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Animal Crossing WW Complete Guide

Animal Crossing WW Complete Guide



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Published by api-3747112

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Published by: api-3747112 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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introduction and frequently asked questions

important characters and terminology
a) fundamental items and the great tradeoff
b) feng shui
c) the hra

iii. item index

a)furniture series
1) exotic series
2) lovely series
3) classic series
4) ranch series
5) cabana series
6) blue series
7) modern series
8) regal series
9) green series

10) cabin series
11) kiddie series
12) robo series
13) snowman series
14) mushroom series

b) furniture themes
1) western theme
2) space theme
3) construction theme
4) boxing theme
5) mossy garden theme
6) mad scientist theme
7) nursery theme
8) pirate theme

c) furniture sets
1) white chess set
2) black chess set
3) study set
4) oil drum set
5) office set
6) cactus set
7) teddy bear set
8) panda bear set

9) dharma set
10) backyard set
11) golf set
12) classroom set
13) lava lamp set
14) red furniture set
15) hospital set
16) japanese set
17) totem pole set
18) cafe set
19) pear set
20) apple set
21) watermelon set
22) citrus set
23) bonsai set

24) welcome kitty set
25) yellow flower set
26) tulip set
27) iris set
28) froggy set
29) pine set
30) pine bonsai set
31) vase set
32) guitar set
33) drum set
34) string set
35) house plant set

d) other stuff
1) paintings
2) musical instruments
3) household items
4) televisions
5) stereos
6) flowers
7) chairs & sofas
8) sports items
9) trophies

10) worldly items
11) holiday specialties
12) clocks
13) camping gear
14) beds
15) storage units
16) beach items
17) arcade games
18) town models
19) lights
20) miscellaneous items
21) special items

e) wallpaper & flooring
f) tools and other stuff
g) clothing

h) personal accessories
1) umbrellas
2) hats
3) wigs
4) masks

i) paper

a) insects
b) fish
c) fossils

vi. outdoor gardening
a) flowers

b) trees, fruits and turnips
vii. conclusion
viii.copyrights and other legal stuff
ix. contact information

special thanks
i. introduction and frequently asked questions

hey folks! welcome to my animal crossing: wild world items faq. there are
hundreds of items to collect in this game. clothes, furniture, wild animals,
and tons of other stuff are ripe for the picking. it's amazing that it could be
all packed into that one little ds cart. in any case, i hope this guide helps
you develop your town to your liking. hopefully you'll come up with something


a lot of people have been emailing me the same questions, so i think it'd be
best if i answer them all in one shot. here are a few of the big ones that
keep popping up:

dude! how do i get a coconut?

normally, a coconut will randomly wash up on shore. pick it up, but do not
sell it. instead, plant it near the beach. not on the sand itself, but near
the ocean. within a few days, you'll be able to harvest two more coconuts,
which can be used to grow more trees, and so forth. when you finally sell them
is up to you. otherwise, get on wifi and do some trading with someone who is
willing to spare a coconut.

um, what's a pitfall seed, and what do i do with it?

okay, so you're looking for fossils, right? you dig into a crack, but instead
of finding a fossil, you find this weird white ball with a red ! on it. this
is a pitfall seed. bury it back into the ground, then lure your neighbors or
friends to walk over it. they'll fall into the hole that the pitfall seed has
made. in the end, pitfall seeds serve only as a light form of humor in case you
get bored.

okay, i made a snowman. why didn't he give me anything?

first off: if you make a snowman perfectly, he'll send you a gift in the mail.
the way to make a perfect snowman revolves around the proportions of the
snowballs you roll. the body must by slightly larger than the head. roll one
ball up to a certain height, then find the other ball and make it just smaller
than the first one. you'll be able to gauge your work based on what the
snowman will say. a happy snowman is a good sign; creating one with a large
head and small body will get you nothing but angst.

don't these feathers do anything?!

nope, sorry. the feathers you get for donating to boondox reflect the old
concept of "having a feather in your cap" meaning that you've done something
remarkable or praiseworthy. if anything, feathers are just a way to show off
that you can fork over so much cash.

what does the golden-------- do?
golden axe: never breaks.

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