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Eclectic Medicine - Vol 3 Misc Writings of Alexander Wilder

Eclectic Medicine - Vol 3 Misc Writings of Alexander Wilder

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Published by Mark R. Jaqua
Alexander Wilder (1823-1908) was a Neo-Platonist, Eclectic Medical Physician, and scholar of history.. Considerable Introductory and biographical material can be found in vols. 1 and 2
Alexander Wilder (1823-1908) was a Neo-Platonist, Eclectic Medical Physician, and scholar of history.. Considerable Introductory and biographical material can be found in vols. 1 and 2

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Published by: Mark R. Jaqua on Oct 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume III of Miscellaneous Writings of Alexander Wilder 
Compiled by M. R. Jaqua
Eclectic Medicine
- Eclectic Medical Doctrines- Paracelsus as Physician- Psycho-Physiological Notes- Health the Supreme Law- Relation of Food to Health- Ganglionic System and Its Relations- Occult Chemistry and the Ganglionic System- Mind in Medicine- Pathology of Emotions- Psychic Therapy- Origins of Animal Magnetism- Magnetism and Physiology- Animistic Medicine- Excerpts from Medical Articles- How Long May We Live?- Sense, Affinity and Force- Disposing of the Dead- Premature Burial- The Black Death- Heredity- Astrology and Medicine- Fabricating of Physicians- Interview on Medical Freedom- Fallacy of Vaccination
- Psychology in Medicine- Imagination and Disease- Psychology and Physiology- Brain and Subconscious- Cerebellum and Its Functions- Mental Disease- Insanity Causes and Treatment- Preparing a Sermon When Asleep- Review: Mystery of Sleep
Spirituality and Occultism
- Popular Superstitions- Doings of the Double- Khabar - Marvels of Mind-Force- Some Marvels of Mind- Primeval Race Double-Sexed- Mrs. Piper's Disclosures- Review:
Psychic RiddlePlatonism and Neo-Platonism
- New Platonism and Alchemy
- Henry Steel Olcott- Ruskin- Maeterlinck- Debt of Women Doctors to Eclectic Medicine- Observations on Sanitary Science
- Doctor Alexander Wilder - Leander Whipple- Wilder Affidavit on J. H. Noyes---------------
Eclectic Medicine
Formulated Eclectic Doctrines
- Alexander Wilder, M.D.It is curious that although the name
has been the designation of the American Reformed Practice of Medicine for less than forty years, a wide difference existsas the definitions and descriptions which are given to it. Probably no more inaccuratestatement has ever appeared than the one in
 Appleton's New American Cyclopedia.
Itsauthor had a rare facility for blundering. His allusion to Dr. Benjamin Thompson, of Concord, N.H., a person that never lived, as a founder of the Eclectic School, is only acharacteristic absurdity incident to men who write of what they know little or nothing about.It is the chronic malignant disease of the adversaries of the Reformed Practice tomisrepresent it in every essential particular. We had twice offered the publishers a correctaccount, but were refused. It may be proper to state, however, that a promise has beenmade to insert an article which would be more just as well as authentic.
Dunglison'sMedical Dictionary 
also, does not tell or try to tell the exact truth.Eclectic and others are aware that the American Eclectic Practice had its inception
in this country in the Eighteenth Century; that it was essentially a Botanical practice; thatit antedated and was from the first distinct from the Thomsonian School, and that theendeavor to blend the history of the two, is alike unjust to both as it is untrue.Professor Thomas V. Morrow, who first applied the name
to the AmericanSchool of Practice, assigns the honor of origin to the late Wooster Beach, of the City of New York. Dr. Beach, in early life had witnessed the destructive effects of calomel* andwas looking about him for some better method, when he heard of Dr. Jacob Tidd, of NewJersey, who had achieved notoriety for a successful botanic practice. Not even Dr. Tiddhowever, appears to have been original. He had received his "system of practice" from acelebrated German physician, and obtained much valuable information from others. Hehad been in actual business some thirty or forty years, when Dr. Beach applied to becomehis student. Nor was it till six or seven years had passed that he consented to receive him.------------* Mercury Chloride -
digital ed.
------------Classical scholarship and even academical learning in those days were seldompossessed by physicians. So terrible were the destructive results of the Old Schoolpractice that many attributed them to the learning of the men themselves, and an illiteratemedical man was not only common, but often more highly esteemed. Dr. Tidd was notexpert in English Literature and his German-American denunciations of the way the doctorspoisoned their patients, were as peculiar as they were forcible. Dr. Beach succeeded inwinning his favor, and had the enterprise as well as ability to give the knowledge which hecommunicated a tangible and acceptable form. Prof. Morrow and his fellow-laborer, IsaacG. Jones, supplemented the labor of Dr. Beach; and under their auspices a college wasestablished, first at Worthington, and then at Cincinnati, Ohio, for the teaching of EclecticMedicine as a science and art of healing, and the National Eclectic Medical Associationwas founded in 1848.This body at its first session adopted an address setting forth what was meant byEclecticism in Medicine; also a series of resolutions in favor of unrestricted acceptance of truth, full investigation, abstaining from personal and disparaging remarks in reference todifference of doctrine, and against all combinations to proscribe and degrade any portionof the medical profession merely on account of difference of opinion in matters of science. At the annual meeting the following resolution was offered by Prof. Morrow andadopted:"
, That as the sense of this Association, it is the imperative duty of theMedical Reformers of the several States of the American Union,
to continue to protest against the existence of any unequal and oppressive laws whatever touching the practiceof Medicine and Surgery,
or the admission of the Faculties and Students of the differentmedical schools to participation in the privileges of any of the several hospitals in thedifferent States; and that it is their duty to continue to petition the legislative authorities of their States for the repeal of all such arbitrary, unjust and oppressive enactments."The annual meeting held at Rochester, promulgated the following as

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