6.Pray for “inner conversion” of those who perform abortions in your communityand those who assist them. If you know names of specific people or places thatoffer elective abortions, please mention them by name!7.Pray for all those in the community who support, urge, and rally for abortion – especially for those profess faith in Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit wouldmove them in such a way,, that they would realize the great detriment of the“culture of death” that they are promoting.8.Pray for all those fighting abortion at level in society. Pray for God to protectthem against all evil, and grant them strength and courage to “keep it up!”.9.Pray for all Pro-Life ministries that you can think of that God would supply alltheir needs and inspire them with ideas of how be the most effective in the fightagainst abortion. Again, if know any by name, mention them specifically!10.Pray for those in positions of civil authority that they would heed the voice of their Pro-Life constituents as well as for them to be personally involved in themovement!11.Pray that those men and women in authority would actively present and passlaws that respect all human life from conception to natural death.12.Pray that the right of conscience would always be protected for all medical personnel.13.Pray for those in your community who have had abortions. Pray that Godwould heal their wounds and give them grace and courage to testify to thedestructive nature of abortion.14.Pray for your local community of Christians that we would all keep open doorsand hearts to those who have had abortions. Pray that our local churches would be beacons of hope and healing to those who regret their decision to abort their child.15.Pray for society that we will come to an understanding of God’s design for life,especially the family unit and uphold His law above our own desires. Pray thatall marriages would be open to life.

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