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Technical Bulletins > TB - 1000LPM Installation Advice 0601_1

Technical Bulletins > TB - 1000LPM Installation Advice 0601_1

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Published by api-3752216

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Published by: api-3752216 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Technical Bulletin \u0096 1000LPM Installation Advice 06/01
\u0091The Refuelling Specialists\u0092
Document Title:
Technical Bulletin
Revision No: 1

Installation Guidelines on the
Banlaw Pipeline 1000LPM
Refuelling System

Issue Date:

7R\ue000 HQVXUH\ue000 WKH\ue000 SURSHU\ue000 DQG\ue000 VDIH\ue000 RSHUDWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 4XLFN\ue005)LOO\ue000 'U\\ue005%UHDN\ue000 5HIXHOOLQJ 6\VW HP\ue004 \ue000 D\ue000 QXPEHU\ue000 RI \ue000 I DFW RUV\ue000 QHHG\ue000 W R\ue000 EH\ue000 FRQVLGHUHG\ue000 LQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 VHW\ue005 XS\ue000 DQG\ue000 GHVLJ Q\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 I XHO\ue000 W DQN DQG\ue000 GHO LYHU \\ue000 V \V W HP \ue006

7 KH\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 \ue009\ue008\ue008\ue008/3 0\ue000 V\VW HP \ue004 \ue000 LQFRU SRU DW LQJ\ue000 W KH\ue000 %\ue009\ue008\ue008\ue008\ue000 VHU LHV\u00b6\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 DQG\ue000 $86\ue00c\ue00b\ue000 U HFHLYHU \ue004 U HT XLU HV\ue000 VRPH\ue000 DGGLW LRQDO\ue000 PHDVXU HV\ue000 W R\ue000 EH\ue000 XQGHU W DNHQ\ue006\ue000 7 KHVH\ue000 I DFW RU V\ue000 DU H\ue000 GHVLJ QHG\ue000 W R\ue000 HQVXU H WKH\ue000 DGGLWLRQDO\ue000 UHIXHOOLQJ\ue000 UDWH\ue000 RI\ue000 WKLV\ue000 KLJK\ue000 IORZ\ue000 V\VWHP\ue000 GRHV\ue000 QRW\ue000 FRPSURPLVH\ue000 WKH\ue000 LQKHUHQW V DI HW \\ue000 DQG\ue000 U HO L DEL O LW \\ue000 RI \ue000W KH\ue000 P DL QVW U HDP \ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 U HI XHO O LQJ\ue000 V \V W HP\ue006

\ue004\ue002 'HOLYHU\\ue0001HWZRUN

7 KH\ue000 V SHF LI LF DW LRQ\ue000 DQG\ue000 OD\RXW \ue000 RI \ue000 D\ue000 U HI XHOOLQJ \ue000 LQVW DOODW LRQ\ue000 QHHGV \ue000 W R\ue000 F RQV LGHU \ue000 D\ue000 QXP EHU\ue000 RI \ue000 N H\ DU HDV \ue000 XQLT XH\ue000 W R\ue000 W KH\ue000 GU \\ue005 EU HDN \ue000 T XLFN \ue005 I LOO\ue000 U HI XHOOLQJ\ue000 V \V W HP \ue006\ue000 7 KHV H\ue000 LQF OXGH\ue013\ue000 SLSHZRU N \ue000 GHV LJ Q\ue004 SXPS\ue000 VHOHFWLRQ\ue004\ue000 DQG\ue000 WKH\ue000 LQVWDOODWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 D\ue000 EUHDN\ue005DZD\\ue000 YDOYH\ue000 DQG\ue000 D\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 RSHUDWLQJ\ue000 VLJQ\ue006 * LYHQ\ue000 GXH\ue000FRQV LGHU DW LRQ\ue004 \ue000V XF K\ue000I DFW RU V\ue000 ZLO O\ue000 SU RP RW H\ue000 D\ue000 V DI H\ue000 DQG\ue000 U HOLDEOH\ue000 U HI XHOOLQJ \ue000 V \V W HP \ue006

D\ue003 WR\ue000 ERWK\ue000 FRPEDW\ue000 WKH\ue000 JHQHUDWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 VWDWLF\ue000 HOHFWULFLW\\ue000 DQG\ue000 UHGXFH\ue000 WKH\ue000 KHDG\ue000 ORVV\ue000 LQ\ue000 WKH SLSHZRUN\ue000 ERWK\ue000 XSVWUHDP\ue000 DQG\ue000 GRZQVWUHDP\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 UHIXHOOLQJ\ue000 QR]]OH\ue004\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 3LSHOLQH U HF RPPHQG\ue000 D\ue000P LQLP XP\ue000 V L]H\ue000 RI \ue000 \ue00a\ue006 \ue00d\u00b4 \ue000\ue002 ERU H\ue000 GL DP HW HU \ue003\ue000I RU \ue000 DOO\ue000KRV H\ue004 \ue000 SL SH\ue000 DQG\ue000I LW W L QJ V\ue006

E\ue003 DOO\ue000KRVH\ue000PXVW\ue000EH\ue000ZLUH\ue000EUDLGHG\ue000K\GUDXOLF\ue000SUHVVXUH\ue000KRVH\ue004\ue000ZLWK\ue000VZDJHG\ue000\ue002FULPSHG\ue003\ue000KRVH\ue000WDLOV
\u00b1\ue000W K H\ue000 HT XL YDO HQW \ue000 RI \ue000 5\F R\ue000 7\ue009\ue000 V HU L HV\ue000KRV H\ue006

F\ue003 7R\ue000PLQLPLVH\ue000WKH\ue000PDJQLWXGH\ue000RI\ue000KHDG\ue000ORVV\ue000\ue002UHVWULFWLRQ\ue000WR\ue000IORZ\ue003\ue000GRZQVWUHDP\ue000RI\ue000WKH\ue000QR]]OH U HF HLYHU \ue004 \ue000 W KH\ue000 QXP EHU\ue000 DQG\ue000 QDW XU H\ue000 RI \ue000 I LW W LQJ V\ue000 QHHGV \ue000 W R\ue000 EH\ue000 F ORV HO\\ue000 P RQLW RU HG\ue006\ue000 /RQJ \ue000 U DGLXV HOER ZV\ue000 DU H\ue000 SU HI HU U HG\ue004 \ue000 ZKLOVW \ue000 DQ\\ue000 FKHFN \ue000 YDOYH\ue000 \ue002 LI \ue000 U HTXLU HG\ue003\ue000 VKRXOG\ue000 EH\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 \u00b3 VZLQJ \u00b4 \ue000 W \SH\ue004 U DW KHU \ue000 W KDQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 \u00b3 OLI W\u00b4 \ue000 RU \ue000 \u00b3 EDOO\u00b4 \ue000 W \SHV \ue006\ue000 $Q\\ue000 F RQWU RO\ue000 YDOYHV \ue000 P XV W \ue000 EH\ue000 P DLQW DLQHG\ue000 LQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 I XOO\ RSHQ\ue000 SRV L W L RQ\ue000 DQG\ue000 D S SU R SU L DW H\ue000 P H DV XU HV \ue000 H P S O R \HG\ue000 W R\ue000 H QV XU H\ue000 D\ue000 YDO YH\ue000 L V \ue000 Q RW \ue000 WX U Q HG\ue000 RI I XQOHVV\ue000 U HT XLU HG\ue000 E\\ue000 PDLQW HQDQFH\ue000 VW DI I \ue006\ue000 0LQLPLVLQJ \ue000 W KH\ue000 KHDG\ue000 ORVV\ue000 OHDGLQJ \ue000 LQW R\ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN\ue000 ZLO O DVVLVW \ue000 LQ\ue000 PDLQW DLQLQJ \ue000 W KH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 21\ue000 XQW LO\ue000 DI W HU \ue000 W KH\ue000 YHQW\ue000 KDV\ue000 FORVHG\ue000 DW\ue000 W DQN\ue000 I XOO\ue000 FRQGLW LRQ L\ue006 H\ue006 \ue000 SU HYHQW \ue000 SU HP DW XU H\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 V KXW \ue005 RI I \ue006

G\ue003 %DQODZ\ue000UHFRPPHQG\ue000WKH\ue000XVH\ue000RI\ue000(%6\ue0055$<\ue0009\ue000VHULHV\ue000YDQH\ue000SXPSV\ue000\ue002RU\ue000HTXLYDOHQW\ue003\ue000ZLWK\ue000WKHLU HTXLSPHQW\ue006\ue000 7KHVH\ue000 SRVLWLYH\ue000 GLVSODFHPHQW\ue000 SXPSV\ue000 SURYLGH\ue000 UHOLDEOH\ue000 SHUIRUPDQFH\ue004\ue000 DQG PDLQW DLQ\ue000 D\ue000 FRQVLVW HQW \ue000 I ORZ\ue005 U DW H\ue000 W R\ue000 W KH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 GXU LQJ \ue000 U HI XHOOLQJ \ue006\ue000 7 R\ue000 HVW DEOLVK\ue000 D\ue000 PD[LPXP SXPS\ue000 KHDG\ue000 DQG\ue000 WKXV\ue000 SUHYHQW\ue000 RYHUSUHVVXULVDWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 GHOLYHU\\ue000 OLQH\ue000 DQG\ue000 QR]]OH\ue004\ue000 WKHVH SXPSV\ue000 FRPH\ue000 ZLW K\ue000 DQ\ue000 LQW HJU DO\ue000 DGM XVW DEOH\ue000 E\SDVV\ue000 YDOYH\ue000 ZK LFK\ue000 FDQ\ue000 EH\ue000 VHW\ue000 E\\ue000 D\ue000 FRPSHW HQW SHU VRQ\ue000W R\ue000 V XLW \ue000 D\ue000 YDU LHW \\ue000 RI \ue000U HI XHOOLQJ\ue000 DSSOLF DW LRQV \ue006

H\ue003 7R\ue000 SUHYHQW\ue000 WKH\ue000 VSLOODJH\ue000 RI\ue000 IXHO\ue000 DQG\ue000 PLQLPLVH\ue000 GDPDJH\ue000 WR\ue000 WKH\ue000 GHOLYHU\\ue000 V\VWHP\ue004\ue000 %DQODZ U HF R PP H QG\ue000 W K H\ue000 XV H \ue000 RI \ue000 DQ\ue000 L Q\ue005 O LQ H \ue000 GU \\ue005 EU H DN \ue000 EU H DN D ZD\\ue000 YD O YH \ue000 L QV W D O OH G \ue000 X SV W U H DP\ue000 RI \ue000 W K H QR]]OH\ue006\ue000 7KLV\ue000 YDOYH\ue000 HIIHFWLYHO\\ue000 EHFRPHV\ue000 WKH\ue000 ZHDN\ue000 OLQN\ue000 LQ\ue000 WKH\ue000 V\VWHP\ue000 LQ\ue000 WKH\ue000 HYHQW\ue000 RI\ue000 D YHKLF O H\ue000 \u00b3 GU L YH\ue005 D ZD \\u00b4 \ue006 \ue000 : LWKRXW\ue000 W KH\ue000 XV H\ue000 RI \ue000 V XF K\ue000 D\ue000 YDO YH\ue004 \ue000 F RQV LGHU DEOH\ue000 V WU XFW XU D O \ue000 GDP DJ H DQG\ue000 VSLOODJ H\ue000 RI \ue000 I XHO\ue000 FDQ\ue000 U HVXOW \ue000 LI \ue000 D\ue000 YHKLFOH\ue000 LV\ue000 PRYHG\ue000 ZKLOVW \ue000 W KH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 U HPDLQV\ue000 FRQQHFW HG\ue006 )RU \ue000 I O RZ\ue005 U DW HV \ue000 LQ\ue000 H[F HV V\ue000 RI \ue000 \ue010\ue008\ue008/30\ue000 %DQOD Z\ue000 U HF RP PHQG\ue000 W KH\ue000 XV H\ue000 RI \ue000 D\ue000 \ue00b\u00b4 \ue000 YDO YH\ue004 \ue000 L \ue006 H\ue006\ue000 W KH %D Q O D Z\ue000 $86\ue00c: \ue005 \ue00f \ue00d\ue006

I\ue003 7R\ue000ERWK\ue000OLPLW\ue000FRQWDPLQDWLRQ\ue000HQWHULQJ\ue000WKH\ue000IURQW\ue005HQG\ue000RI\ue000WKH\ue000QR]]OH\ue000DQG\ue000SURYLGH\ue000D\ue000FRQYHQLHQW DQG\ue000 VHFXUH\ue000 ORGJLQJ\ue000 IRU\ue000 WKH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 ZKLOVW\ue000 QRW\ue000 LQ\ue000 XVH\ue004\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 UHFRPPHQG\ue000 WKH\ue000 XVH\ue000 RI\ue000 D QR] ]OH\ue000 P RXQW LQJ\ue000 DQF KRU \ue000 L\ue006 H\ue006 \ue000 $86\ue00a\ue00a\ue000 \ue008\ue00c\ue011\ue006\ue0007 KLV \ue000 \u00b3 GXPP\\u00b4 \ue000 U HFHLYHU \ue000 LV \ue000 I L[HG\ue000 W R\ue000 D\ue000 VW U XFW XU H\ue000 LQ\ue000 D VDIH\ue000 DQG\ue000 FRQYHQLHQW\ue000 ORFDWLRQ\ue000 RQ\ue000 WKH\ue000 VHUYLFH\ue000 YHKLFOH\ue000 RU\ue000 DW\ue000 WKH\ue000 IXHO\ue000 IDUP\ue006\ue000 7KLV\ue000 JLYHV RSHU DW RU V \ue000 D\ue000 I L[HG\ue000 SRLQW \ue000 I RU\ue000 VW RU LQJ \ue000 W KH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue004 \ue000 DQG\ue000 SU RP RW HV \ue000 D\ue000 ORQJ \ue000 ZRUN LQJ\ue000 OLI H\ue000 I RU\ue000 W KH Q R ] ]O H \ue006

Technical Bulletin \u0096 1000LPM Installation Advice 06/01
\u0091The Refuelling Specialists\u0092

J\ue003 7R\ue000 VDWLVI\\ue000 DQ\ue000 HPSOR\HUV\ue000 REOLJDWLRQV\ue000 XQGHU\ue000 YDULRXV\ue000 2+6\ue001(\ue000 UHJXODWLRQV\ue004\ue000 %DQODZ U HFRPPHQG\ue000 W KH\ue000 XVH\ue000 RI \ue000 D\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 RSHU DW LQJ\ue000 VLJ Q\ue000 \ue002 $86\ue000 236, *1\ue005 \ue00a\ue003\ue000 ZKLFK\ue000 SU RYLGHV\ue000 VLPSOH VWHSZLVH\ue000 LQIRUPDWLRQ\ue000 RQ\ue000 WKH\ue000 SURSHU\ue000 RSHUDWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue006\ue000 7KH\ue000 VLJQ\ue000 LV\ue000 PDQXIDFWXUHG I U RP\ue000 VW HHO\ue004\ue000 DQG\ue000 FRPHV\ue000 ZLW K\ue000 D\ue000 U HI OHFW LYH\ue000 I U RQW\ue000 VXUI DFH\ue000 I RU\ue000 HDV\\ue000 XVH\ue000 XQGHU\ue000 OLPLW HG\ue000 OLJ KW LQJ \ue006 0DQ \\ue000 RSHU DW RU V\ue000 KDYH\ue000 I RXQG\ue000 W KH\ue000 VLJ Q\ue000 LQYDOXDEOH\ue000 I RU \ue000 W KH\ue000 SXU SRVHV\ue000 RI \ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 RSHU DW LRQ\ue000 DQG T XLFN \ue005I LOO\ue000 V \V W HP\ue000WU RXEOHV KRRW LQJ \ue006

\ue005\ue002 7DQN\ue000'HVLJQ

7 KH\ue000 SU RSHU \ue000 GHVLJ Q\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN\ue000 LV\ue000 D\ue000 FU XFLDO\ue000 SDU W\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 T XLFN\ue005 I LOO\ue000 LQVW DOODW LRQ\ue006 \ue000 0DQ\\ue000 W DQN V\ue000 ZHU H RULJLQDOO\\ue000 GHVLJQHG\ue000 IRU\ue000 PRUH\ue000 FRQYHQWLRQDO\ue000 QRQ\ue005SUHVVXULVHG\ue000 ORZ\ue000 UHIXHOOLQJ\ue000 UDWH\ue000 V\VWHPV\ue000 L\ue006H\ue006 V SODV K\ue005I LOO\ue004 \ue000 DQG\ue000 U HT XLU H\ue000 P RGLI LF DW LRQ\ue000 SU LRU \ue000 W R\ue000 W KH\ue000 LQVW DOODW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 T XLFN \ue005 I LOO\ue000 HT XLSPHQW\ue006 \ue000 7 KH\ue000 N H\ DUHDV\ue000 DUH\ue013\ue000 SUHVVXUH\ue000 UDWLQJ\ue004\ue000 ORFDWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 FRUUHFW\ue000 W\SH\ue000 RI\ue000 YHQW\ue004\ue000 DQG\ue000 RWKHU\ue000 IDFWRUV\ue000 VXFK\ue000 DV EDI I OH\ue000 GHV LJ Q\ue000 DV \ue000P HQW L RQHG\ue000 LQ\ue000 V HSDU DW H\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 7 HF KQLF DO \ue000 %XO O HW L QV \ue006

D\ue003 DOWKRXJK\ue000GXULQJ\ue000QRUPDO\ue000RSHUDWLRQ\ue000RI\ue000WKH\ue000V\VWHP\ue000WKH\ue000WDQN\ue000SUHVVXUH\ue000VKRXOG\ue000QRW\ue000UHDFK\ue000WKH HPHUJHQF\\ue000 UHOLHI\ue000 SUHVVXUH\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 WDQN\ue000 YHQW\ue004\ue000 WKH\ue000 WDQN\ue000 PXVW\ue000 EH\ue000 GHVLJQHG\ue000 WR ZLW KV W DQG\ue000 D\ue000 SU HVV XU H\ue000 J U HDW HU\ue000 W KDQ\ue000 W KLV\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 SU HV V XU H\ue006\ue000 7 KH\ue000 V DP H\ue000 DSSOLHV \ue000 W R\ue000 DQ\\ue000 I LWW LQJ V D Q G \ue000FRP S R Q HQW V\ue000K\G U D XO L F DO O \\ue000FR Q Q HF W H G \ue000W R \ue000W K H \ue000W D QN \ue006

E\ue003 %DQODZ\ue000RIIHU\ue000WZR\ue000UHOLHI\ue000VHWWLQJV\ue000IRU\ue000HDFK\ue000YHQW\ue000PRGHO\ue006\ue0007KH\ue000\u00b3OLJKW\ue000V\VWHP\u00b4\ue000LQFRUSRUDWHV\ue000WKH VDPH\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 VHW W LQJ\ue000 DV\ue000 W KH\ue000 VW DQGDU G\ue000 U DLO\ue000 VHU LHV\ue000 YHQW\ue000 RI \ue000 \ue00c\ue011N 3D\ue004\ue000 ZKLOVW \ue000 W KH\ue000 VW DQGDU G\ue000 V\VW HP XVHV\ue000 W KH\ue000 KLJ KHU\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 VHW W LQJ\ue000 RI \ue000 \ue009\ue009\ue008N 3D\ue006 \ue000 7 KHVH\ue000 SU HVVXU HV\ue000 LQGLFDW H\ue000 W KH\ue000J DXJ H\ue000 SU HVVXU H\ue000 DW ZKLFK\ue000 WKH\ue000 YHQW\ue000 ZLOO\ue000 VWDUW\ue000 WR\ue000 UHOLHYH\ue000 H[FHVV\ue000 YDSRXU\ue000 SUHVVXUH\ue000 IURP\ue000 ZLWKLQ\ue000 WKH\ue000 WDQN\ue000 \u00b1\ue000 VHH L QI RU P DW L RQ\ue000 RQ\ue000W DQN \ue000 YHQW V \ue000 O DW HU \ue000 LQ\ue000W KLV\ue000 GRF XP HQW \ue006

F\ue003 7KH\ue000 VKRUW\ue005WHUP\ue000 SUHVVXULVDWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 WDQN\ue000 DW\ue000 WKH\ue000 FRPSOHWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 UHIXHOOLQJ\ue000 ZLOO\ue000 LQ\ue000 WXUQ SU HV V XU LV H\ue000W KH\ue000I XHO\ue000V XSSO\\ue000 DQG\ue000 U HW XU Q\ue000 QHW ZRUN \ue000 I RU\ue000 DOO\ue000 GLHVHO\ue000 HQJ LQHV \ue000FRQQHFW HG\ue000W R\ue000W KH\ue000 W DQN \ue006 , Q\ue000 VRPH\ue000 LQVW DQFHV\ue004 \ue000 W KLV\ue000 SUHVVXU LVDW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 I XHO\ue000 VXSSO\\ue000 ZL OO\ue000 FDXVH\ue000 W KH\ue000 HQJ LQH\ue000 W R\ue000 U HY\ue000 RU IORRG\ue004\ue000 ZKLOVW\ue000 WKH\ue000 SUHVVXULVDWLRQ\ue000 RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 IXHO\ue000 UHWXUQ\ue000 QHWZRUN\ue000 PD\\ue000 LQKLELW\ue000 WKH\ue000 UHTXLUHG SU HV V XU LV DW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN \ue000 U HT XLU HG\ue000 I RU\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 V KXW \ue005 RII \ue006\ue000 &XPP LQV \ue000 HQJ LQHV\ue000 DU H\ue000 HVSHF LDOO\ SU RQH\ue000W R\ue000W KHV H\ue000FRQF HU QV\ue004 \ue000DV \ue000 DU H\ue000 VP DOOHU \ue000 HQJ LQHV\ue006 \ue000 7R\ue000 SU HYHQW\ue000 W KH\ue000 SU HV VXU LV DW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 I XHO UHWXUQ\ue000 OLQH\ue000 D\ue000 VPDOO\ue000 LQ\ue005OLQH\ue000 FKHFN\ue000 YDOYH\ue000 VKRXOG\ue000 EH\ue000 LQVWDOOHG\ue000 \ue002L\ue006H\ue006\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 $86\ue00b:\ue003\ue006\ue000 7R SU HYHQW \ue000 HQJ LQH\ue000 U HYYL QJ \ue004\ue000 W KH\ue000 HQJ LQH\ue000 PD\\ue000 EH\ue000 V KXW\ue000 GRZQ\ue000 GXU L QJ \ue000 U HI XHO O LQJ\ue004 \ue000 RU \ue000 DSSU RSU L DW H VW HSV\ue000 PDGH\ue000 W R\ue000 HQVXU H\ue000 DQ\\ue000 U HYYLQJ \ue000 GRHV\ue000 QRW \ue000 SRVH\ue000 D\ue000 VDI HW \\ue000 U LVN\ue000 L\ue006 H\ue006\ue000 YHKLFOH\ue000 W U DQVPLVVLRQ\ue000 LQ QHXW U DO \ue000 DQG\ue000 DQ\\ue000 372 \u00b6 V \ue000 GLV HQJ DJ HG\ue006

G\ue003 )ORZ\ue005UDWHV\ue000LQ\ue000H[FHVV\ue000RI\ue000\ue010\ue008\ue008/30\ue000ZLOO\ue000UHTXLUH\ue000\ue005\ue000 %DQO DZ \ue000 W DQN\ue000 YHQW V\ue000 SHU\ue000 I XHO \ue000 WDQN\ue006\ue0007KLV\ue000ZLOO HQV XU H\ue000 P LQLP DO \ue000 SU HV V XU L V DW L RQ\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN \ue004\ue000 XQW L O \ue000 ERW K\ue000 YHQW V\ue000 F ORV H\ue000 V LP XOW DQHRXV O\\ue000 DW \ue000 W KH FRPSOHW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 U HI XHOOLQJ\ue006 \ue000 1%\ue012\ue000 $\ue000 VLQJ OH\ue000 YHQW\ue000 PD\\ue000 EH\ue000 XVHG\ue000 RQ\ue000 VRPH\ue000 DSSOLFDW LRQV\ue004 \ue000 DOW KRXJ K XS\ue000W R\ue000 \ue00a\ue00dN 3D\ue000 RI \ue000W DQN \ue000 SU HV V XU L V DW L RQ\ue000 ZL O O \ue000 RF FXU \ue000 ZKL OV W \ue000W KH\ue000W DQN \ue000 LV \ue000I L O O LQJ\ue006

\ue006\ue002 7DQN\ue000)LOOLQJ\ue0003RLQW

7 KH\ue000 ORFDW LRQ\ue000 DQG\ue000 GLVFKDU JH\ue000 SRLQW \ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 GHOLYHU\\ue000 OLQH\ue000 LQW R\ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN\ue000 ZLOO\ue000 DI I HFW\ue000 W KH\ue000 SHUI RUPDQFH RI\ue000 WKH\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 V\VWHP\ue006\ue000 7KH\ue000 PDLQ\ue000 LVVXHV\ue000 DUH\ue013\ue000 H[FHVVLYH\ue000 GLHVHO\ue000 IRDPLQJ\ue004\ue000 VWDWLF\ue000 HOHFWULFLW\ J HQHU DW LRQ\ue004\ue000 DQG\ue000U HVW U LF W LRQ\ue000W R\ue000I XHO\ue000I ORZ\ue000 HQW HU LQJ \ue000W KH\ue000W DQN \ue006

D\ue003 VLGH\ue000HQWU\\ue012\ue000WKH\ue000GLVFKDUJH\ue000SRLQW\ue000IRU\ue000DQ\\ue000DSSOLFDWLRQ\ue000PXVW\ue000QRW\ue000H[FHHG\ue000D\ue000GLVWDQFH\ue000RI\ue000\ue009\ue00d\ue008PP
I U RP \ue000W K H \ue000EDV H\ue000 RI \ue000W K H \ue000W D QN \ue000\ue002 $6\ue009 \ue00e \ue011 \ue00a\ue003

E\ue003 WRS\ue000ILOO\ue012\ue000WKH\ue000IXHO\ue000PXVW\ue000EH\ue000FRQGXFWHG\ue000WKURXJK\ue000D\ue000IXOO\\ue000HQFORVHG\ue000SLSH\ue000\ue002GURS\ue000WXEH\ue003\ue000WR\ue000D\ue000GLVWDQFH QRW \ue000 H[FHHGLQJ\ue000 RQH\ue000 SLSH\ue000 GLDPHW HU \ue000 I U RP\ue000 W KH\ue000 EDVH\ue000 RI \ue000 WKH\ue000 W DQN\ue000 \ue002 $6\ue009\ue00e\ue011\ue00a\ue003\ue006\ue0001%\ue012 \ue000 7KLV\ue000 GLVW DQFH PD\\ue000 EH\ue000 LQVXIILFLHQW\ue000 ZKHQ\ue000 XVLQJ\ue000 VPDOO\ue000 GLDPHWHU\ue000 SLSH\ue000 DQG\ue000 ZKHQ\ue000 UXQQLQJ\ue000 DW\ue000 IORZUDWHV\ue000 LQ H[F HV V \ue000 RI \ue000 V D\\ue000 \ue00e\ue008\ue008/30\ue000 \ue002 HV W LP DW HG\ue003 \ue006\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 U HF RP PHQG\ue000 W KLV \ue000 GLV W DQF H\ue000 EH\ue000 H[W HQGHG\ue000 W R\ue000 D P D[L P XP \ue000 RI \ue000 \ue009\ue00d\ue008PP \ue000 L V\ue000 V XF K\ue000FLU F XPV W DQF HV \ue000 \u00b1\ue000DV \ue000 L Q\ue000 SDUW \ue000\ue002 D\ue003\ue006

F\ue003 DV\ue000GHVFULEHG\ue000LQ\ue000VHFWLRQ\ue000\ue009\ue004\ue000WKH\ue000GHVLJQ\ue000RI\ue000WKH\ue000GLVFKDUJH\ue000SRLQW\ue000DQG\ue000GURS\ue000WXEH\ue000\ue002LI\ue000DSSOLFDEOH\ue003 PXVW\ue000 EH\ue000 VXFK\ue000 WKDW\ue000 UHVWULFWLRQ\ue000 WR\ue000 IORZ\ue000 LV\ue000 PLQLPLVHG\ue006\ue000 0HDVXUHV\ue000 WKDW\ue000 ZLOO\ue000 PLQLPLVH\ue000 VXFK ORVVHV\ue000 LQFOXGH\ue013 \ue000 XVLQJ\ue000 D\ue000 PLQLPXP\ue000 RI \ue000 \ue00a\ue006 \ue00d\u00b4 \ue000 ERU H\ue000 SLSH\ue000 \ue002 \ue00b\u00b4 \ue000 UHFRPPHQGHG\ue003 \ue000 I RU\ue000 D\ue000 GU RS\ue000 W XEH\ue000 ZLW K

Technical Bulletin \u0096 1000LPM Installation Advice 06/01
\u0091The Refuelling Specialists\u0092
ORQJ \ue000U DGLXV\ue000EHQGV\ue004 \ue000 DQG\ue000 HQVXU LQJ\ue000W KH\ue000 GLVFKDUJ H\ue000 SRLQW\ue000 RI \ue000 DQ\\ue000 GHOLYHU \\ue000 O LQH\ue000 LV\ue000 W HUPLQDW HG\ue000 DW\ue000 D
GLV W DQF H\ue000I U RP \ue000 DQ\\ue000W DQN \ue000 V XUI DF H\ue000 RU \ue000EDI I O H\ue000 SO DW H\ue000 HT XDO\ue000W R\ue000W KDW \ue000 GHV FU L EHG\ue000 LQ\ue000 SRL QW V \ue000\ue002 D\ue003\ue000 DQG\ue000\ue002 E\ue003\ue006

G\ue003 9HUWLFDO\ue000ERWWRP\ue000HQWU\\ue012\ue000LV\ue000GLVFRXUDJHG\ue000XQOHVV\ue000ORZ\ue000IORZUDWHV\ue000DUH\ue000XVHG\ue000XQWLO\ue000VXIILFLHQW\ue000IXHO H[L V W V \ue000 LQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN \ue000 W R\ue000 U HVW U L FW \ue000 V XEV HT XHQW\ue000 I RDP L QJ \ue000 DV\ue000 W KH\ue000 U DW H\ue000 LV \ue000 L QF U HDV HG\ue000 W R\ue000 PD[L P XP \ue006 6XFK\ue000 IORZ\ue000 FRQWURO\ue000 LV\ue000 EH\RQG\ue000 WKH\ue000 GHVLJQ\ue000 RI\ue000 PRVW\ue000 UHIXHOOLQJ\ue000 LQVWDOODWLRQV\ue004\ue000 DQG\ue000 DV\ue000 VXFK ERW W RP\ue000 I LOO\ue000 LV\ue000 GLVFRXU DJ HG\ue000 ZKHU HYHU \ue000 SRVVLEOH\ue006\ue000 ,I \ue000 W KLV\ue000 SRLQW \ue000 RI \ue000 HQW U \\ue000 PXVW\ue000 EH\ue000 XVHG\ue004\ue000 W KHQ\ue000 LW \ue000 LV VW U RQJ O\\ue000 U HFRPPHQGHG\ue000W KDW\ue000 D\ue000 SLSH\ue000 EH\ue000 PDQXI DFW XU HG\ue000 DQG\ue000 LQVW DOOHG\ue000 LQVLGH\ue000 W KH\ue000 HQWU \\ue000 SRLQW \ue000 W R GLU HFW \ue000W KH\ue000I ORZ\ue000 RI \ue000I XHO\ue000KRU L]RQW DOO\\ue000 \u00b1\ue000 DV \ue000 SHU\ue000 V LGH\ue000 HQW U \\ue006

\ue007\ue002 7KH\ue000%DQODZ\ue0007DQN\ue0009HQW

7 KH\ue000 RSHU DW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 T XLFN \ue005 I LOO\ue000 W DQN\ue000 YHQW \ue004 \ue000 LV\ue000 SHU KDSV\ue000 W KH\ue000 PRVW\ue000 PLVXQGHU VWRRG\ue000 I DFHW\ue000 RI TXLFN\ue005ILOO\ue000 WHFKQRORJ\\ue006\ue000 7KHUH\ue000 DUH\ue000 YDULRXV\ue000 NH\\ue000 DUHDV\ue000 ZKLFK\ue000 QHHG\ue000 WR\ue000 EH\ue000 FRQVLGHUHG\ue000 SULRU\ue000 WR LQVW DOOLQJ \ue000 D\ue000 YHQW\ue000 LQW R\ue000 D\ue000 W DQN\ue004\ue000 PDLQO\\ue013 \ue000 ORFDW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 YHQW \ue000 Z\ue006 U \ue006W \ue006\ue000 VXUU RXQGLQJ \ue000 W DQN \ue000 VWU XFW XU H\ue004\ue000 W KH I XQFW LRQ\ue000 DQG\ue000 OLPLW DW LRQV\ue000 RI \ue000 WKH\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 GHYLFH\ue004 \ue000 W KH\ue000 SXU SRVH\ue000 RI \ue000 WKH\ue000 YHQW \ue000 EU HDW KHU \ue004\ue000 DQG\ue000 W KH\ue000 FRU U HFW YHQW \ue000 P RGHO \ue000W R\ue000EH\ue000 XV HG\ue006

D\ue003 8VLQJ\ue000D\ue000\u00f4\u00b4\ue000ERUH\ue000YHQW\ue000YDOYH\ue004\ue000WKH\ue000%DQODZ\ue000TXLFN\ue005ILOO\ue000WDQN\ue000YHQW\ue000LV\ue000GHVLJQHG\ue000WR\ue000HQVXUH\ue000WKH\ue000WDQN U HPDLQV\ue000 XQSU HVVXU LVHG\ue000 GXU LQJ\ue000 U HI XHOOLQJ \ue000 XQW LO\ue000 VXFK\ue000 W LPH\ue000 DV\ue000 W KH\ue000 I XHO\ue000 OHYHO\ue000 U HDFKHV\ue000 D\ue000 OHYHO W RZDU GV \ue000 W KH\ue000 P LG\ue005 KHLJ KW \ue000 RI \ue000 WKH\ue000 YHQW\ue000 EDOO\ue000 F DJ H\ue006\ue000 $W\ue000 W KLV \ue000 SRLQW \ue004\ue000 W KH\ue000 YHQW \ue000 ZLOO\ue000 F ORV H\ue000 DQG\ue000 W KXV HI I HFW LYHO \\ue000 FU HDW H\ue000 DQ\ue000 DLU\ue005 W LJKW \ue000 VHDO\ue000 ZLW KLQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN\ue006 \ue000 7KH\ue000 GHOLYHU \\ue000 RI \ue000 I XHO\ue000 ZLOO\ue000 FRQW LQXH\ue000 XQW LO VXFK\ue000 W LPH\ue000 DV\ue000 W KH\ue000 SU HVVXU LVDW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 WKH\ue000 W DQN \ue000 XOODJ H\ue000 SU RYLGHV\ue000 VXI I LFLHQW\ue000 EDFN\ue000 SU HVVXU H\ue000 ZLW KLQ W KH\ue000 GHOLYHU \\ue000 OLQH\ue000FDXV LQJ \ue000WKH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000W R\ue000 V KXW \ue005 RI I \ue006

E\ue003 $V\ue000 PHQWLRQHG\ue000 LQ\ue000 VHFWLRQ\ue000 \ue00a\ue002G\ue003\ue004\ue000 LW\ue000 LV\ue000 UHFRPPHQGHG\ue000 WKDW\ue000UHIXHOOLQJ\ue000 UDWHV\ue000 LQ\ue000 H[FHVV\ue000 RI
\ue008\ue003\ue003/30 \ue000 XVH\ue000 \ue005\ue000 %DQO DZ \ue000 YHQW V\ue000 SHU\ue000 W DQN\ue006\ue000 1%\ue012\ue000 'XH\ue000 WR\ue000 W KH\ue000 \u00f2 \u00b4 \ue000 ERU H\ue000 YHQW \ue000 YDO YH\ue000 DQG\ue000 O RZHU

U HOLHI \ue000 SU HVVXU H\ue000 \ue002 \ue00e\ue00d\ue005 \ue00f\ue008N 3D\ue003\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 : LJJLQV\ue000 =9\ue009\ue008\ue000 YHQW \ue004\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 GR\ue000Q R W U HFRPPHQGHG\ue000 W KDW W KLV\ue000 YHQW \ue000 EH\ue000 XVHG\ue000 ZLW K\ue000 U HI XHOOLQJ \ue000 U DW HV\ue000 LQ\ue000 H[FHVV\ue000 RI \ue000 \ue00d\ue008\ue008/30\ue004 \ue000 EHLQJ \ue000 W KH\ue000 FDSDELOLW \\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH : LJ JL Q V \ue000 ==\ue011 $\ue009\ue000 Q R]]O H \ue006

F\ue003 7KH\ue000VPDOO\ue000\ue009\ue007\ue009\ue00e\u00b4\ue000GLDPHWHU\ue000EOHHG\ue000KROH\ue000LQ\ue000WKH\ue000YHQW\ue000YDOYH\ue000ZLWKLQ\ue000WKH\ue000YHQW\ue000FDS\ue000ZLOO\ue000DOORZ\ue000WKH W DQN \ue000 XO ODJ H\ue000 W R\ue000 JU DGXDO O\\ue000 U HW XU Q\ue000 W R\ue000 DWP RV SKHU L F \ue000 SU HV V XU H\ue000 DW\ue000 WKH\ue000 F RP SOHW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 UHI XHO O LQJ\ue006 7 KLV \ue000EOHHG\ue000KROH\ue000 P XV W\ue000 QRW \ue000EH\ue000 REVW UXF W HG\ue000 RU\ue000 P RGLI LHG\ue006

G\ue0037K H \ue000 L Q W HJ U DO\ue000 HP HU JH QF \\ue000 U HO L HI\ue000 YDO YH \ue000 Z LW K L Q\ue000 W K H\ue000 YHQ W \ue000 L V\ue000 Q RW\ue000 G HVL J Q HG\ue000 D V\ue000 D \ue000 S UL P DU \
U HO L HI \ue000 GHYL FH\ue006 \ue000 , W V\ue000 W DVN \ue000 LV\ue000 W R\ue000 HQVXU H\ue000 W KDW \ue000 H[FHVV\ue000 YDSRXUSU HVVXU H\ue000 ZLW KLQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN\ue004 \ue000 XQDEOH\ue000 W R

EH\ue000 H[KDXVWHG\ue000 WKURXJK\ue000 WKH\ue000 YHQW\ue000 EOHHG\ue000 KROH\ue004\ue000 FDQ\ue000 EH\ue000 VDIHO\\ue000 UHPRYHG\ue000 IURP\ue000 WKH\ue000 WDQN\ue000 L\ue006H\ue006 VLPLODU \ue000W R\ue000 D\ue000W KHUPDO\ue000 H[SDQVLRQ\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 GHYLFH\ue006 \ue000 7 KH\ue000 HPHUJ HQF\\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 YDOYH\ue000 ZLO O\ue000 EHJ LQ\ue000W R\ue000 RSHQ DW \ue000 W KH\ue000 QRPLQDW HG\ue000 W DQN\ue000 SU HVVXU HV\ue000 VKRZQ\ue000 EHORZ\ue006 \ue000 ,I \ue000 U HT XLU HG\ue000 W R\ue000 YHQW \ue000 KLJ K\ue000 U DW HV\ue000 RI \ue000 DLU\ue004 \ue000 W KH SU HVVXU H\ue000 ZLOO\ue000 U LVH\ue000 E\\ue000 XS\ue000 W R\ue000 DQ\ue000 DGGLW LRQDO\ue000 \ue00b\ue008N 3D\ue006\ue000 /LN HZLVH\ue004 \ue000 LI \ue000 U HT XLU HG\ue000 W R\ue000 H[KDXVW\ue000 OLT XLG\ue000 I XHO W KH\ue000 SU HV V XU H\ue000 ZLW KLQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN \ue000 ZLOO\ue000 U LVH\ue000VXEVW DQWL DO O \\ue006 \ue000 ,I \ue000 HV VHQW LDO\ue004 \ue000 D\ue000 SU LP DU \\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 GHYLF H P XV W\ue000EH\ue000 LQVW DOOHG\ue000 RQ\ue000W KH\ue000W DQN \ue000W KDW \ue000U HP DLQV\ue000 DLU \ue005 W LJ KW \ue000 XQW LO\ue000 LW V\ue000 U HOLHI \ue000 VHWW L QJ\ue000 LV \ue000U HDF KHG\ue006

\ue00c\ue011N 3D\ue000 \u00b1\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 U DL O \ue000 V HU L HV \ue000 DQG\ue000 O LJ KW \ue000 V HU L HV \ue000 YHQW V\ue000 \ue002 DQRGL V HG\ue000J U HHQ\ue000FDS\ue003
\ue009\ue009\ue008N 3D\ue000 \u00b1\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 V W DQGDU G\ue000 V HU L HV\ue000 YHQW V \ue000\ue002 DQRGL VHG\ue000U HG\ue000FDS\ue003

H\ue003 $OWKRXJK\ue000 WKH\ue000 SDWHQWHG\ue000 VSODVK\ue000 WXEH\ue000 VXUURXQGLQJ\ue000 WKH\ue000 EDOO\ue000 FDJH\ue000 RI\ue000 DOO\ue000 %DQODZ\ue000 YHQWV \ue002 H[FHSW LQJ\ue000 W KH\ue000 U DLO\ue000 YHQW V\ue003 \ue000 GRHV\ue000 QHJ DW H\ue000 PXFK\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 W XU EXOHQFH\ue000 DVVRFLDW HG\ue000 ZLW K\ue000 KLJ K\ue000 U DW H U HI XHOOLQJ\ue000 DQG\ue000 VPDOO\ue000 W DQN\ue000 YROXPHV\ue004\ue000 LW \ue000 LV\ue000 U HFRPPHQGHG\ue000 W KDW\ue000 W KH\ue000 W DQN\ue000 YHQW \ue000 EH\ue000 LQVW DOOHG\ue000 LQ\ue000 D ORFDW LRQ\ue000 VXEM HFW\ue000 W R\ue000 PLQLPDO\ue000W XU EXOHQFH\ue006 \ue000 7 KLV\ue000 ZLO O\ue000 HQVXU H\ue000 SU RSHU\ue000 YHQW \ue000 RSHU DW LRQ\ue000 DQG\ue000 SU HYHQW DQ\\ue000 V SODV K\ue000 V SLOODJ H\ue000 RI \ue000I XHO\ue000 GXU LQJ \ue000W KH\ue000U HI XHOOLQJ \ue000 RSHU DW LRQ\ue006

I\ue003 7KH\ue000ORFDWLRQ\ue000RI\ue000WKH\ue000YHQW\ue000RQ\ue000WKH\ue000WRS\ue000VXUIDFH\ue000RI\ue000WKH\ue000WDQN\ue000LV\ue000FULWLFDO\ue000WR\ue000HQVXULQJ\ue000WKH\ue000FRUUHFW
RSHU DW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 YHQW\ue006 \ue0007KH\ue000 YHQW \ue000 P XVW \ue000 EH\ue000 L QVW DOO HG\ue000 YHU WL FDO O \\ue000 RQ\ue000 W KH\ue000 XSSHU\ue000 P RVW \ue000 U HJL RQ
RI \ue000 W KH\ue000 WDQN\ue004\ue000 ZLW KLQ\ue000 DQ\ue000 DU HD\ue000 VXI I LFLHQW \ue000 W R\ue000 HQVXU H\ue000 W KH\ue000 U DW H\ue000 RI \ue000 I XHO\ue000 OHYHO\ue000 LQFU HDVH\ue000 VXU U RXQGLQJ

W KH\ue000 YHQW \ue000 L V\ue000 ORZ\ue000 HQRXJ K\ue000W R\ue000 DOORZ\ue000W LP H\ue000I RU\ue000W KH\ue000 YHQW \ue000W R\ue000FORV H\ue004 \ue000 SU HV V XU LV DW LRQ\ue000 RI \ue000W KH\ue000 XOODJ H\ue004\ue000 DQG VXEVHT XHQW \ue000VKXW\ue005 RI I \ue000 RI \ue000W KH\ue000 QR]]OH\ue006 \ue000 +LJ K\ue000 U DW HV\ue000 RI \ue000 I XHO\ue000 OHYHO\ue000 LQFU HDVH\ue000 \u00b1\ue000 VXF K\ue000 DV\ue000 ZKHQ\ue000 D\ue000 YHQW LV\ue000 LQVW DOOHG\ue000 ZLW KLQ\ue000 D\ue000 PDQXDO\ue000 I LOO\ue000 SLSH\ue000 RU \ue000 VLPLODU \ue000 \u00b1\ue000 ZLOO\ue000 FDXVH\ue000 I XHO\ue000 VSLOODJ H\ue000 I U RP\ue000 W KH\ue000 YHQW\ue000 SULRU WR\ue000 QR]]OH\ue000 VKXW\ue005GRZQ\ue006\ue000 ,Q\ue000 VKRUW\ue004\ue000 WKH\ue000 YHQW\ue000 QHHGV\ue000 HQRXJK\ue000 WLPH\ue000 DQG\ue000 YROXPH\ue000 WR\ue000 JHQHUDWH

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