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Published by: api-3755072 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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k.t., gi\u00ea em \u00eb \u00a7\u00a9u?

thi v\u00b5o \u00ae\u00b9i h\u00e4c \u00ae\u00b9t \u00aei\u00d3m cao n\u00aan ch\u00f3ng t\u00abi \u00ae\u00eec ch\u00e4n ra n\u00edc ngo\u00b5i h\u00e4c t\u00cbp. \u00a7\u00e3 l\u00b5 n\u00a8m 1974, khi \u00cay t\u00abi v\u00f5a tr\u00dfn 17 tu\u00e6i. tr\u00aan chuy\u00d5n t\u00b5u li\u00aan v\u00cbn, ch\u00eb t\u00edi 200 lu h\u00e4c sinh. khi t\u00b5u r\u00eai b\u00bec kinh ch\u00f5ng 5 ti\u00d5ng \u00ae\u00e5ng h\u00e5, l\u00f3c \u00cay kho\u00b6ng 10 gi\u00ea s\u00b8ng, t\u00abi b\u00edc ra h\u00b5nh lang say sa ng\u00bem nh\u00f7ng h\u00b5ng c\u00a9y, \u00ae\u00e5ng c\u00e1 xanh r\u00ean nh nh\u00f7ng t\u00cam th\u00b6m kh\u00e6ng l\u00e5 lao vun v\u00f3t qua khung c\u00f6a s\u00e6. b\u00cat gi\u00b8c t\u00abi linh c\u00b6m c\u00e3 ai \u00ae\u00e3 \u00aeang nh\u00d7n m\u00d7nh. t\u00abi quay l\u00b9i. m\u00e9t \u00ae\u00abi m\u00bet m\u00eb to, \u00aeen l\u00b8y v\u00b5 trong veo: \u00b8nh m\u00bet nh\u00d7n th\u00bcng nh m\u00e9t tia ch\u00edp l\u00b5m tim t\u00abi th\u00bet l\u00b9i. tr\u00eb n\u00aan l\u00f3ng t\u00f3ng, ng\u00eai n\u00e3ng r\u00f9c, t\u00abi v\u00e9i c\u00f3i \u00ae\u00c7u v\u00b5 \u00aei th\u00bcng v\u00b5o ph\u00dfng. (kh\u00abng ng\u00ea r\u00bbng \u00b8nh m\u00bet \u00cay r\u00e5i s\u00cf \u00aeeo \u00ae\u00bcng t\u00abi su\u00e8t c\u00b6 cu\u00e9c \u00ae\u00eai). ch\u00f3ng t\u00abi \u00ae\u00eec \u00aea \u00ae\u00d5n n\u00edc c\u00e9ng ho\u00b5 acm\u00aania v\u00b5 c\u00efng v\u00b5o h\u00e4c khoa d\u00f9 b\u00de \u00a7\u00b9i h\u00e4c t\u00e6ng h\u00eep \u00a3r\u00aavan. t\u00abi v\u00b5 em \u00eb hai l\u00edp kh\u00b8c nhau nhng \u00ae\u00d2u \u00eb t\u00c7ng 2 c\u00f1a khu h\u00e4c \u00ae\u00eang 4 t\u00c7ng. ng\u00b5y n\u00b5o c\u00f2ng v\u00cby, c\u00f8 g\u00c7n h\u00d5t ti\u00d5t h\u00e4c l\u00b5 t\u00abi kh\u00abng t\u00b5i n\u00b5o t\u00cbp trung ch\u00f3 \u00fd \u00ae\u00eec n\u00f7a, ch\u00d8 ngh\u00dc \u00ae\u00d5n m\u00e9t \u00aei\u00d2u: gi\u00ea ra ch\u00aci, nh\u00cat \u00ae\u00denh em s\u00cf \u00ae\u00f8ng \u00eb g\u00e3c \u00cay.tr\u00aan \u00ae\u00eai c\u00e3 nh\u00f7ng chuy\u00d6n th\u00cbt k\u00fa di\u00d6u. linh c\u00b6m c\u00f1a t\u00abi kh\u00abng h\u00d2 sai: t\u00abi ra kh\u00e1i l\u00edp, em \u00ae\u00f8ng \u00ae\u00e3.t\u00abi \u00ae\u00f8ng t\u00f5 xa nh\u00d7n em. m\u00e7i l\u00c7n em ng\u00edc \u00ae\u00abi m\u00bet to \u00aeen l\u00b8y trong veo nh\u00d7n l\u00b9i, l\u00b5 t\u00abi l\u00b9i c\u00f3i xu\u00e8ng v\u00b5 \u00aei v\u00b5o l\u00edp, \u00ae\u00d3 r\u00e5i nu\u00e8i ti\u00d5c kh\u00abng ngu\u00abi. t\u00abi c\u00f8 t\u00f9 nh\u00f1: em \u00ae\u00d1p th\u00d5, c\u00dfn t\u00abi g\u00c7y nhom, cao k\u00d2u (1,70m) th\u00d7 l\u00b5m sao c\u00e3 th\u00d3.... c\u00f8 th\u00d5 th\u00eai gian tr\u00abi nhanh, n\u00a8m h\u00e4c d\u00f9 b\u00de qua \u00aei. l\u00c7n cu\u00e8i c\u00efng t\u00abi b\u00bet g\u00c6p \u00ae\u00abi m\u00bet \u00cay l\u00b5 \u00eb s\u00a9n bay \u00a3r\u00aavan, v\u00b5 c\u00f2ng ch\u00d8 trong t\u00ddch t\u00bec. t\u00abi l\u00aan \u00ae\u00eang v\u00d2 petchigorsko (mi\u00d2n nam n\u00edc nga) \u00ae\u00d3 h\u00e4c t\u00cbp. em \u00ae\u00d5n m\u00e9t th\u00b5nh ph\u00e8 n\u00b5o \u00ae\u00e3 \u00eb ph\u00dda b\u00bec. ch\u00ddnh c\u00b8i h\u00abm "chia tay" \u00cay, t\u00abi m\u00edi bi\u00d5t em c\u00e3 c\u00b8i t\u00aan nh con trai: k.t..

r\u00e5i t\u00f5 \u00ae\u00e3 t\u00abi kh\u00abng bao gi\u00ea g\u00c6p l\u00b9i em n\u00f7a. m\u00b5 th\u00abi, g\u00c6p \u00ae\u00d3 l\u00b5 g\u00d7. em \u00ae\u00d1p th\u00d5, c\u00dfn t\u00abi.... th\u00eai gian tr\u00abi qua. t\u00abi ph\u00b6i v\u00cbt l\u00e9n v\u00edi cu\u00e9c s\u00e8ng \u00ae\u00d3 t\u00e5n t\u00b9i, r\u00e5i t\u00abi c\u00edi v\u00ee, c\u00e3 con. k\u00fb ni\u00d6m tu\u00e6i m\u00edi l\u00edn v\u00edi \u00ae\u00abi m\u00bet to \u00aeen l\u00b8y v\u00b5 trong veo ch\u00d8 c\u00dfn l\u00b9i trong t\u00abi nh m\u00e9t \u00b6o \u00b6nh bu\u00e5n, m\u00ac h\u00e5 l\u00c6ng v\u00b5o xa v\u00beng.

th\u00d5 r\u00e5i hai m\u00aci m\u00e8t n\u00a8m sau, t\u00d7nh c\u00ea t\u00abi t\u00d7m l\u00b9i \u00ae\u00eec t\u00cam \u00b6nh t\u00abi ch\u00f4p l\u00f3c m\u00edi sang li\u00aan x\u00ab h\u00e4c: m\u00e9t c\u00cbu b\u00d0 v\u00edi \u00ae\u00abi m\u00b8 b\u00c7u b\u00dcnh, \u00ae\u00abi m\u00bet m\u00eb to, c\u00f2ng \u00aeen l\u00b8y v\u00b5 trong veo. t\u00abi \u00ae\u00cay ? gi\u00ea t\u00abi m\u00edi nh\u00cbn ra

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