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You Were Born Rich

You Were Born Rich



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Published by: api-3750860 on Oct 15, 2008
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You Were
Born Rich
There's one thing I want you to know - please and thank you - about Bob Proctor
and another about his International Best - Seller You Were Born Rich, before you
begin reading his extraordinary, life- changing book.

I've been fortunate to know a number of men and women I consider to be The
Greatest Teachers in the World. One common trait they all share is that as great as
they are as teachers, they are even greater students. I have never met a person who
is a more devoted student of what it takes to Master the Possibilities of being a

human being than Bob Proctor, nor a man so committed to sharing all he has learned
and understands with others.
You Were Born Rich lays out in specific detail the clear "things to be done" for you to
receive the promise of its title. In the very beginning Bob cautions that reading and
memorizing will never make it happen for you. "It is only understanding and
application of the right ideas", Bob tells us, "that will produce the results you desire."

This remarkable book explores, explains and expands on how you can harness the Laws of Creation to live the richly rewarding Life of Abundance that is possible for each and every one of us on this planet. Bob Proctor will be your guide. Bob has

always taught that if you understand something, you can explain it to others. I have never read a book that explains how to put these Universal Laws into practice More and Better than Bob Proctor's

You Were Born Rich.
Chapter 2: Introduction

Every human being has been "Born Rich; " it's just that most people are temporarily a little short of money! This book has been written in an attempt to bridge the gap between where you currently are and where you want to be. Step by step, chapter

by chapter, it will help you piece together the puzzle we most often refer to as "life," so you can build a picture of prosperity in your mind, and then go on to create that prosperity in your life. Indeed, life is very much like the Rubic's Cube because we have all the right pieces, and all the right colors, but it is a frustrating, never- ending process, trying to get them to fit together. Inevitably, it seems, there are always at least one or two pieces we have left out.

As you journey through this book, you will soon become very aware I am not telling
you anything you do not already know. I am just expressing the ideas in an
organized, coherent manner, which will enable you to achieve the results you have
desired since you were first able to think. Every day, all over the world, millions of
"dreamers" purchase lottery tickets, wishing for someone to fortuitously pick their
names, and drop a fortune into their laps. These people never seem to understand
that the real joy in life comes not from having money handed to them on a "silver

platter," but from going out and actually earning it themselves. Moreover, if the truth
were known to you, you would realize that you already have the ability to achieve
those things which you presently only dream about.

Let this book prove to be your Alladin's Lamp. You have, in your hands, something
which you have been searching for. This is a plan- a very simple plan- that will take
you from where you are, to where you want to be. It is actually a deceptively simple
plan. But do not let its apparent simplicity deceive you, because each chapter
contains an idea which will prove to be of enormous value. These ideas are
extremely effective. I have personally put each and every one of them to a test over
the past quarter of a century. I have watched thousands of people, who have
attended my seminars, put these ideas to a test as well. I can tell you, therefore,
from both my first and secondhand experiences, the results in many cases have
been extraordinary.

For example, individuals with barely enough resources to meet their basic needs
have become very wealthy. Others, who had pressing problems which caused them
to be unhappy and depressed, have literally transformed themselves into happy,

well- balanced individuals.

Now you have the opportunity to put these ideas to the supreme test, in your own life. What is it that you want? Know you can have it - you can have all of the things you want - but you must clearly understand and apply all of the ideas I am about to present to you. No amount of reading or memorizing will give you the success you

desire. It is only the understanding and application of right - thinking that counts. So,
regardless of what I, or anyone else, might say, you are going to have to prove
these ideas for yourself.
I could have filled this book with scientific data, showing you- in black and white-
exhaustive studies documenting the fact that these ideas actually do work. However,
other than possibly satisfying the analytical side of your mind, that sort of
information would be of little practical use to you. Although I do use many examples
in the following pages which describe how individuals, or possibly families, have put
these ideas to work and have explained the benefits which they have derived, I have
deliberately omitted any scientific research, as I have found that it serves little
purpose, from a practical, or result - oriented, point of view. It will only slow you down
and possibly cloud your thinking.

This book has been written in such a way that it actually maps out a mental course for you to take to reach any objective that you would like to reach. You can journey from one chapter to the next, each successive chapter lifting you to a greater

awareness of yourself- your true self- and of your true abilities. You must, however,
keep in the forefront of your mind one important fact: the rewards which you will
receive in this life, material or psychic, will not come to you because of your potential
but, rather, because of your performance.

Come with me and enjoy a sneak preview of the journey which you are about to
take. In the first chapter, "Me And Money," we start to see what this elusive stuff

called "money" actually is. We begin to relate to money as we should, and we
develop an understanding of why all great thinking people burn a basic principle
deep into the recesses of their mind: that is, "we should love people, and use

money." We also find out what happens to anyone who is careless enough to get
that equation reversed. This chapter will help you realize there is, in point of fact, no
sin in great wealth. On the contrary, it is your duty to become wealthy.

The second chapter, "How Much Is Enough," will help you take a careful inventory of
your thoughts and your true financial situation. You will learn how to decide how
much is enough for you. You will discover that you should have the amount of money

you need, to provide you with the things you want, and to live in the style you

When this decision has been made, you will be prepared to march into chapter three, "The Image- Maker." You will gain the awareness that your entire life is governed by images. It necessarily follows, then, that you should be acutely aware of the images you are building in your mind and you should also be aware of the necessity of

building these images which will produce the results that will move you onward and

upward, toward your desired destination. You will begin to understand that you are, in truth, a co- creator. Make certain that you often review what your responsibility is, in your co- creative partnership.

Chapter four, "Let Go And Let God," helps you develop a strong faith based on a
deep understanding. It will assist you in freely letting go of your image, turning it
over to the power within you, so that the power itself can go to work and begin to
materialize in physical results, as an exact replica of your mental image.

The next chapter, "Expect An Abundance," will prove to be a mind- expanding
experience. The word "expectation" will take on a brand new meaning for you and
you will witness the awesome power invoked by this mind- set.

"The Law Of Vibration And Attraction," clears up many question marks that have
been in our minds for years. It becom es evident why some people keep attracting
what they do not want, while others attract exactly what they do want. You will learn
how to magnetize yourself to the good that you desire. "The Risk- Takers" chapter
clearly explains that there is absolutely no compensation for playing it safe. It is

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