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Episode 3_The Invitation

Episode 3_The Invitation

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Published by ana_tinoco_1

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Published by: ana_tinoco_1 on Oct 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Episode 3 - The Invitation
Story by:Edition by
Ana Tinoco and Paul Santos: Ana Tinoco
small vignette about Thor and Anaxenite, in her time as the God’s chosen
October 9, 2011
*Anaxenite is chatting with Thor near the spot where she camped when suddenly ashort guy bumps with her from behind.*
What the hell! *turns around* - And who is this? Don't tell me youbrought some help Thor? *mocking*
- Oh him? Pay him no mind. He's just a dwarf who lives in the caves. Don'tyou see? The hat and beard?
- Thor Thor Thor... you can be so shallow!...Anyway if he's here it's fora reason whatever it is leave it for another time...I don't feel like having anaudience *playfully*
- Paulo leave! *and with this he snaps his fingers and the servant disappears*
- An audience for whom? Me? Thor? Don't be ridiculous!
- As arrogant as ever...well didn't expect less from you though I don'twant any of your pity excuses of followers around when we are "practicing"!
- P
ractice is what you want aye? I’ve noticed you have
kept up your physique.*looks Anaxenite up and down and then unsheathes his sword* - Come at me andshow me what you got!
- Took u long enough! *unsheathes her sword as well and raises it in acombat stance*about an hour ago · Like
- *Thor strikes Ana's sword to get her attention* well? Are you just going tostand there?
*blocks his blow jumps up and pushes his back* - well only you getthe right to appreciate...hmm what can be a sight for sore eyes huh? *staring athim but never losing her focus*
- *a little startled gains his bearings then goes for another pass with hissword*
*blocks again his blow with much more strength this time; kicks himin the stomach and when he bends a little over himself she kicks his handdisarming him; grabs his sword and points it at his neck running the tip of hersword on his skin* - were you
mortal I could just so easily……well Thor thing is I’veheard that you are giving a party tonight…what are u up to?
Getting together all thescum you can find?
- *gets up and dusts himself off* - Easy now young lady. Impressive! I senserage in you. Yes it is a gathering. Got word from our scouts that my brother Lokisent the frost giants to attack the kingdom. After the great battle we lost manymen. Have to raise an army as quickly as possible. I can't afford to be asdiscriminating as usual.
- Ok you go solve that problem of yours. I have to go back to myfriend. *a moment of silence she looks and sees his disappointed face* - I knowwhat you want Thor but you
know I can’t do it, not anymore...*diverts her eyes
and her mind seems to be somewhere else for a moment* - Have to go now cyaaround *turning her back on him.*

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