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Patho - 4th Asessment - Lymphoproliferative Disorders I - 31 Jan 2007

Patho - 4th Asessment - Lymphoproliferative Disorders I - 31 Jan 2007



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Published by: api-3703352 on Oct 15, 2008
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Lymphoproliferative Disorders I

Dilip K. Das, MBBS, MD, PhD, DSc, FRCPath.
Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine,
Kuwait University

The Lymphatic System
\u2022Lymphatic tissue is widely distributed in the body, either as
lymphatic organs or as diffuse, dense, or nodular collections of

lymphocytes, and it collectively constitutes the lymphatic system.
\u2022A lymphatic organ is a mass of lymphatic tissue that is surrounded
by a connective tissue capsule or covered by an epithelium.
Lymphatic organs include (1) lymph nodes, (2)th ymus (3)sp leen,
and (4)t on sils .

\u2022Much lymphatic tissue of the body is not part of lymphatic organs
and is found in many locations, including the wall of the
gastrointestinal tract, and the wall of the air passages of the
respiratory system. The abbreviations GALTand BALT stand for
gut associated lymphoid tissue and bronchial associated lymphoid
tissue, respectively.
Structural Organization of the Immune System
\u2022All lymphoid cells originate in the
bone marrow.
\u2022Lymphoid cell precursors destined
to become T-lymphocytes mature in
the thymus (hence T-cells).
\u2022Development of B-lymphocytes
occurs entirely in the bone marrow
(hence B-cells).
\u2022The thymus and bone marrow are
primary lymphoid organs.
\u2022Lymph nodes, spleen, and mucosa-
associated lymphoid tissue are
secondary lymphoid organs.
\u2022Peripheral blood T- and B-

lymphocytes circulate in a defined
pattern through secondary
lymphoid organs.

From General and Systemic Pathology by JEC Underwood

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