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Executive Order on Classified Information

Executive Order on Classified Information

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Executive Order on Classified Information issued by President Barack Obama in response to WikiLeaks.
Executive Order on Classified Information issued by President Barack Obama in response to WikiLeaks.

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Published by: This Day in WikiLeaks on Oct 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE WHITE HOUSEOffice of the Press SecretaryFor Immediate Release October 7, 2011EXECUTIVE ORDER- - - - - - -STRUCTURAL REFORMS TO IMPROVE THE SECURITY OF CLASSIFIEDNETWORKS AND THE RESPONSIBLE SHARING AND SAFEGUARDINGOF CLASSIFIED INFORMATIONBy the authority vested in me as President by theConstitution and the laws of the United States of America andin order to ensure the responsible sharing and safeguardingof classified national security information (classifiedinformation) on computer networks, it is hereby orderedas follows:Section 1. Policy. Our Nation's security requiresclassified information to be shared immediately with authorizedusers around the world but also requires sophisticated andvigilant means to ensure it is shared securely. Computernetworks have individual and common vulnerabilities thatrequire coordinated decisions on risk management.This order directs structural reforms to ensure responsiblesharing and safeguarding of classified information on computernetworks that shall be consistent with appropriate protectionsfor privacy and civil liberties. Agencies bear the primaryresponsibility for meeting these twin goals. These structuralreforms will ensure coordinated interagency development andreliable implementation of policies and minimum standardsregarding information security, personnel security, and systemssecurity; address both internal and external security threatsand vulnerabilities; and provide policies and minimum standardsfor sharing classified information both within and outside theFederal Government. These policies and minimum standards willaddress all agencies that operate or access classified computernetworks, all users of classified computer networks (includingcontractors and others who operate or access classified computernetworks controlled by the Federal Government), and allclassified information on those networks.Sec. 2.
General Responsibilities of Agencies.Sec. 2.1.
The heads of agencies that operate or accessclassified computer networks shall have responsibility forappropriately sharing and safeguarding classified information oncomputer networks. As part of this responsibility, they shall:(a) designate a senior official to be charged withoverseeing classified information sharing and safeguardingefforts for the agency;(b) implement an insider threat detection and preventionprogram consistent with guidance and standards developed by theInsider Threat Task Force established in section 6 of thisorder;
2(c) perform self-assessments of compliance with policiesand standards issued pursuant to sections 3.3, 5.2, and 6.3 ofthis order, as well as other applicable policies and standards,the results of which shall be reported annually to the SeniorInformation Sharing and Safeguarding Steering Committeeestablished in section 3 of this order;(d) provide information and access, as warranted andconsistent with law and section 7(d) of this order, to enableindependent assessments by the Executive Agent for SafeguardingClassified Information on Computer Networks and the InsiderThreat Task Force of compliance with relevant establishedpolicies and standards; and(e) detail or assign staff as appropriate and necessary tothe Classified Information Sharing and Safeguarding Office andthe Insider Threat Task Force on an ongoing basis.Sec. 3.
Senior Information Sharing and SafeguardingSteering Committee.Sec. 3.1.
There is established a Senior InformationSharing and Safeguarding Steering Committee (Steering Committee)to exercise overall responsibility and ensure senior-levelaccountability for the coordinated interagency developmentand implementation of policies and standards regarding thesharing and safeguarding of classified information on computernetworks.Sec. 3.2.
The Steering Committee shall be co-chaired bysenior representatives of the Office of Management and Budgetand the National Security Staff. Members of the committee shallbe officers of the United States as designated by the heads ofthe Departments of State, Defense, Justice, Energy, and HomelandSecurity, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence,the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Information SecurityOversight Office within the National Archives and Records Administration (ISOO), as well as such additional agencies asthe co-chairs of the Steering Committee may designate.Sec. 3.3.
The responsibilities of the Steering Committeeshall include:(a) establishing Government-wide classified informationsharing and safeguarding goals and annually reviewing executivebranch successes and shortcomings in achieving those goals;(b) preparing within 90 days of the date of this orderand at least annually thereafter, a report for the Presidentassessing the executive branch's successes and shortcomings insharing and safeguarding classified information on computernetworks and discussing potential future vulnerabilities;(c) developing program and budget recommendations toachieve Government-wide classified information sharing andsafeguarding goals;(d) coordinating the interagency development andimplementation of priorities, policies, and standards forsharing and safeguarding classified information on computernetworks;
3(e) recommending overarching policies, when appropriate,for promulgation by the Office of Management and Budget or theISOO;(f) coordinating efforts by agencies, the Executive Agent,and the Task Force to assess compliance with establishedpolicies and standards and recommending corrective actionsneeded to ensure compliance;(g) providing overall mission guidance for the Program Manager-Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) with respectto the functions to be performed by the Classified InformationSharing and Safeguarding Office established in section 4 of thisorder; and(h) referring policy and compliance issues that cannot beresolved by the Steering Committee to the Deputies Committee ofthe National Security Council in accordance with PresidentialPolicy Directive/PPD-1 of February 13, 2009 (Organization of theNational Security Council System).Sec. 4.
Classified Information Sharing and SafeguardingOffice.Sec. 4.1.
There shall be established a ClassifiedInformation Sharing and Safeguarding Office (CISSO) within andsubordinate to the office of the PM-ISE to provide expert, full-time, sustained focus on responsible sharing and safeguarding ofclassified information on computer networks. Staff of the CISSOshall include detailees, as needed and appropriate, from agencies represented on the Steering Committee.Sec. 4.2.
The responsibilities of CISSO shall include:(a) providing staff support for the Steering Committee;(b) advising the Executive Agent for SafeguardingClassified Information on Computer Networks and the InsiderThreat Task Force on the development of an effective program to monitor compliance with established policies and standardsneeded to achieve classified information sharing andsafeguarding goals; and(c) consulting with the Departments of State, Defense,and Homeland Security, the ISOO, the Office of the Directorof National Intelligence, and others, as appropriate, to ensureconsistency with policies and standards under ExecutiveOrder 13526 of December 29, 2009, Executive Order 12829 ofJanuary 6, 1993, as amended, Executive Order 13549 of August 18,2010, and Executive Order 13556 of November 4, 2010.Sec. 5.
Executive Agent for Safeguarding ClassifiedInformation on Computer Networks.Sec. 5.1.
The Secretary of Defense and the Director,National Security Agency, shall jointly act as the
Executive Agent for Safeguarding Classified Information on ComputerNetworks (the "Executive Agent"),
exercising the existingauthorities of the Executive Agent and National Manager fornational security systems, respectively, under National SecurityDirective/NSD-42 of July 5, 1990, as supplemented by and subjectto this order.

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