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Dowsing 1

Dowsing 1

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Published by: api-3746394 on Oct 15, 2008
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Left Brain/Right Brain

We have been trained very well to use our rational mind, our left brain. Most of us have
spent much of the first two decades of our life sitting in rows, being quiet, paying
attention and coming up with the answer that the teacher thought was correct. (I have a
number of memories from my "academically-checkered" school career where the teacher
told me that the answer I gave was wrong, when in later life, I realized that I was correct
and the teacher was wrong - but this is beside the point here.) We learned how to quickly
give the answer to such questions as:

"What is the sum of nine and six?"
I trust that you came up with "fifteen" rather quickly. You have trained your left brain,

your rational analytical brain very - or at least reasonably - well. But what about:
"Is this person telling the truth?"
"Where is the nearest source of water to this house that is good and potable, less than

twenty feet down, over five gallons a minute, and runs year 'round?"

In both cases, your rational skills will be of little or no use, You have to tap in to the other
half of your brain - your right hemisphere, where intuitive, creative and spiritual
awareness come from.

Just as you have trained your left brain to give you simple mathematical sums, dowsing is
an excellent tool to get intuitive responses on demand.

But the important point here is that in dowsing you have to ask the right question (a left
brain function) to get the best answer (a right brain function). For example with the last
question above, if you only asked the first part of the question, "Where is the nearest
source of water to this house?", your dowsing rod would show you where the nearest
source of water to the house is, but it may be nine-hundred feet down, yield a thimble full
of water an hour, taste like sulphur and runs dry for three months every summer!

Our unconscious takes our questions VERY literally.

In dowsing, you gotta' ask the right question to get the right answer! You must do BOTH
good left brain analytical preparation of the question AND solid right brain intuitive

Dowsing blind
This unattached and open minded state can be hard to achieve if the question is highly
emotionally charged or bears great consequence, particularly for oneself or a loved one.

In these circumstances, one can get a little more distance by writing the question(s) down on a piece of paper, and several other questions to which the answers are already known (is today Saturday ? - does the Thames run through London ?) on similar pieces of paper.

Turn all the pieces face down and shuffle them around until you can no longer tell which is which, and then dowse each piece one by one - "what is the answer to the question on this piece of paper?"

Not only does this allow you to dowse with less investment in the outcome, but it also
allows you to check your accuracy and can help you to assess how much weight to place
on the information your dowsing reveals

Checking and building confidence

Getting another dowser to check your answers can be tremendously valuable, and if you
find that your friend gets a different answer to yours, look carefully to see whether the
difference is truly in the dowsing response or if it is actually related to a difference in the
questions asked or the way that you are each interpreting the words and meaning of the

You can check your accuracy by dowsing questions that you will shortly know the answer to - when making a phone call for example you can first dowse to see if the person that you are calling is at home / in their office - and if they are whether their answer machine is switched on... you'll get instant feedback but again look to see if inaccuracies are due to an ambiguous question...

If you find that your dowsing is misleading you, stop and try again later when you are
again feeling alert and clear.

Remember that genuine need is the best key to unlock your dowsing faculties, and this in itself will help to direct your dowsing and indeed the alignment of your energy generally in relation to the world.

I like to say "thank you" to the All Source when I'm finished a dowsing inquiry - it helps to keep ones' energy aligned with Grace and also fosters a sense of reverence and respect for this innate and wonderful gift that we all share. Good Luck and Good Dowsing!

Earth Energies

Please Note:
It is assumed that the reader of this section can dowse with L-rods.
If you can't, check out our Dowsing Page.

An apparently natural circle of cedars over a dome of water.
Our re-awareness of the energies of the Earth has re-emerged slowly in the twentieth
century. In the 1920s German dowsers found 'Krebs' Houses - places where people got
more cancer than their neighbours. Dowsers found underground veins of water Crossing
under these houses and not under their neighbours. Also, in the 1920s Alfred Watkins of
Herefordshire, England, found that ancient holy sites lined up in straight lines. He called
these 'leys' and determined that people from the Neolithic, through the Bronze and Iron
Ages, well into the Christian era in Britain, located their holy sites on straight alignments
with other holy sites. Many times these holy sites derived from extremely different ages,
millennia apart. In the 30s, Reginald Allendar Smith, just-retired Keeper of the British
and Egyptian Collections at the British Museum, wrote in the pages of the British Society
of Dowsers' Journal that he found these same veins under stone rings and other Neolithic
sacred sites. Terry Ross, past president of the American Society of Dowsers (ASD)
brought the notion of dowsable leys to the United States in the late 1960s.

Sig's Hypothesis Number One

Before I begin to tell you how I see the Earth Energies, I must tell you of an something
that I have been working on for over fifteen years now. I call it "Sig's Hypothesis Number
One." (I must admit that I don't have Hypotheses Two or Three, but that is what I started
to call it years ago, so I have stuck with it.) It is: "Even if they were trained by the same
teacher, when dowsing for intangible targets (like the Earth Energies), it is quite probable
that no two dowsers will ever find exactly the same thing."

There are several ways of seeing this reality. Between one-thousand BCE and one-
thousand CE, there were a number of men (sorry, women) who saw God, Their names
were Confucius, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Krishna, Zoraster, Jesus and Mohammed. There is no
doubt in my mind that each of them saw their Maker, the One - yet they each came back
and told different stories. Now, let's take just one of them - Jesus. All Christians see their

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