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Frezza Listener Emails

Frezza Listener Emails

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Published by NPRombudsman

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Published by: NPRombudsman on Oct 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WOW. How arrogant! Your guest would like us to believe that creating jobs is being looked at as acharitable cause! No one is expecting businesses to hire people to stand around and do nothing, but weare a customer one place and an employee somewhere else
. If people don’t have jobs they aren’t going
to buy anything. He states that a low head count is a goal, suggesting that only the owner andshareholders deserve to profit in the success of a company, as if the employee has not contributedanything. There was a time in this country when employing people meant something
it was part of the
company’s wealth. The problem with Mr. Frezza and his ILK is that they have built a house of cards and
have shortsightedly and foolishly worked at weakening the foundation. Now their customer base who isalso their employee base) is collapsing below them and they will grab at every dollar as they crash to theground.Helen Rasmussen, Portland, METoo bad Lynn Neary didn't ask Mr. Frezza how well his lean, mean companies would function withoutcustomers, who all need jobs in order to purchase their goods.Jennifer MacAdam, Logan, UTBill Frezza was a breath of fresh air. Businesses have no inherent social contract to provide jobs simplyfor the sake of increasing employment. Businesses have an obligation to their owners and investors tomake money,period. Money is made by providing a product consumers want, at a price they can afford. Do that well,and business will grow, which creates jobs. It doesn't work the other way around.Brian Gutherman, Shamong, NJFrom Daily Kos 
blogger: “The second thing you should do is reward NPR for running this, when it's the
kind of clear unvarnished speech you will seldom if ever find on the commercial media. Throw some loveat your local public radio stations, and contact your congress critters to tell them no way in Hell should
NPR, PBS or the Corporation for Public Broadcasting end up on the chopping block.”
 Xanar, a Daily Kos member.I was astonished at the candor exhibited by William Frezza, of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, onyour show this morning. He very rationally and unashamedly explained what many of us have longknown. Capitalists - business owners, CEOs, shareholders and investors - hate hiring and they hatecreating jobs. I'm not twisting his words.Frezza explained that we've got it wrong. Wealthy business owners and investors are not "job creators",they're "wealth creators", seeking only profits. If they can generate more profits by employing robots

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