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Published by Jerry Makawimbang

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Published by: Jerry Makawimbang on Oct 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Share Alike


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Meovl~ M`xklxKvtkj`b (m`xklx( tlj`b dkc|o`m`o x9ot|m alo|oi|mm`o ex`oc ! ex`oc ~`d`a`vkoc!a`vkoc ~lx`o`o `t`| vt`t|v alxlm`/ Jktlx`t|x kja| ~loclt`b|`oaloclo`k ~lxkj`m| "
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H`o{`m ex`oc c`c`j alocljej` m`xklx alxlm`* m`xlo` alxlm` tkd`m ala~lxb`tkm`o meovl~!meovl~ d`v`x ~lxlof`o``o m`xklx kok/ Alxlm` tkd`m alo{`d`xk h`bs` v`v`x`o!v`v`x`o m`xklx d`~`t ala`f| m`xklx alxlm` d`oalocb`vkjm`o v|mvlv {`oc jlhkb hlv`x/ ^la`b`a`o `m`o meovl~!meovl~tlxvlh|t tkd`m aloi`ako mlck`t`o* tlt`~k hkj` b`j kt| aloc`x`bm`o ~`d`~lolt`~`o v`v`x`o m`xklx* ~lxlof`od`o m`xklx jlhkb flodlx|oc tlxj`mv`o`Alvmk~|o m`xklx a`vkoc!a`vkoc ex`oc `d`j`b |okm* c`ah`x 3/8aloilj`vm`o vlf`x` |a|a ~xevlv ~lxlof`o``o d`o ~loclah`oc`o m`xklx/~xevlv ~lxlof`o``o kxxk ala|ocmkob`o ~`x` m`x{`s`o |ot|m alockdlotkgkm`vkm`o v`v`x`o ! v`v`x`o m`xklx d`o i`j|x ! i`j|x alo|i| ml

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