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Interrobang issue for October 10th, 2011

Interrobang issue for October 10th, 2011

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Published by interrobangfsu
The Interrobang issue for October 10th, 2011 features a Fall Fun guide, a look at the Epic Meal Time show at Fanshawe, a review of Sarah Jessica Parker's latest flick, and an article on the perks of coffee.
The Interrobang issue for October 10th, 2011 features a Fall Fun guide, a look at the Epic Meal Time show at Fanshawe, a review of Sarah Jessica Parker's latest flick, and an article on the perks of coffee.

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Published by: interrobangfsu on Oct 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume 44 Issue No. 7 October 10, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Tag, you’re it 3
The Cult of Epic Meal Time 12
The perks of coffee 14
 Volume 44 Issue No. 7 October 10, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Ashley Callow is in her first yearof SSW. “I am a pretty friendlyperson and fairly outgoing once Iget to know you,” said Callow.“I’m also easygoing and superlaid back. I love country music,the beach, summertime, naps,concerts, road trips, ice creamand most of all I love to love!”1. Why are you here?
To win hockey tickets (and to get agood education).
2. What was your life-changingmoment?
My cousin passing away two yearsago. It really made my life’s goalsa lot clearer and directed metowards going back to school tofinish my education.
3. What music are you currentlylistening to?
“Beer in Mexico” - KennyChesney.
4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
My mom always tells me every-thing will work out.
5. Who is your role model?
I admire a lot of people around me.I have new role models all thetime. Everyone who has been partof my life at some point has left animpact in one way or another.
6. Where in the world have youtravelled?
British Columbia, United Statesand the Caribbean.
7. What was your first job?
Selling athletic wear at NationalSports.
8. What would your last mealbe?
My Dad’s ribs, my Grandma’sstuffing, my Mom’s cookies and piña coladas.
9. What makes you uneasy?
10. What is your passion?
Helping people realize their high-est potential.
 Do you want Fanshawe to know 10Things About You? Just head onover to fsu.ca/interrobang and click on the 10 Things I Know About You link at the top.
10 Things I Know About You...
No ribbing Callow
Ashley Callow is put off by roadkill.
A student aids the Epic Meal Time gang by pouring Jack Daniels over a roasted pig head. The Forwell Hall showattracted 500 students and guests.
 Jeremy Groves
“I’d probably makesomething to do with dessert,like a monstrous pie withapple pie, fudge browniesand ice cream.”
Kirstley Dams
“An Epic Meal Timemilkshake with Big Macsauce, bacon, somemayonnaise and ketchup, Jack Daniels and maplesyrup.”
Vicky Gallagher
“I’d make something withoutmeat in it - I’m a vegetarian.I’d make an epic vegetarianskillet, like from the Oasis.
Andrew Kolacz
“I’d make a giant two-pounddonut filled with cream andjam, and I’d put a wholebunch of glaze and sprinkleson it.”
Megan Bundy
“I wouldn’t. I think it’sdisgusting and gluttonous- it’s a sin. This is whyAmerica’s so fat. People arestarving, and you’re patting yourselves on the back foreating a hamburger.”
FREE Comedy Nooner:Eddie Della Siepe
Forwell Hall – 12PM
FSU Poker Night
Forwell Hall – 6:30PM$2 Advance
FREE Sex Toy Bingo
First Run Film: Real Steel
Rainbow Cinemas (in Citi Plaza)$3.50 STUDENTS | $5 GUESTS2 Show Times
FREE Music NoonerFeaturing: Trish Robb
Forwell Hall – 12PM NOON
Forwell Hall – 9:30PM$3 ADV. | $4 DOOR
FRIDAY 10-14
FREE New Music NightFeaturing: Michou withMoondog Uproar &Pulp City Inn
OBS – 9:30PM
Fanshawe at the KnightsKnights vs. Otters
 John Labatt Centre – 7:30PM$17 STUDENTS | $18 GUESTS 
Dop b he elome iosk ih ou anse. Fie innes ill be seleed om oe enies and ell noi innes b email. 
Th Wlom io i on8am  4m, Monda to ida.
Fanshawe started its annualUnited Way fundraising campaignwith a bang on October 4 by hold-ing the first fundraising event andannouncing the campaign goal.Three competitors stirred uptheir best beans for the annual chilicookoff. Students from the Schoolof Tourism and Hospitality, cooksfrom the Oasis and chili mastersfrom Chartwells had stations set uparound the school. For $5, stu-dents, staff and visitors got a chililunch.The tasty afternoon ended with a judging panel to determine whichgroup made the best chili. LondonKnights Captain Jarred Tinordi,London Majors GM RoopChanderdat, FSU PresidentVeronica Barahona and represen-tatives from the United Way andFanshawe College judged the threeofferings, and declared Chartwellsto be the winner. This isChartwells’ third victory in a row.“It was a good experience,” saidBarahona. “The chili was amazing!”After the chili was devoured, thecampaign goal was announced.This year, Fanshawe aims to raise$105,000 for the United Way cam- paign. The organization helps to provide services for many peoplein communities across the country.The chili lunch raised $2,116.50for the campaign.Barahona is confident inFanshawe’s ability to raise themoney. “I’m sure that we will beable to achieve our $105,000 goalfor this year,” she said.Last year’s campaign goal of $100,000 was exceeded, with atotal of $106,388 raised. Last year marked the first time Fanshaweattempted a six-figure donation.“Our collective donation assistedagencies that provide social servic-es for children, families and indi-viduals in many impact areasincluding poverty, mental health,youth and labour,” FanshaweCollege stated in a press release.For more information about theUnited Way, visit unitedway.ca.On Monday, October 3, theOntario Public Service EmployeesUnion ran an advertisement in theLondon Free Press. The advertise-ment read, “Reinstate fired work-ers at Fanshawe College,” and was printed in an effort to gain publicsupport for their cause.During the recent OPSEU sup- port staff strike, five part-timeemployee’s positions were termi-nated at Fanshawe College. Part-time support staff members are notunion members and therefore werenot on strike. The college issued anotice to all part-time support staff that if they refused to cross the picket line and attend work, their  positions would be terminated,which is exactly what happened tothese five people.According to Marg Rae,President of the Local 109 union atFanshawe, they have tried to havethe five positions reinstated by cir-culating a petition. Rae took the petition with 400 signatures to theBoard of Governors meeting, but“they refused to allow us to talk,they had security at the meeting,and told us that if we did not stoptalking we would be escorted out,and it’s a public meeting,” saidRae.Rae said that three of the five people whose positions were ter-minated had been full-time supportstaff with Fanshawe College for over 20 years that had retired, butreturned to work part-time. Whenthe strike began, they refused tocross the picket line to show sup- port for their long-time colleagues.Fanshawe’s Director of Marketing and CorporateCommunications, EmilyMarcoccia, said because this situa-tion involves personnel informa-tion, the college is limited in whatthey can discuss. She did, howev-er, note that, “This is somethingthat happened provincially … soany decision regarding that actionwhich was taken during the strikeor at the onset of the strike haseither been made at the provinciallevel or could be made at the provincial level. Fanshawe was notunique in this, so it wouldn’t beFanshawe’s decision.”For Rae, this is an issue that shefeels Howard Rundle should beinvolved in fixing. “We have avery inactive College President,and to me, things have to changeon the top because these decisionsare far reaching. Getting your pic-ture in the paper and building buildings is one thing, but to actu-ally have good labour relations and(show) that you care about your employees is far more reaching,”said Rae.Rae and the union have issued aformal request to be put on theagenda of the Board of Governorsmeeting for October and are hope-ful that they will have the opportu-nity to formally discuss the issueand get the five employees’ posi-tions reinstated.
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 Volume 44 Issue No. 7 October 10, 2011 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
There has been a recent trend onFanshawe College’s main campusin the past few weeks that is cost-ing students thousands of dollars.According to SecuritySupervisor Bob Earle, a couple of graffiti taggers have created about$2,500 worth of damage by spray painting their tags — a stylizedsignature — all over campus. Themajority of the vandalism occurred between September 7 andSeptember 22, mainly in malewashrooms in H building, M build-ing and A building, though theyhave been spotted in a few other locations.“What the student populationneeds to understand is that clean upand repair of that sort of thing coststhousands of dollars, and that’smoney out of their pocket thatcould be spent on more beneficialthings,” said Earle.These tags are clearly identifi-able, as the taggers aren’t using pens or markers like most wash-room vandals. “These are quitesignificant. They’re not typicalwashroom wall scribblings; theyinvolve spray paint, they’re signif-icant in terms of their size anddimensions,” said Earle.According to Earle, CampusSecurity Services has been work-ing closely with the London Policein order to catch the taggers.“Typically these sorts of thingsdon’t happen exclusively on cam- pus – they have tags elsewhere – socertainly the London Police areinvestigating similar occurrenceswith similar tags and they’re work-ing along with us to try to identifythe person that’s responsible.”Earle suspects that these specifictags can be attributed to two peo- ple, given the style of the tagsthemselves. “Some of them look quite similar, so they’re potentiallyusing multiple tags, but the overallappearance looks to be the same person or the same couple of peo- ple, and they may be working intandem with one another.” Thoughthere may be multiple peopleinvolved in the tagging, Earle saidthey don’t appear to be gang relat-ed.If these taggers are caught, theycould be facing some serious con-sequences from the London Policeas well as the college. Since thedamage so far has cost the collegea couple thousand dollars, this is aserious offence in terms of mis-chief creating property damage,which, according to Earle,involves criminal charges. “(Thecharges) can range from fines to potential jail time as a conse-quence, so it is quite significant.”If it turns out that the taggers arestudents, they could face conse-quences up to and including expul-sion from the college.“I wanted to make sure the cam- pus was aware of it so they could be watchful for this sort of thingand perhaps help us with thisinvestigation,” said Earle.If you have any informationabout the taggers, contact CampusSecurity Services in D1027, by e-mail at security@fanshawec.ca or  by phone at 519-452-4400.
Tag, you’re it
Fanshawe’s United Way campaign got underway with a chili cookoff,judged by a variety of local and college personalities.
Kicking off the UnitedWay Campaign
Graffiti taggers have been busy around campus to start the year, causingabout $2,500 in damage.
Strike-related terminationscause controversy

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