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Like water for chocolate

Like water for chocolate

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Published by Maui Saavedra

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Published by: Maui Saavedra on Oct 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Xaier UniverstiyAteneo de CagayanEnglish 66
EDAMr. Hobart Savior
Like water for chocolate
 Critical analysisMaurice Helen C. SaavedraBSE 3September 2, 2011
Like water for chocolate is a Mexican novel which tells us of a forbidden lovestory that is influenced by a family tradition in their ranch. The story employs magical
realism which was seen when Tita was being haunted by her mother’s spirit because of
her continuous affair with Pedro. Another scene which employs magical realism occurswhen Tita cooks a meal for everybody. Whatever emotions she has while she cooks, heremotions are poured out on the meal and the people who eat the food are also affectedwith the emotions that Tita has with her food. These scenes were shown when Pedrogave Tita some roses. The affection Tita has for Pedro was poured on with the food shecooked. The people who ate the food felt the same with what Tita felt. Examples ofwhich are the time when Pedro got married, Tita prepared for the celebration. Tita washurt seeing Pedro getting married to her sister, Rosaura. The tears Tita shed dropped into the food she prepared. During the festivity, the guests who ate the food she preparedended up crying instead of merry-making.
Magical realism in the concept of ‚Likewater for chocolate‛ was revealed through the magical feeling that the Tita gives outwith the food and the showing up of the spirits of Mama Elena (Tita’s cruel mother) and
Nancha (the cook that treated Tita as a daughter and raised her).The family tradition in the novel influenced the plot of the story. Mama Elena, a
widow and Tita’s mother controlled the life of Tita. Since Tita is the youngest daughter,
she had to follow the tradition of not getting married and has to look over her mother
‘till her death.
She was a submissive young lady who always followed what her motherordered her to do.
This tradition ruined Tita’s love affair with Pedro.
As Tita grew upher beliefs and decisions have changed. Her views have changed, and she started tosearch for her freedom. This is also the reason why even after the death of Mama Elena,Tita is still haunted by her spirit. Mama Elena always says that Tita brought bad luck tothe family. This thought made Tita f
eel imprisoned under her mother’s control. Tita on
the other thought only wanted to claim her right to love and independence from hermother.
She was very unfortunate. Whenever she fails to meet her mother’s standards
especially with the food that she prepares, her mother would tend to beat her up. Shewas expected to grow as a good cook for she has spent all her life inside the kitchen.The kitchen tools are her toys. The kitchen is her playground and their chef, Chanchawas like her mother.From a flashback on the film of Like water for chocolate, when Tita was still a
child, she kept on going through her mother’s things and saw a jewelry box which shewas very curious of. After her mother’s burial, Tita found a reason to go over hermother’s
things and found the opportunity to open the jewelry box. There she found aletter of her mother which narrates her love affair with somebody else and stating that

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