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Q11 PMC Exam Question

Q11 PMC Exam Question

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Published by api-3695734
PMC sample exam question 11 by Sheena Ang and Tan Xiaolian
PMC sample exam question 11 by Sheena Ang and Tan Xiaolian

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Published by: api-3695734 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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People, Management and Change
Done by: Xiaolian & Sheena
Examination Questions
11. Define the principles and the main forms of job redesign.
Job redesign aimed at avoiding human and economic dysfunction of
scientific management.
Focus on intrinsic factors, achieving satisfaction within the job, not
3 elements involved:
\ue000Variety of work performed improves the content and quality of job,
increase interest and minimize routine. Reskilling and upskilling
\ue000Completeness of task meant creating whole task that are more
identifiable and meaningful due to the highly fragmented and
meaningless work.
\ue000Autonomy is the degree of control people have over their jobs.
Lacking of it leads to job dissatisfaction; therefore it is beneficial to
introduce higher level of tasks assigned to workers.
Can be achieved by carrying out:
\ue000Job rotation - be it informal / formal, avoid routine and monotonous
\ue000Job enlargement - merging simple tasks into 1 complete job,
requires high level of control for employees, else work will be too
\ue000Job enrichment \u2013 by increasing employees\u2019 responsibility on
associated tasks.

Do you agree with Braverman that job redesign initiative merely give employees \u201cthe illusion of making decisions\u201d rather than real empowerment?

No, I do not agree with the statement.

Job redesign does not create an illusion of decision-making as the purpose of job redesigning is to motivate the employees thus they will gain job satisfaction in what they do. We understand that a numerous of reasons can influence an employee\u2019s satisfaction in work for example, the working environment, the salary, the achievement, job advancement, recognition, autonomy, job security and etc.

He refers to job enlargement as jobs being \u2018superior\u2019 to the old and it mostly include a discussion of cost cutting, productivity drives, and staff reductions in banks, insurance companies and brokerage houses. However job enlargement is to allow employee to complete a job/product thus the employee will be able to see the result upon completion of the job and able to

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