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Getting Acquainted Report

Getting Acquainted Report

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Published by Austin Traylor

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Published by: Austin Traylor on Oct 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ENGL 2116
002 Austin Traylor 1Dana Cox September 12, 2011
Getting Acquainted Project
During class we were assigned a project called the “Getting Acquainted Project.”
The aim of the project was to encourage us to learn more about our classmates, createconnections, and ultimately create a closer environment in the classroom. Of course the project
is graded so while I might say encouraged, there really isn’t much of a choice behind it.
Research and Results:
Throughout the days in class we spent learning each other I wasgrouped with three other students, John Taylor, Zach Sylvester, and Bradley Martel. Originallythese were the only people I had planned on getting information from for my survey and I onlyplanned on asking what their favorite genre of book was. After getting this information andruminating on it for a while though I changed my question dramatically. I decided to change myquestion instead to how often they read for enjoyment in college. Afterwards I determined thathaving more results would benefit my survey, so I proceeded to question multiple members of other groups. After
all if I’m going to show results from a survey then it is better to have a larger 
group of information then a smaller one.
Original Results:
My original survey only included the members of my group, but as theaim of the project was to get me to interact with my peers in the class and the fact that havingmore results would benefit me, I decided to get the input of multiple other groups. My original
question was “How often do you read for enjoyment in college?” I had hoped to find some
similarities or difference with my classmates as I enjoy reading myself, but since enteringcollege that hobby has taken somewhat of a back-seat.
The results showed that I wasn’t alone in
this and that the same had happened to quite a few of my classmates who said they had enjoyedreading often prior to entering college.
Everyday12%Frequently6%Now andthen23%Infrequently24%Little tonone35%
How often students read for enjoyment incollege
Figure 1: Results of the first survey,
asking students “How often do you
read for enjoy since entering

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