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Published by api-3755072

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Published by: api-3755072 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kh\u00f3c quanh l\u00b7ng m\u00b9n
Gilbert Wright (Nh\u00b5 v\u00a8n M\u00fc)
T\u00abi l\u00b5m vi\u00d6c trong ph\u00dfng g\u00f6i \u00ae\u00e5 \u00eb nh\u00b5 ga Union. T\u00f5 n\u00aci n\u00b5y, t\u00abi
c\u00e3 th\u00d3 tr\u00abng th\u00cay m\u00e4i ng\u00eai l\u00aan xu\u00e8ng c\u00c7u thang nh\u00b5 ga.

\u00eb ph\u00dda b\u00aan tr\u00b8i t\u00abi l\u00b5 qu\u00c7y t\u00b9p ch\u00dd c\u00f1a Tony. C\u00cbu n\u00b5y l\u00f3c n\u00b5o c\u00f2ng huy\u00aan thuy\u00aan v\u00edi t\u00abi v\u00d2 \u00ae\u00denh lu\u00cbt x\u00b8c su\u00cat, ch\u00b6 l\u00b5 v\u00d7 c\u00cbu ta r\u00cat m\u00aa \u00ae\u00b8nh c\u00b8 ng\u00f9a. Tony \u00ae\u00b7 t\u00ddnh cho t\u00abi r\u00bbng n\u00d5u t\u00abi ti\u00d5p t\u00f4c c\u00abng vi\u00d6c \u00eb ph\u00dfng g\u00f6i \u00ae\u00e5 n\u00b5y trong 112 n\u00a8m n\u00f7a th\u00d7 ch\u00bec ch\u00ben t\u00abi s\u00cf th\u00cay \u00ae\u00eec t\u00cat c\u00b6 m\u00e4i con ng\u00eai tr\u00aan th\u00d5 gi\u00edi!

R\u00e8t cu\u00e9c th\u00d7 t\u00abi c\u00f2ng d\u00c7n d\u00c7n tin v\u00b5o c\u00b8i \u00ae\u00denh lu\u00cbt x\u00b8c su\u00cat n\u00b5y. N\u00e3 c\u00f2ng c\u00e3 v\u00ce hay \u00ae\u00cay ch\u00f8! B\u00b9n n\u00aan bi\u00d5t r\u00bbng Union l\u00b5 m\u00e9t nh\u00b5 ga r\u00cat l\u00edn, v\u00b5 t\u00abi s\u00bdn s\u00b5ng c\u00b8 v\u00edi b\u00b9n l\u00b5 r\u00e5i t\u00cat c\u00b6 m\u00e4i ng\u00eai \u00ae\u00d2u ph\u00b6i b- \u00edc ngang qua nh\u00b5 ga n\u00b5y, \u00ddt nh\u00cat m\u00e9t l\u00c7n trong \u00ae\u00eai.

T\u00abi k\u00d3 v\u00d2 \u00ae\u00denh lu\u00cbt x\u00b8c su\u00cat n\u00b5y cho r\u00cat nhi\u00d2u ng\u00eai, nhng t\u00cat th\u00b6y h\u00e4 \u00ae\u00d2u c\u00eai v\u00b5o m\u00f2i t\u00abi, tr\u00f5 Harry. Harry \u00ae\u00d5n t\u00f5 m\u00e9t t\u00d8nh nh\u00e1 h\u00e5i ba n\u00a8m tr\u00edc \u00ae\u00a9y v\u00b5 k\u00d3 t\u00f5 \u00ae\u00e3, t\u00abi th\u00cay ng\u00b5y n\u00b5o Harry c\u00f2ng \u00ae\u00f8ng \u00ae\u00eei \u00eb \u00ae\u00c7u c\u00c7u thang nh\u00b5 ga \u00ae\u00d3 \u00ae\u00e3n chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u 9g05 ph\u00f3t.

T\u00abi nh\u00ed l\u00c7n \u00ae\u00c7u ti\u00aan g\u00c6p Harry th\u00d7 \u00ae\u00e3 ch\u00d8 l\u00b5 m\u00e9t anh ch\u00b5ng nh\u00e1 nh\u00ben v\u00b5 khu\u00abn m\u00c6t \u00ae\u00c7y v\u00ce b\u00e5i h\u00e5i, x\u00f3c \u00ae\u00e9ng v\u00b5 lo l\u00beng. Harry \u00a8n v\u00cbn b\u00b6nh bao l\u00bem, v\u00b5 t\u00abi bi\u00d5t \u00ae\u00eec r\u00bbng Harry \u00ae\u00b7 c\u00e3 ng\u00eai y\u00aau, h\u00e4 s\u00cf \u00aei \u00ae\u00a8ng k\u00fd k\u00d5t h\u00abn khi c\u00ab g\u00b8i \u00ae\u00d5n. T\u00abi ch\u00bcng c\u00c7n ph\u00b6i gi\u00b6i th\u00ddch cho b\u00b9n bi\u00d5t r\u00bbng t\u00b9i sao t\u00abi r\u00e2 m\u00e4i chuy\u00d6n nh th\u00d5, b\u00ebi n\u00d5u b\u00b9n ng\u00b5y n\u00b5o c\u00f2ng \u00ae\u00f8ng \u00eb \u00ae\u00c7u c\u00c7u thang quan s\u00b8t nh\u00f7ng ng\u00eai ch\u00ea \u00ae\u00eei th\u00d7 b\u00b9n s\u00cf bi\u00d5t ngay th\u00abi.

H\u00abm \u00cay, khi chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u 9g05 ph\u00f3t \u00ae\u00d5n, t\u00abi b\u00cbn b\u00deu v\u00edi c\u00abng vi\u00d6c c\u00f1a m\u00d7nh n\u00aan qu\u00aan khu\u00cay Harry. T\u00abi kh\u00abng nh\u00d7n v\u00d2 ph\u00dda c\u00c7u thang n\u00f7a cho \u00ae\u00d5n khi ti\u00d5ng c\u00dfi c\u00f1a chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u 9g18 ph\u00f3t s\u00bep \u00ae\u00d5n vang l\u00aan. T\u00abi quay ra nh\u00d7n v\u00b5 h\u00d5t s\u00f8c ng\u00b9c nhi\u00aan khi th\u00cay Harry v\u00c9n c\u00dfn \u00ae\u00f8ng \u00ae\u00e3.

R\u00e5i c\u00ab g\u00b8i - ng\u00eai y\u00aau c\u00f1a Harry c\u00f2ng kh\u00abng \u00ae\u00d5n tr\u00aan chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u 9h18 ph\u00f3t, tr\u00aan chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u 9g40 ph\u00f3t c\u00f2ng ch\u00bcng h\u00d2 th\u00cay c\u00ab \u00cay. V\u00b5 khi t\u00cat c\u00b6 h\u00b5nh kh\u00b8ch c\u00f1a chuy\u00d5n 10g02 ph\u00f3t \u00ae\u00b7 khu\u00cat sau c\u00c7u thang, khu\u00abn m\u00c6t Harry b\u00bet \u00ae\u00c7u tr\u00eb n\u00aan tuy\u00d6t v\u00e4ng. C\u00cbu ta b\u00edc \u00ae\u00d5n \u00ab c\u00f6a c\u00f1a t\u00abi, \u00ae\u00f8ng \u00eb \u00ae\u00e3 tr\u00abng th\u00cbt kh\u00e6 s\u00eb. T\u00abi b\u00ccn g\u00e4i Harry l\u00b9i v\u00b5 h\u00e1i Harry v\u00d2 h\u00d7nh d\u00b8ng c\u00f1a c\u00ab g\u00b8i \u00cay.

C\u00cbu ta b\u00bet \u00ae\u00c7u t\u00b6: "C\u00ab \u00cay th\u00cap b\u00d0 v\u00b5 c\u00e3 m\u00b8i t\u00e3c \u00aeen, 19 tu\u00e6i, b\u00edc \u00aei r\u00cat nh\u00d1 nh\u00b5ng. Khu\u00abn m\u00c6t c\u00ab \u00cay - c\u00cbu ta suy ngh\u00dc m\u00e9t ph\u00f3t r\u00e5i n\u00e3i ti\u00d5p - \u00ae\u00c7y v\u00ce s\u00e8ng \u00ae\u00e9ng, nhi\u00d6t t\u00d7nh. C\u00ab \u00cay c\u00e3 th\u00d3 \u00ae\u00efa gi\u00ecn v\u00edi t\u00abi ch\u00f3t \u00ddt, nhng t\u00abi bi\u00d5t l\u00b5 c\u00ab \u00cay kh\u00abng bao gi\u00ea \u00ae\u00efa dai nh th\u00d5. \u00a7\u00abi m\u00b5y c\u00f1a c\u00ab \u00cay r\u00cat d\u00b5i, ch\u00f4m l\u00b9i th\u00b5nh m\u00e9t \u00aei\u00d3m \u00eb gi\u00f7a. C\u00ab \u00cay c\u00e3 m\u00e9t c\u00b8i \u00b8o l\u00abng th\u00f3 m\u00b5u n\u00a9u, nhng c\u00e3 th\u00d3 kh\u00abng m\u00c6c \u00b8o \u00cay ng\u00b5y h\u00abm nay".

T\u00abi r\u00b5 x\u00d0t l\u00b9i trong tr\u00dd nh\u00ed c\u00f1a m\u00d7nh nhng kh\u00abng th\u00d3 nh\u00ed \u00ae\u00eec l\u00b5
c\u00e3 t\u00f5ng g\u00c6p m\u00e9t c\u00ab g\u00b8i n\u00b5o nh th\u00d5 hay cha.

Harry \u00aea cho t\u00abi xem b\u00f8c \u00aei\u00d6n t\u00ddn m\u00b5 c\u00cbu ta \u00ae\u00b7 nh\u00cbn \u00ae\u00eec: "\u00a7\u00d5n v\u00b5o ng\u00b5y th\u00f8 Ba. \u00a7\u00e3n em \u00eb ga. Y\u00aau y\u00aau y\u00aau y\u00aau - May c\u00f1a anh". B\u00f8c \u00aei\u00d6n May g\u00f6i \u00aei t\u00f5 Omaha, Nebraska.

"\u00a4", cu\u00e8i c\u00efng t\u00abi \u00ae\u00b5nh ph\u00b6i b\u00b6o c\u00cbu ta, "Sao ch\u00f3 kh\u00abng g\u00e4i \u00ae\u00d5n nh\u00b5 c\u00ab \u00cay? \u00a7i\u00d6n tho\u00b9i \u00cay?" - "T\u00abi ch\u00d8 v\u00f5a \u00ae\u00d5n \u00ae\u00a9y c\u00e3 hai ng\u00b5y. T\u00f4i t\u00abi s\u00cf g\u00c6p nhau \u00eb \u00ae\u00a9y v\u00b5 c\u00efng nhau xu\u00e8ng mi\u00d2n Nam ki\u00d5m vi\u00d6c l\u00b5m", Harry \u00aea m\u00bet y\u00d5u \u00edt nh\u00d7n t\u00abi, "C\u00ab \u00cay - May \u00cay, kh\u00abng cho t\u00abi bi\u00d5t \u00ae\u00dea ch\u00d8 n\u00b5o \u00ae\u00a9u, c\u00ab \u00cay v\u00c9n \u00ae\u00efa nh th\u00d5 \u00ae\u00cay. May kh\u00abng c\u00dfn \u00eb nh\u00b5 b\u00e8 m\u00d1 c\u00ab \u00cay n\u00f7a".

R\u00e5i c\u00c7m b\u00f8c \u00aei\u00d6n, Harry l\u00b9i th\u00cat th\u00d3u b\u00edc \u00ae\u00d5n \u00ae\u00c7u c\u00c7u thang,
\u00ae\u00eei chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u 11g22 ph\u00f3t.
Ng\u00b5y k\u00d5 ti\u00d5p, d\u00ef b\u00cbn r\u00e9n v\u00edi c\u00abng vi\u00d6c, t\u00abi v\u00c9n tr\u00abng th\u00cay Harry

\u00ae\u00f8ng \u00ae\u00eei \u00eb \u00ae\u00e3. Khi th\u00cay t\u00abi \u00ae\u00b7 r\u00e7i r\u00b6nh, c\u00cbu ta b\u00edc t\u00edi ch\u00e7 t\u00abi.
T\u00abi h\u00e1i" "C\u00ab \u00cay c\u00e3 \u00aei l\u00b5m \u00eb \u00ae\u00a9u kh\u00abng?"
Harry g\u00cbt \u00ae\u00c7u: "C\u00ab \u00cay l\u00b5 th k\u00fd \u00ae\u00b8nh m\u00b8y. T\u00abi c\u00f2ng \u00ae\u00b7 \u00aei\u00d6n tho\u00b9i

cho \u00abng ch\u00f1 c\u00f2 c\u00f1a c\u00ab \u00cay. V\u00b5 t\u00cat c\u00b6 m\u00e4i ng\u00dfi ni l\u00b5m vi\u00d6c c\u00f1a May
\u00ae\u00d2u \u00ae\u00b7 bi\u00d5t r\u00bbng May ngh\u00d8 l\u00b5m \u00ae\u00d3 \u00aei l\u00cay ch\u00e5ng".

\u00b5, th\u00d7 ra c\u00a9u chuy\u00d6n b\u00bet \u00ae\u00c7u l\u00b5 \u00ae\u00a9y. Harry \u00ae\u00e3n m\u00e4i chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u \u00ae\u00d5n trong ba, b\u00e8n ng\u00b5y k\u00d5 ti\u00d5p. T\u00abi c\u00e3 th\u00d3 ngh\u00dc r\u00bbng c\u00b8i c\u00ab May \u00ae\u00e3 \u00ae\u00b7 ch\u00aci kh\u00a8m ch\u00b5ng Harry t\u00e9i nghi\u00d6p, ch\u00bcng chuy\u00d5n n\u00b5o \u00ae\u00d5n m\u00b5 c\u00e3 m\u00c6t c\u00ab ta. Nhng d\u00ef th\u00d5 n\u00b5o \u00aei n\u00f7a, t\u00abi c\u00f2ng kh\u00abng bao gi\u00ea tin \u00aei\u00d2u \u00ae\u00e3.

Kho\u00b6ng hai tu\u00c7n sau, t\u00abi b\u00bet \u00ae\u00c7u k\u00d3 cho Harry nghe v\u00d2 \u00ae\u00denh lu\u00cbt x\u00b8c su\u00cat c\u00f1a m\u00d7nh. T\u00abi b\u00b6o v\u00edi Harry: "N\u00d5u c\u00cbu ch\u00deu \u00ae\u00eei \u00ae\u00d5n m\u00e9t th\u00eai gian d\u00b5i nh\u00cat \u00ae\u00denh n\u00b5o \u00ae\u00e3, \u00ae\u00denh lu\u00cbt x\u00b8c su\u00cat s\u00cf cho c\u00cbu th\u00cay May b\u00edc l\u00aan c\u00c7u thang n\u00b5y, m\u00e9t ng\u00b5y - ng\u00b5y \u00cay r\u00e5i c\u00f2ng s\u00cf \u00ae\u00d5n th\u00abi". Harry v\u00c9n nh\u00d7n ch\u00a8m ch\u00f3 v\u00b5o c\u00b8i c\u00c7u thang nh th\u00d3 cha h\u00d2 tr\u00abng th\u00cay bao gi\u00ea, trong khi t\u00abi ti\u00d5p t\u00f4c gi\u00b6ng gi\u00b6i v\u00d2 nh\u00f7ng con s\u00e8 c\u00f1a Tony trong \u00ae\u00denh lu\u00cbt x\u00b8c su\u00cat.

Ng\u00b5y k\u00d5 ti\u00d5p, khi t\u00abi \u00ae\u00d5n ch\u00e7 l\u00b5m c\u00f1a m\u00d7nh th\u00d7 \u00ae\u00b7 th\u00cay Harry \u00ae\u00f8ng sau qu\u00c7y t\u00b9p ch\u00dd c\u00f1a Tony v\u00b5 c\u00cbu ta n\u00e3i: "Anh ngh\u00dc xem, t\u00abi c\u00c7n ki\u00d5m m\u00e9t vi\u00d6c l\u00b5m \u00eb ch\u00e7 n\u00b5y ch\u00f8, \u00ae\u00f3ng kh\u00abng?".

Sau \u00ae\u00e3, Harry l\u00b5m th k\u00fd, ch\u00b9y v\u00c6t cho Tony. Ch\u00f3ng t\u00abi kh\u00abng h\u00d2 nh\u00bec \u00ae\u00d5n May v\u00b5 c\u00b8i \u00ae\u00denh lu\u00cbt x\u00b8c su\u00cat \u00ae\u00e3 n\u00f7a. Nhng t\u00abi \u00ae\u00d3 \u00fd th\u00cay r\u00bbng Harry lu\u00abn quan s\u00b8t t\u00cat c\u00b6 m\u00e4i ng\u00eai l\u00aan xu\u00e8ng c\u00c7u thang nh\u00b5 ga.

V\u00b5o kho\u00b6ng cu\u00e8i n\u00a8m, v\u00ee ch\u00e5ng Tony chuy\u00d3n \u00aei n\u00aci kh\u00b8c sinh s\u00e8ng v\u00b5 b\u00b8n l\u00b9i qu\u00c7y t\u00b9p ch\u00dd cho Harry. Harry m\u00een ti\u00d2n \u00ae\u00d3 \u00ae\u00c6t th\u00aam m\u00e9t t\u00f1 b\u00b8n s\u00ab-\u00aea, n\u00edc ng\u00e4t. Ch\u00bcng m\u00cay ch\u00e8c Harry \u00ae\u00b7 c\u00e3 m\u00e9t c\u00ac ng\u00aci kinh doanh nho nh\u00e1 v\u00b5 t\u00abi ph\u00f4c c\u00cbu ta s\u00b8t \u00ae\u00cat v\u00d2 \u00aei\u00d2u n\u00b5y.

Cho \u00ae\u00d5n ng\u00b5y h\u00abm qua. T\u00abi \u00ae\u00e9t nhi\u00aan nghe m\u00e9t ti\u00d5ng la th\u00cbt l\u00edn
v\u00b5 ti\u00d5p theo \u00ae\u00e3 l\u00b5 ti\u00d5ng h\u00b5ng lo\u00b9t \u00ae\u00e5 \u00ae\u00b9c r\u00aci \u00ae\u00e6. Ti\u00d5ng la l\u00b5 c\u00f1a

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