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Published by: api-3735573 on Oct 15, 2008
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Sam Hu
1. Waht are your professional goals? What is your 6-month goal, 1-year goal, 2-year
goal and your 5-year goal?
Working as a senior consultant is my professional goals.
6-month goal: I will attend at least one full life cycle SAP Project include SAP BW
(Business Intelligence)
1-year goal: I will look for a good job (Either in SAP Consulting Co. or in SAP
End-user), Improving my skills .
2-year goal: If I can\u2019t get a good job, try to look for job in USA, and I will prepare
to bulid my own IT business related with SAP area.

5-year goal: I will be a senior consultant and make good relationship with customer from canada, usa and china. I will build my own consulting company at Canada and china.

2. What information helped you determine your goals and set a plan for yourself?
The trend of rapidly growing of ERP market in the world and the leading position of
North America in this field which lead me to determine my career goals.
3. How do you plan on achieving your goals?
First of all, I will finish the SAP training in Canada, and then I can get best
knowledge and skills. I will take exam for certificate
Second, I will take part in a real project and get more experience in Canada.
Third, I will look for professional job in this field, and growing with more project.
Finally, I will build my own business after I had more customers and money.
4. What skills do you have to offer? What are your most marketable qualities for the
Canadian job market today?
I have to offer SAP experience and skills such as SAP BW, SD, MM and real project
experience. Also I have more knowledge in computer application and Networking.
5. What is your strongest Employability Skill valued in the Canadian job market

(Refer to the Employability Skills 2000+ profile)
Teamwork skill is my strongest Employability. Also I have good fundamental skill and
personal management skill.

6. What is your weakest Employability Skill right now? How do you plan to overcome
Communicate skill (fundamental skill) is my weakest right now. See question 10.
7. What current/future trend in Canada will/could affect you the most? Why? How?
The rapidly growing in economy will give me more chance. Also competition is becoming
more scorching. Job opportunity is always open to people who has more knowledge and skills.
8. Compare Canada and your country. What are the biggest differences you have
found in the culture, in the labour market and in the job search process?
Culture: Chinese people almost keep modest, But Canadian like more self-expressional

than Chinese people.
Labour market: China has more opportunites than in Canada.
Job search: Cold calling and networking is more useful than in china.

9. Which promotional tool that you have developed in this class is the most important
to you and why? Which tool do you want to work on and improve?
Professional Portfolio
Interview Skills
Because it will help me show my best.
10.What do you believe is your biggest barrier right now to achieving employment in
Canada? Why? What can you do to overcome this barrier?
Spoken English and Canadian professional experience is the main barriers.
I will take training in order to improve my spoken English.
I will pay more time in reading English news paper and material.
I try to use English as possible as I can, such as E-mail, chat and so on.
Canadian experience:
I am taking training in St. Gabriel ALC. I will get CO-OP opportunity in SAP field.
I spend more time to build networking , which will help me get job in the future.
11.What is the most important thing you have learned in this course? Why?

I learned very comprehensive and systematical skills related with job search.
Before I never take training like interview skill, I did not know there were so many
stories. Now I know what I need to do, which really help me get more confident.

12.What do you want to achieve on your co-op placement?
Get job
Get best reference
Improving SAP skills
Build Networking. SAP filed is not big
13.What advice would you give to someone who has just arrived in Canada?
Improving English is most important.
Taking full time CO-OP training in school like Dufferin Peel Adult learning Centre
is more helpful.

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