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Space Syntax_Local Spatial Planning

Space Syntax_Local Spatial Planning

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Published by: Space Syntax Limited on Oct 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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BSpace Syntax spatial accessibility map
 Windsor and Maidenhead.
It is widely acknowledgedthat a better approach isneeded to the preparationof LDF documents. Over a quarter of allCore Strategies haveeither been withdrawn orjudged unsound by thePlanning Inspectorate.The UrbanValueapproach developed bySpace Syntax plugs thegaps in knowledge andengagement that thePlanning Inspectoratehas highlighted.
How do we meet your needs?
With the help of our unique and powerful
toolkit for Local SpatialPlanning, we will coach you on howto understand the essential
of your area – the factorsthat make it truly unique – and help youto make an
informed, convincing,and effective response
to thesecharacteristics in your Local DevelopmentFramework.The
toolkit focuses on thefundamental way that spatial layoutsin
uence social, economic andenvironmental outcomes.
 helps create planning documents that trulyaccount for the likely
impact of spatialplanning policy
on issues including landvalues, rental incomes, retail performance,pedestrian and cyclist movement,social performance and crime patterns.These outcomes represent direct andindirect
returns on public and privateinvestment
What is your challenge?
Local Planning Authorities are facingsubstantial challenges in the LocalDevelopment Framework process:risk of failing to
meet the regulatoryrequirements
and aspirations set outin PPS 12 and not passing the PlanningInspectorate’s test of soundnessrisk of failing to
raise spatial planningto a corporate level
and not making thecase for the bene
ts of spatial planningin helping to deliver the SustainableCommunity Strategy’s aspirationse.g. healthy, safe and prosperouscommunitiesrisk of failing to
effectively deliverresults
to communities: producingplanning documents that are not
t forpurpose, cannot easily be monitoredand cannot be understood and appliedby Development Management andDevelopment Control of
unsoundwithdrawnsoundunder examination
Local Spatial PlanningA new, evidence-based approach
CTown Centre Spatial Strategy
A robust spatial evidence basefor the Core Strategy of the LondonBorough of Tower Hamlets. 
DSpatial typologies
A visualisation of the spatialcharacteristics of different types of towncentres in the London Borough of TowerHamlets.
Space Syntax © 2010Local Spatial PlanningA new, evidence-based approach
What are the features?
UrbanValue is based on a
unique,evidence-based methodology
developedduring more than twenty years of empiricalresearch.The methodology quickly generates
real-time information
on the spatialcharacteristics of the district and itsconstituent parts.UrbanValue works at both a
strategic anddetailed level
for Core Strategies, AreaAction Plans, Supplementary PlanningDocuments, masterplans and design/ development briefs that make up an LDF.The toolkit delivers
visual informationthat is easy to understand.
 The methodology provides
objectiveevaluations and rankings of alternativeoptions
and their likely outcomes, even inthe early planning stages.
What will we deliver?
We provide
in understandingand harnessing the effects of spatiallayout, delivered through workshops andteam meetings. Our clients
nd value inSpace Syntax acting as a “
critical friend
”,providing feedback on spatial policy drafts.We create
reporting material
 comprising analysis, conclusions andrecommendations, in a colourful, easilyunderstandable graphic format, includingnumerous maps and diagrams.We make
presentations to stakeholdergroups
at consultations and other keyevents. We build
bridges betweendifferent interest groups
within andoutside the Council by showing incollaborative workshops how people can
unite around the issue of space
What are the bene
Using the UrbanValue toolkit, SpaceSyntax provides Local Authorities with an
effective framework for Local SpatialPlanning
.Local Spatial Planning is a requirementfor Local Planning Authorities who mustproduce planning documents that meet
the Planning Inspectorate’s tests ofsoundness
and the guidance set out in
PPS 12
.With Space Syntax support, LocalPlanning Authorities have the ability to
verify and support their decisions
 in consultations and negotiations withstakeholders, especially community groupsand developers.UrbanValue gives Local Authority staff,executives, and councillors con
their strategies are achievable andworth achieving.
An evidence-based toolkitUrbanValue is the product of over20 years’ research and practice in thefield of spatial planning. 
“We realised Space Syntax were light years ahead ofeverybody else. This scheme will last for 200 years.We need the best and the best is what we’ve got.”Councillor John Jowers, Colchester Borough Council
ESpatial Analysis
A spatial accessibility model ofOxford West End used to testdifferent alignments of OxpensRoad.
FSpatial Vision
A spatial vision diagram forCroydon highlighting keyrecommendations to increasethe vitality and viability of theMetropolitan Centre.
Tried and tested throughout the UK UrbanValue delivers successful policyoutcomes, creating culture shifts inlocal planning systems.
3What does it cost?
toolkit is
exible to apply,so we can address your needs whileworking to your budget. Prices are drivenby the number of analytical componentsrequired and by certain features of thedistrict such as size, population, number oftown centres.In terms of reporting material, we candeliver a full report, or – for signi
cantsavings in price – an informationpack comprising graphic material andexplanatory text. We work to industry-standard
le formats so that our work isready for inclusion in your own or anotherconsultant’s report.Example costs, for illustration purposesonly:A
Spatial Baseline Analysis
for a smallLocal Authority, delivered as an informationpack, would cost in the range of £10K-£12K.A town centre study for a medium-sizedauthority, comprising a
Spatial BaselineAnalysis
; a partial
Urban CharacterAnalysis
Thematic Spatial Analyses
foremployment, retail, social services, andtransport infrastructure; and an
AlternateStrategies Assessment
, delivered in aninformation pack, would cost in the rangeof £40K- £50K.A combined town centre and public healthstudy for a large authority, comprising all ofthe above and Thematic Spatial Analysesfor
health services, green space,and leisure and recreation facilities
,delivered as a full report, would cost in therange of £100K- £125K.
Why Space Syntax?
Space Syntax provides a unique,evidence-based and industry-leadingapproach to the planning and design ofbuildings and urban areas. Combiningtechnology, ability and extensive globalexperience, we target the social andeconomic value that good planning anddesign bring.We show how value can be createdthrough the analysis, understanding andskilful manipulation of space. We areexpert, independent and widely respectedfor the support we provide to public, privateand community-based decision makers.Our work has been labelled ‘innovative’ bythe
Planning Inspectorate
and we havebeen selected for the Spatial PlanningFramework by the
Planning AdvisoryService
toolkit has beendeveloped as part of a Government-funded knowledge exchange program
UrbanBuzz: Building SustainableCommunities in the South East
, inpartnership with over 20 public, private,higher education and voluntary sectororganisations, including The Home Of
ce,CABE, SEEDA, EEDA, UEL, UCL, GLAEconomics, Savills Research, ColinBuchanan and JMP.
“Well-informed decisionsin place-making areessential for buildingsustainable communitiesand as such the impactof Space Syntax issignificant.”Dr Carol Dair, DirectorOxford Institute ofSustainable Development

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