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The Jesus Paradox!!

The Jesus Paradox!!

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The reasons why many get confused over Jesus' true nature and roles are many and varied. But all truths about Him can be harmonized in the Bible. Prepare to see it all for yourself!! And right there in the Bible!!
The reasons why many get confused over Jesus' true nature and roles are many and varied. But all truths about Him can be harmonized in the Bible. Prepare to see it all for yourself!! And right there in the Bible!!

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: DERRICK D. GILLESPIE (Mr.) on Oct 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Derrick Gillespie
A paradox is a reality that seems self-contradictory, and yet in the end defies all logic and turns out to betrue. Jesus Himself embodies or personifies the very essence of a paradox, as he Himself is a livingparadox, as it were. Every aspect of His being and existence is
“the exact copy” 
of the very essence of the Father Himself (Heb. 1:2, 3), who,
interestingly, had declared in paradoxical terms that “I Am that IAm”, or “I will be what I will be”, or better yet, “I will be all that is necessary as the occasion will arise”.
how Jesus can be clearly said in the Bible to be "the exact copy" of Gods very being, andbe rejected as divine by some demonstrates the total blindness that some wish to experience, but thisisn't the paradox I am talking about. That is just an irony!! Irony of ironies, if you ask me!
The paradoxof Jesus is this! From being the totally unexpected type of Messiah most Jews never conceived as the
son of Man
, to being eventually revealed the fully divine Son of God many today cannot understand,or logically wrap their minds around, i.e. in His relation to the Father depicted as the one true God, Jesuscontinues to defy all logic and all presuppositions! And even today many break themselves against him,against the truth about Him, and against the wonder that is the paradox of Jesus! In this presentation Iwill reveal the nature of the modern paradox that Jesus is, and why many go astray, or lose their way,and why LOGIC fail many of them to understand! As Isaiah (in Isaiah 52:10, 13-15 and Isaiah 53:1, 2)
appropriately described the future incarnated Jesus as the “the arm of the Lord” (i.e.
as if 
he's one invery being with Jehovah), the prophet Isaiah made it plain that Jesus will astonish the brightest and the
best, even “kings” will be totally astonished to realize that things that were never before considered as
logical, or possible, Jesus would force them to stop and rethink!
“…kings shall shut their mouths at him
[or will be dumbfounded]
: for that which had not been told them shall they see; and that which they had not heard shall they consider 
- Isaiah 52:15
That’s the very nature of a paradox! We know this is talking about Jesus, because the same theme of 
God’s own “holy arm”
being described as
a person
, a servant, who will be “exalted” and be “very high”
despite literally seen as the most “marred” amon
g men (Is. 52:10, 13,14), this theme runs right over intothe entire following chapter of Isaiah 53.As Acts 8:26-35 makes plain, the Holy Spirit enlightened Jews, who were the first Christians, were led of God to CLEARLY see this Isaiah 53 prophecy as applying to their long awaited Messiah! Here the firstparadox revealed itself, because the Jews had expected a conqueror, and a king upon his arrival; onewho would defeat their oppressors (principally the Romans at the time) and restore
(or sothey thought) the kingdom of Israel to its former glory! Instead they were presented initially with asimple servant! A suffering Messiah! A Messiah who would eventually die! And still, from allappearances, the Romans would be left in control over them. Thus, the Jews rejected Him as the one
2they expected, and despite he was predicted (in Is.53:9, 11, 12) to be thereafter resurrected, as proof that he was indeed the One prophesied of, and the One who would then eventually justify many, betheir advocate, and then restore all things, yet they were too blinded by their own presuppositions to beable to see past themselves and their own logic. And so no wonder Jesus cried/wept over the nation of Israel, and no wonder many of them were rejected by God (Matt. 23:37-37) because they rejected Jesus,
the very saving “arm of Jehovah”; the one presented
as if 
one in very being with God, as the TRUE Sonof God, divine like Himself, and equal with Him in nature (John 5:18, 23; John 10:33). Today, the samedanger present
s itself to many of us (not just Jehovah’s Witnesses, et al), and despite the past example
of the Jews, yet many will walk the same road as the unbelieving Jews; as it concerns the paradoxesabout Jesus being the
“arm of the Lord”, the divine Son of 
the one true God (1 John 2: 23-26).Under the following headings (and more)
I will reveal how “the Jesus paradox” plays out itself, in light
of the Father being called the only Savior, the only Creator, the only Lord, the only supreme King, theonly God, and the only one who rules eternally!!
All over the New Testament, Jesus is called
Savior (not just “a Savior, but “the”, in specific
terms), both while on earth as well as now while in heaven. Examples can be seen in John 4:42and Phill. 3:20. But the paradox is that, how can this be if Isaiah 43:11 declares unreservedlythat Jehovah is the
Savior, and none else beside Him? How can Jesus then be called thesame Savior, and yet they are distinctly separate beings. Ah!! Paradoxical, yet not
contradictory! The only way that is possible is if Jesus is “the exact copy of His *Father’s+ being”
(Heb. 1:2, 3), and is the means by which the one true God is made known to be such to theworld.
In fact this is the only way that Moses was able to “SEE” the otherwise “
God(Hebrews 11:24-29; John 1:18), because in all things Moses experienced about God heeffectively viewed/experienced the same by way of Jesus operating on behalf of the invisibleFather in all of the Old Testament (1 Cor. 10:1-4).It is a simple principle, easily seen when, for instance, a book is being published by an author!The one true original manuscript usually remains unseen to the public, but exact copies arepublished to reveal the essence of the original. And yet, the book remains the very one and thesame book even as the exact copy is read. It is not more than one book, but simply
of the one ‘family’ of the same properties. Thus any exact
copy of the book must berelated to exactly as one would relate to the original. They are as
in function andnature just as Jesus is
‘inseparable’ in nature and function
from His Father. This explains whynot only Jesus must be treated exactly as we would treat the Father, but explain perfectly whyJesus was so treated, and so seen by his disciples. Any exact copy of an original book
manuscript is neither “a false copy”, nor “a lesser copy” of the book in nature! Neither can it be
rejected as not the
book itself or not accepted in the same way as the
(as theJews mistakenly thought)! So too it is with Jesus being the Savior! That is precisely how he mustbe treated just
as if 
He is the unseen Original (e.g. John 20:28, 29; Acts 7:55-60), and henceexplains why 1 John 2:23 makes it plain that to deny the Son is to equally deny the Father.
If the very essence of the Father is to be revealed as God in nature, as the Savior, as the Creatorand Sustainer, as the King of Kings
for all eternity, et al, so too must the Son (“the exact copy of 
His very
being”) be likewise accepted as demonstrative of the very divine properties of theFather. That’s precisely why Jesus was revealed
in imagery
as the “arm of Jehovah” (Isaiah 53:1,
as if 
they are the one same being; to underscore the point that in the same way someone’s
own/literal arm is not inferior in nature from the being in consideration, so too is Jesus inrelation to the Father! And here now reveals the next mind blowing paradox, because while onearth, as a Man, Jesus kept pointing back to the Father as being all the things he was beingdeemed to be by his disciples and the New Testament writers. Is this contradictory in itself? No!
Only paradoxical! That’s precisely how any
exact copy of an original works!! It was the original
book manuscript by an author (the one that remains unseen to the readership) that “gave” (as
it were) any exact copy of it all of its features and properties, or the sum total of its nature, andhence why Jesus LOGICALLY pointed back to His Father as the one true God, but then
IMMEDIATELY united himself with the Father (John 17:3) as the “the exact copy” that was“sent” and meant to reveal the Father
(John 14:9), and hence be treated exactly as the Father
Himself. And yet, this does not mean “two Gods”, any more than an exact copy of any bookmeans it is more than the one same book; it’s just
two distinct specimens of the very samespecies
, or class, or family. Likewise, Jesus being God in nature like t
he Father, does not “twoGods” make; simply
two persons of the one divine nature
, the one divine specie, the one divinefamily, who are operating together to be the one same thing.
"If Jesus was God in nature while on earth, how could he die, since God is immortal? If Jesuswas God in nature while on earth, how could he point to the Father as greater than he? If Jesuswas God in nature while on earth how could he be tempted with sin, since God should not beeven considered as being able to sin? If Jesus was God in nature on earth, how could he behuman at the same time, since the two natures in combination seem incompatible to say theleast? Impossible!!"These are the type questions and exclamations usually heard coming from those existing in the
state of being “dumbfounded” over the things uttered/ written about Jesus (Isaiah 52:1
5). Andit speaks to the awesomeness of the PARADOX that is Jesus.If 
NOTHING is impossible with God 
(Matt.19:26), then why should this belief be then denied
once it relates to God’s divine Son?
It is precisely in the life and ministry of Jesus that theFather demonstrates that what seems impossible to the universe of onlookers (angels andhumans alike) yet it is precisely the opposite to Him.
For God to accomplish the seemingly
“impossible”, i.e. in a divine being becoming man, in a divine being facing temptation and
could definitely sin, or worse, in a divine being dying for us (and seemingly leaving theuniverse without a sustainer), et al, then it means that God-hood or divinity could not be heldonly by one being!!
That ultimate reality is imaged in Man (Gen. 1:26, 27), in which humanity (areflection of divinity) is not held by just one person, but by two differing roles of persons, and
also held by all persons of humanity (i.e. Adam’s Seed) resul
ting from them both in unison (athreefold arrangement). It therefore demonstrates the very wisdom of Jehovah Himself in

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