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FINAL 2011 Fall Brochure

FINAL 2011 Fall Brochure

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Published by Ed Scerbo
Staunton, VA Parks & Recreation Fall 2011 Brochure
Staunton, VA Parks & Recreation Fall 2011 Brochure

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Published by: Ed Scerbo on Oct 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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civil war 
battleeld studies 
Encaustic Wax Art
native american
 past life 
“o whose vision and energy the initial development o this park is due.” 
 A Memorial to Captain William Purviance ams, Father o Gypsy Hill Park 
History o Gypsy Hill Park Inside! 
 William Purviance ams Sr
. was born on March 11, 1852 in Rockingham County, Virginia. His ather William Henry ams (born in North Carolina), was the only surviv-ing child o William ams who immigrated to America rom Burslen England in 1820. William Purviance ams Sr. was the third o 10 children. Tough born in RockinghamCounty, the amily moved to Staunton when ams Sr. was one year old. As a young manams Sr. attended Virginia Military Institute and graduated in 1873 with distinction. Aterteaching military tactics and chemistry or one session, he returned to Staunton and shortly thereater entered the service o the Augusta National Bank, becoming its cashier in 1880.He served as the chairman o Staunton City Council or a number o years. While servingon city council, ams took a special and very active interest in developing a place o respite,relaxation and contemplation or the Staunton community. Below is the rst o severalresolutions rom the Staunton City Council Minutes rom about 1889. o whose visionand energy the initial development o this park is due. -1889 earned him the deserved title,“Te Father o Gypsy Hill Park”.
On motion o Mr. ams the ollowing preamble and resolutions were adopted…..“Whereas the city now owns 85 acres o land in rear o the pumping- house o the city Water Works, on which the head springs that supply the city with water are located, and whereas inorder to protect said springs it is necessary or the city to orever retain control o said land and whereas the people o our city have now no pleasure resort and those who live in small houses without yards are without use o a cool and shady place to spend a ew hours on close and sultry evenings – Tereore, Be it resolved, 1st, Tat the 85 acres o ground in rear o the pump house, except so much thereo as immediately surrounds said house,be placed under the control and supervision o the Committee o Public Grounds and Buildings  2nd Tat said grounds shall hereater be known as “Gypsy Hill Park”. 3rd Tat said committee be instructed to emply at once a competent landscape gardener or engineer to plat o said Park into walks and carriage drives and to designate thereon where shade trees and shrubs shall be planted, ountains placed and summer houses erected and the probable cost o such work as should be done at once to eventually carry out the purposes herein set orth.” -
Staunton City Council Minutes May 7, 1899 
Capt. William Purviance Tams
Director of Parks and Recreation, Christopher J. Tuttle, tuttlecj@ci.staunton.va.us
Superintendent of Recreation, Jennifer L. Jones, Jonesjl@ci.staunton.va.usSuperintendent of Parks, Steve DeVenny, Devennysd@ci.staunton.va.us
Staunton Parks & Recreation
Irene Givens Admin Building Montgomery Hall Par1000 Montgomery Ave Staunton, VA 24401 332-3945
 TamsGeo log ic  H is tor yS tone wa l l  Br igade  Band Tr i ps Wa ter  Wor k s Ba ld w in  Fa irgro unds T he  Ar t o  Ma k  ing Yo u t h T he G y ps ies Jo hn  Le w is F i tness Dance R eg is tra t ion  Form A t h le t ics H u tc hens  La k e Hess ian  Ho useC u l inar yS pec ia l  In teres t &  F inance G y ps y  H i l l  Poo l2011  E ven t S u p por ters  Loca l  E ven ts L i v ing  We l l R  ig h t  Bra in  R e v i va l
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     c     o     nt     e     nt     s
Building Codes:
MHP- Montgomery Hall Park; MHPC- Montgomery Hall Park Conference Room; MHPA- Montgomery Hall Park  Activity Room; GHPG- Gypsy Hill Park Gym; GHPGC- Gypsy Hill Park Garden Center; NSTC- Nelson Street Teen Center; BTWCC- Booker T. Washington Community Center
Brochure Design copyright 2011 cheyenne kody photography & designcheyennekody.com
“Mr. ams oered a resolution which was on a call o the roll unanimously adopted, and is as ollows:Resolved Tat the Committee onP.G. and Buildings proceed at once to carry out the plans o E.G. Vincent in regards to laying out drives and walks and constructing culverts in the new park recently established by an order o the council, and that the money or this purpose be taken out o any unds in the hands o the reasurer, not otherwise appropriated – sum not to exceed $1500.” Staunton City Council Mintes May 1899 
 s  c a n w i   t  h 
 s  m a r  t   p h  o n e
 About the Cover
Tis 1873 photo o Capt. WilliamPurviance ams was projected rom100 eet high over Lake ams. Tisholographic projection was pro-duced by Cheyenne Craword.Special thanks to the Staunton FireDepartment or giving us a litand Virginia Military Institue orproviding the photograph.
Photographs provided by 
 Virginia Military Institute Archives,Camera Heritage Museum(David Schwartz), Te Hamrick Collection-om andRichard Hamrick, Jim GallaherCamera Heritage Prints can bepurchased at Camera & Palette,Staunton VA.
Co-Create with theStaunton Parks andRecreation Department.
Recreation 3.0
type “Recreation 3.0 intoyour search engine” Your photo could be ournext cover.Co-Create community Programs and be a part o our virtural ocus group.Co-Creation will beimplimented in our nextbrochure.
Staunton Parks & Recreation Fall 2011
Tis ault line is nolonger active. Butits evidence is quite visible in Gypsy Hill Park, and is themain reason or thepark. At the extremenorth end o Gypsy Hill Park, the ault which is about 40-60 eet wide, cutsthrough the park,and southwardthrough the city. It can be seen in the road cut along theside o Churchville Avenue, approaching where the ormerastee Freez is located.Here, the overthrust o the Conocheague and Beekman-town limestones, rock layers dating back 450 millionyears, is quite evident. Te powers o a ault can be seenin the ault breccia which is composed o large blocks o dolomite, and crushed conglomerate. It has a twisted andchewed up appearance caused by the thrusting, and is very  visible as you drive by, or stop to observe.Tis wrenching o the rock created porous openings, andopportunities or water to reach the surace, and hence themany springs that are ound in the park. Gum Spring Branch, the small stream that originates inthe upper end o the park, starts rom one o these springs,and is ed by others along the way. One o those springs isabout 45 eet down stream rom the bridge near theKiwanis Field concession stand where water is seenbubbling up, and the other is next to the creek near thechildren’s swimming pool where water actually pours intothe stream.Some remain open springs. For example, Lake ams cannever be totally drained because there is a spring in its mid-dle. Another one exists in the small lake next to the No. 2hole on the Gypsy HillGol Course. And thisspring water is whateeds the Gypsy Hillduck pond.Many springs inthe park have beencapped. You seethose in the six-sidedhexagonal structures just about two to oureet high and 10 eet wide. One is next tothe Kiwanis BaseballField concession stand, and another just beyond the righteld ence o the Kiwanis’ May Baseball Field. And there isone behind the old pump house (Stonewall Brigade BandBuilding) at the entrance to the park It was these springs that attracted roving bands o gypsiesto the area in the 19th century and hence the name or thepark. And at one time, it was these numerous springs that was the source o Staunton’s water supply.Te Pulaski-Staunton ault is no longer active, so there willbe no elt earthquakes any more. But its geology remainsor all to see.
he geologic history o the Staunton area, as well asGypsy Hill Park, goes back a long time, some 500 mil-lion years ago when this area, as well as all o the UnitedStates east coast was a shallow sea.
During that period, vast amounts o sediment accumulatedrom decayed marine algae and other organisms which solidi-ed into today’s limestones and shales that dot the area. Eventoday in those numerous layers o rock, ossils rom prehistorictimes, such as graptolites and brachiopods (which look likemodern sea shells) can be ound in ormations along StatlerBoulevard and New Hope Road.But the shallow sea which covered the area was not to last. ec-tonic orces caused by the collision o continental plates soonormed the Appalachian Mountains and its associated valley and ridge provinces that include the Blue Ridge, Allegheniesand Valley o Virginia where Staunton is located. Tis wascompleted approximately 250 million years ago. As this area ormed, olded rock layers sometimes broke,thrusting one on top o the other. Te result was numerousault lines, one o those being the Pulaski-Staunton ault whichoriginates north o the city, extends southwestward throughthe valley to Brisol, and into North Carolina.
 The Geologic History of 
Tere are numerous capped spring houses located throughout Gypsy Hill Park Tis is one o two dozen natural springs bubbling up in Gypsy Hill Park. Tis spring is located on the creek bed and bank behind the -ball (Bosserman) eld.Kenny Bosserman checks out the rock ormations at the Pulaski-Staunton Faultlocated across Churchville Ave rom the sand volleyball court in Gypsy Hill Park.
Staunton Parks & Recreation Fall 20114
Staunton Parks & Recreation Fall 2011

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