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October 2011 Chatter Final for Print

October 2011 Chatter Final for Print

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Published by Carlos Stewart

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Published by: Carlos Stewart on Oct 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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______Vol 1. No. 4 ______October 2011______
After record-breaking Harvest Festival, the Beekman Boys decide to leave town!
Brent and Josh are heading out on their cross country book tour for the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook that debuted at the Harvest Festival and was officially released Oct 4.They'll visit NYC, Atlanta, Austin, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Boston and Chicago and other places inbetween. If you have relations in any of these areas, tell them to come out and get a little piece of SharonSprings. You can find out exact dates and times for these events at beekman1802.comSEPTEMBER WAS A HAPPENING MONTH . . .Of course, the biggest event was Doug and Garth's wedding. It was smiled down upon by Mother Nature whowas on her best behavior – a perfect evening. Both newlyweds looked handsome, one wore a dark blue suitthe other a light gray. The ceremony was joyful, touching and oh, so, poignant. But, let's get on to thereception. Under a huge white tent tables were set with contemporary, artfully arranged centerpieces, whiterice paper lanterns hung over the dance floor and stars lit the sky. The moon rose, full and luminous,providing a magical glow to the event.Okay, enough of that. The reception revealed some inside stories that left us all quite shocked. The first bigsurprise was Doug's father finally telling Doug he is not Scottish, the family is Polish. OH, and to think of hiskilt collection turning to dust, too much! Doug laughed his hearty laugh - that we all know, but he couldn'tconceal his concern. And, you know – his dad never took it back! Was he kidding? We don't know! Bothfamilies were well represented. Many of us know Caroline, Garth's Mom, who is a frequent visitor to the localshops, was glowing and looked beautiful. At our table – I will add the seating arrangements were well done – we sat with 2 of our favorite people whom we have known for some time – or so we thought . . . One of them,and I am not naming names, tied the ribbon from the napkin around her neck and looked rather sassy. Thenshe feigned a chill, batted her eyes and asked if one of the 2 nice looking guys from Boston might loan her a jacket. Oh yes! They were charmed, she was warmed, I just kept writing it all down.The dance floor action revealed more surprises as Brent became the king of the electric slide. He and Joshwowed everyone with their moves. Maureen, from Cobbler & Co., wants Brent to teach her how to do theslide. So, Brent – are you game? Is it possible to model walk and slide at the same time? That would be truly electric.
A recap of the evening wouldn't be complete without discussing the food. Lee, the chef at the hotel (of course)went Iron Chef on us as he turned out the most delicious appetizers – so many that I thought that was dinner – followed by course after course of knock-your-heels-food. Wow, we had shrimp, clams and spare ribs thathad our table sobbing with joy. We wanted to ask for a doggie bag, but assumed that might not beappropriate. My husband is still salivating as he discusses the duck breast, the lamb chops and filet mignon. Ithink he might even have swooned. Now, let's talk about Heidi. She did a phenomenal job orchestrating thisproduction. I could see her watchful eye, ever focused and aware. She is quick to give credit to the others, buta good bandleader is necessary otherwise we get a Benjamin Britton piece of atonal music that hurts. Not thatthere is anything wrong with B's disturbing compositions.
Back to the Harvest Festival
Wow, what a weekend it was! If you weren't here you missed vendors, food, music, book signings, HarvestDinner, Harvest Hop, one gallery owner falling down – but fine, just fine! And so much more. Kudos toeveryone who helped organize, offered constructive criticism, participated and mostly to the visitors whomake it all worthwhile. I think there was an exceptionally fine group of people this year. Now, there is anunspoken hero behind the success of each festival – Mr You Know Who, JT. He is in charge of organizing thevendors from soup to nuts. And, rumor has it he did a special dance to appease the weather deities, and itobviously worked. I don't know if he is available for other events. You will have to ask.
Homage to the Harvest 
exhibition at Village Hall Gallery was well attended. There were many votes andenthusiasm for the entries. Many thanks to all of the local businesses who supported the exhibition by  generously donating awards as well as those who participated and those who voted.
And the winners are: 
 BEST OF SHOW - Celia Clark, Delhi, NY for "Ready and Waiting" a Gift Certificate from VHGAMERICAN HOTEL AWARD - S. Tier French, Cooperstown, NY for "Harvest Time"BEEKMAN 1802 AWARD - Sam Ross, Middlefield, NY for "I Hate Powerlines"COBBLER & CO. AWARD - Elizabeth Wilde, Oneonta, NY for "Spaghetti Garden"SPRING HOUSE SPA AWARD - Bruce Button, Sharon Springs, NY for "Ripening Grapes"STUDIO NORTH AWARD - Kathy Minnig, Cherry Valley, NY for "Peppers"VHG AWARD FOR ORIGINALITY - Carina Gebl, Cherry Valley, NY "Harvest Personalities"Mary Ann Thomas, Summit, NY " Tossed Salad and Trampoline"VHG AWARD FOR RUNNERS UP - Carol Saggese, Oneonta, NY "Apples"Jane Carr, Treadwell, NY "Autumn Landscape"Diane Hale Smith, Fort Johnson,NY "Party at the Pumpkin Patch"
AWARDS GALOREThe Village Hall Gallery received an Otsego 2000 Preservation Award for adaptive re-use of the building. Onhand was Senator Seward and his wife, Cindy. The Senator was there to deliver a “Certificate of Merit” fromthe NYS Senate. Now, I am not saying he said this, but I think it is fair to assume he meant to add – the awardwas given, also, for The Chatter and its “Excellence in Journalism” I am honored on behalf of all of TheChatter contributors to receive this acknowledgment and encouragement. The awards will be on view at the gallery during normal operating hours. And, of course, a big thank you to Otsego 2000 and the Senator.BLACK CAT NEWS TO NOTETheir soon-to-be, I'm sure, famous dinner club was on hold for the summer months. The dates are not set for areturn, but stay tuned – we will report back to you as soon as we hear. Or, check-in at the Cat with Tony.They are baking bread again, please order ahead, your choices are: raisin, wheat, rye or white. Also, as webegin to head into the holidays (or great for any day) the Fig Balsamic Drizzles, Fruitcakes and other treats areready and waiting.SHARON SPRINGS CHAMBER OF COMMERCEStay tuned for details on a way to help farmers in Schoharie County. The Chamber is just working out thedetails of a new program called “buy a bale.” Through small individual contributions they will deliver a loadof hay to help farmers during what is going to be a very tough winter for, people and animals affected by thefloods. Check the newly done website for updates:www.sharonspringschamber.comCOMING SOONStay tuned for details about the shop opening in the old Central Bank site at 204 Main. I can tell you this, ithas to do with furniture . . .OPENING SOONER 204 Main Bar & Bistro will open its doors on November 1
. We were able to peek inside the bistro during theHarvest Festival. The interior is wonderfully open and beckons one to sit and relax. Jim was just in – reportshe is working on a felt wall installation – sounds interesting and very quiet.

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