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Lake Illawarra Report

Lake Illawarra Report

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Published by Dianne Allen
1974 report: prepared for South Coast Conservation Society and Illawarra District Advisory Council - Lake Illawarra Committee
Undertakes a Resource Analysis for Lake Illawarra's catchment area, and recommends policy for land use and other legislative constraints to minimize environmental degradation
1974 report: prepared for South Coast Conservation Society and Illawarra District Advisory Council - Lake Illawarra Committee
Undertakes a Resource Analysis for Lake Illawarra's catchment area, and recommends policy for land use and other legislative constraints to minimize environmental degradation

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Dianne Allen on Oct 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lake Illawarra Report, 1974 p.1
This submission is especially directed to:South Coast Conservation Society (S.C.C.S)Illawarra District Advisory Council
Lake Illawarra SubcommitteePrepared by: Dianne Allen, March, 1974CONTENTS:
Lake Illawarra Report, 1974 p.2
This submission is made, not as a criticism of past or present investigations being carried out intothe Lake Illawarra and its region, but as another point of view which may serve to freshen debateon the control and management of the factors that will affect the lake area.The submission is limited by the extent of my personal resources that have been able to be usedup to the present time in preparing this report, and by the fact that this report is a voluntary effort,and by the fact that this report may be of value now, but at some later date could and indeedshould be superseded by a substantially expanded and comprehensive report.The submission, while it looks at some aspects of the physical constraints that have played andwill continue to play a substantial role in the development of the ecology of the lake and itscatchment area, is more geared to the kind of legislation and management techniques that can beexploited at the present to protect the lake, and raises some further suggestions for the kind of legislation that should be developed in order to expedite the effective management of the area.This submission has extended previous limits used when investigating Lake Illawarra.It does this by looking at the catchment area in detail. The lake waters, bed and foreshores havebeen looked at in detail elsewhere.Control of the foreshores, control of activities on the lake surface, can be carried out reasonablyeffectively by present governmental agencies because they have statutory responsibilities in theseareas.But I submit that this control will be meaningless if the quality of water, its volume, its frequencypeak and trough rates of entry, as it enters the lake from the total of the lake's catchment is notalso controlled to the same degree.
Lake Illawarra Report, 1974 p.3
The following material on Lake Illawarra has been brought to and has come to my notice :1. Past files of correspondence on the South Coast Conservation Society2. Files of individuals interested in the Lake3. Past publications of the Illawarra Regional Development Committee that havedeveloped out of their researches on this area.The following generalisations can be made from this material:1. The concern and activities of the South Coast Conservation Society, in their attempt to protectthe environment of the lake for future use and to provide guidelines for present development andusage which are consistent with conservation for future use, have been restricted in the main, toactivities which affect the foreshores of the lake or cross the waters of the lake.In particular, the Department of Main Roads with its highway across Windang, and the proposedexpressway across Koona Bay comes under scrutiny; Wollongong Council and its attitude toNorthcliffe Drive and application by the Illawarra Yacht Club for permission to reclaim part of the lake bed for club facilities comes under scrutiny; Shellharbour Council and its attitude toworks at Lakes Entrance, reclamation of lake bed for premises for the Police Boys club, alsocomes under scrutiny.2. The research of the Illawarra Regional Development Committee, as reported in its findings"The Future of Lake Illawarra" by the Wollongong University College Working Party, and"Foreshore Land Use: Reclamation and Recreation" by R. Robinson has also been directedmainly at the waters of the lake, their state, ecology and geomorphology of the lake structure, andat the problems of management of foreshores.3. There has been some recognition of the effects of land use in the catchment area and man-directed development of land in the catchment area.The two noted developments here relate to zoning and rezoning: presently zoned rural land likelyto be rezoned for industrial use near Kembla Grange, and a package sewerage treatment worksassociated with residential development at Albion Park which would generate large volumes of effluent discharging into Lake Illawarra via Macquarie Rivulet.4. Further, from the files of the South Coast Conservation Society, there would appear to be anattitude of Sydney based governmental bodies, to pass the buck to the locally constitutedIllawarra Regional Development Committee.I understand from the report of that body, that, while one buck of responsibility is readily passed,the same cannot be said of the buck of funds for research or powers and funds to implementfindings and recommendations.It would seem that the interests of all could be substantially strengthened by considerable liaisonbetween these two bodies, where the status, role and processes of action which are different for
 both groups can be used to complement one another’s effectiveness.

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