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Published by api-3755072

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Published by: api-3755072 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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l\u00b5m \u00ae\u00b5n \u00abng

ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab \u00ae\u00f8ng tr\u00edc chi\u00d5c t\u00f1 g\u00acng v\u00b5 th\u00eb \u00ae\u00d2u \u00ae\u00c6n, s\u00a9u. anh \u00ecn vai, n\u00bem ch\u00c6t tay vung ra b\u00e8n ph\u00dda, l\u00aan g\u00a9n co du\u00e7i v\u00b5 m\u00d8m c\u00eai h\u00b5i l\u00dfng v\u00edi nh\u00f7ng b\u00bep th\u00det d\u00ceo dai n\u00e6i h\u00bbn l\u00aan tr\u00aan c\u00b8nh tay c\u00f1a m\u00d7nh...

m\u00e9t l\u00f3c sau, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab \u00ae\u00b7 \u00aei tr\u00aan \u00ae\u00eang. anh b\u00edc r\u00cat nhanh, qu\u00b6 quy\u00d5t, n\u00d6n g\u00e3t ch\u00a9n l\u00aan nh\u00f7ng h\u00dfn \u00ae\u00b8 l\u00b8t. m\u00bet tr\u00abng th\u00bcng v\u00d2 ph\u00dda tr\u00edc, anh kh\u00abng nh\u00d7n th\u00cay g\u00d7 h\u00d5t, th\u00cbm ch\u00dd c\u00b6 m\u00c6t tr\u00a8ng \u00aeang d\u00e4i s\u00b8ng con \u00ae\u00eang cho anh \u00aei. t\u00cat c\u00b6 suy ngh\u00dc c\u00f1a anh \u00ae\u00d2u h\u00edng v\u00d2 lina v\u00b5 \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng.

ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab y\u00aau lina, con g\u00b8i c\u00f1a t\u00aan\u00abri\u00ab, m\u00e9t ch\u00f1 hi\u00d6u bu\u00abn. \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng, con c\u00f1a ng\u00eai th\u00ee c\u00bet t\u00e3c, m\u00e9t thanh ni\u00aan g\u00b5y g\u00df, l\u00b5 k\u00ce t\u00d7nh \u00ae\u00dech c\u00f1a anh.

ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab t\u00b8n t\u00d8nh s\u00a8n \u00ae\u00e3n lina \u00ae\u00b7 l\u00a9u, v\u00b5 theo anh ngh\u00dc, kh\u00abng ph\u00b6i kh\u00abng c\u00e3 k\u00d5t qu\u00b6. nhng t\u00f5 khi lina l\u00b5m quen v\u00edi \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab th\u00cay c\u00ab g\u00b8i b\u00e7ng tr\u00eb n\u00aan l\u00b9nh nh\u00b9t v\u00edi m\u00d7nh.

s\u00abi s\u00f4c c\u00a8m th\u00ef \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab quy\u00d5t \u00ae\u00denh b\u00bbng m\u00e4i c\u00b8ch lo\u00b9i tr\u00f5 \u00ae\u00dech th\u00f1. anh kh\u00abng th\u00d3 \u00ae\u00d3 cho \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng chi\u00d5m \u00ae\u00eec lina. c\u00ab ta ph\u00b6i thu\u00e9c v\u00d2 anh, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab, v\u00b5 ch\u00d8 thu\u00e9c v\u00d2 anh m\u00b5 th\u00abi!

ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab kh\u00abng nghi ng\u00ea r\u00bbng \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng s\u00ee anh v\u00b5 kh\u00abng d\u00b8m \u00ae\u00b8nh nhau v\u00edi anh - h\u00ben ta l\u00ceo kho\u00ceo, s\u00f8c v\u00e3c ch\u00bcng \u00ae\u00eec bao l\u00a8m. n\u00d5u g\u00e4i \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng ra quy\u00d5t \u00ae\u00cau, ch\u00bec h\u00ben ta ph\u00b6i ho\u00b6ng s\u00ee, kh\u00abng d\u00b8m nh\u00cbn l\u00eai. l\u00f3c \u00ae\u00e3 s\u00cf ch\u00bcng c\u00dfn ai \u00ae\u00f8ng ch\u00ben ngang \u00ae\u00eang c\u00f1a ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab n\u00f7a! v\u00b5 tr\u00b8i tim lina l\u00b9i thu\u00e9c v\u00d2 m\u00e9t m\u00d7nh anh!

chi\u00d2u h\u00abm \u00ae\u00e3, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab \u00ae\u00b7 suy t\u00ddnh r\u00cat k\u00fc c\u00b5ng. anh c\u00c7n
ph\u00b6i lo\u00b9i tr\u00f5 \u00ae\u00dech th\u00f1 b\u00bbng b\u00cat c\u00f8 gi\u00b8 n\u00b5o!

\u00a7\u00d5n g\u00c7n nh\u00b5 lina, anh b\u00edc ch\u00cbm l\u00b9i. n\u00bem ch\u00bet tay, l\u00aan g\u00a9n, m\u00e9t l\u00c7n n\u00f7a n\u00ben th\u00f6 c\u00ac b\u00bep. t\u00e8t l\u00bem, t\u00cat c\u00b6 \u00ae\u00d2u tuy\u00d6t di\u00d6u!

d\u00f5ng l\u00b9i nh\u00d7n l\u00aan ng\u00abi nh\u00b5, anh b\u00e7ng th\u00cay lina \u00aeang \u00ae\u00f8ng trong c\u00f6a s\u00e6 m\u00eb r\u00e9ng. tr\u00edc m\u00bet c\u00ab, quay lng l\u00b9i ph\u00dda ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab, l\u00b5 \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng. m\u00bet ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab t\u00e8i s\u00c7m l\u00b9i. m\u00e9t ph\u00f3t, hai ph\u00f3t tr\u00abi qua... l\u00bec m\u00b9nh \u00ae\u00c7u xua \u00aeu\u00e6i c\u00acn cho\u00b8ng v\u00b8ng, th\u00c7m

ngh\u00dc r\u00bbng m\u00d7nh c\u00dfn c\u00e3 th\u00d7 gi\u00ea, cha v\u00e9i, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab quay g\u00e3t \u00aei ng\u00eec l\u00b9i \u00ae\u00eang c\u00f2. anh v\u00b5o qu\u00b8n g\u00e4i c\u00e8c r\u00eeu rom. u\u00e8ng c\u00b9n m\u00e9t h\u00aci, anh tr\u00b6 ti\u00d2n v\u00b5 b\u00edc ra, \u00aei th\u00bcng v\u00d2 ph\u00dda nh\u00b5 lina. t\u00d7nh y\u00aau, l\u00dfng c\u00a8m th\u00ef v\u00b5 s\u00f9 gi\u00cbn d\u00f7 c\u00e5n c\u00b5o trong ng\u00f9c anh, c\u00dfn tr\u00edc m\u00bet l\u00b5 h\u00d7nh \u00b6nh lina v\u00b5 th\u00bbng \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng \u00ae\u00b8ng gh\u00d0t.

cha \u00ae\u00eec m\u00eai b\u00edc, anh \u00ae\u00b7 th\u00cay \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng \u00aeang ch\u00c7m ch\u00cbm \u00aei ng\u00eec l\u00b9i ph\u00dda anh, mi\u00d6ng hu\u00fdt s\u00b8o m\u00e9t b\u00b5i h\u00b8t vui. ch\u00ddnh b\u00b5i h\u00b8t n\u00b5y \u00ae\u00b7 th\u00cbt s\u00f9 l\u00b5m ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab ph\u00b8t \u00aei\u00aan l\u00aan. nghi\u00d5n r\u00a8ng, xi\u00d5t ch\u00c6t n\u00bem \u00ae\u00cam, anh \u00ae\u00f8ng l\u00b9i b\u00aan m\u00d0p h\u00cc ph\u00e8 ch\u00ea \u00ae\u00dech th\u00f1.

- t\u00ed c\u00c7n g\u00c6p c\u00cbu m\u00e9t t\u00dd. n\u00b5o, ta s\u00cf n\u00e3i chuy\u00d6n nh \u00ae\u00b5n \u00abng
v\u00edi nhau, - v\u00f5a n\u00e3i ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab v\u00f5a t\u00f3m l\u00cay c\u00e6 \u00b8o \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng.
- b\u00e1 ra, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab, t\u00ed kh\u00abng \u00ae\u00b8nh nhau v\u00edi c\u00cbu \u00ae\u00a9u, -
\u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng b\u00d7nh t\u00dcnh \u00ae\u00b8p.
- t\u00b9i sao l\u00b9i kh\u00abng ? \u00a7\u00f5ng h\u00dfng, t\u00ed b\u00bet c\u00cbu ph\u00b6i \u00ae\u00b8nh nhau!
- v\u00b5 ti\u00d5p sau l\u00eai \u00aee do\u00b9 l\u00b5 m\u00e9t c\u00b8i t\u00b8t.
- v\u00ab \u00ddch th\u00abi, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab \u00b9. c\u00cbu l\u00b5m th\u00d5 ch\u00bcng \u00ae\u00eec g\u00d7 \u00ae\u00a9u,
- \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng l\u00b9nh l\u00efng n\u00e3i.

ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab vung tay tr\u00b8i t\u00b8t m\u00b9nh, nhng \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng k\u00dep tr\u00b8nh \u00ae- \u00eec. ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab l\u00b9i vung tay, nhng anh kh\u00abng k\u00dep \u00ae\u00b8nh ti\u00d5p: n\u00bem \u00ae\u00cam c\u00f1a ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab \u00ae\u00b7 d\u00cbp v\u00b5o c\u00bbm anh v\u00b5 h\u00cat anh l\u00a8n xu\u00e8ng \u00ae\u00cat. ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab l\u00cbp t\u00f8c ch\u00e5m d\u00cby, nhng ch\u00d8 v\u00f5a k\u00dep \u00ae\u00d3 nh\u00cbn ra \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng \u00aeang ti\u00d5n l\u00b9i g\u00c7n: \u00ae\u00dfn ti\u00d5p theo tr\u00f3ng v\u00b5o mang tai - v\u00b5 anh ng\u00b7 v\u00cbt xu\u00e8ng \u00ae\u00cat, kh\u00abng c\u00dfn c\u00b6m th\u00cay g\u00d7 n\u00f7a h\u00d5t...

\u00a7\u00d5n g\u00c7n c\u00e6ng nh\u00b5 m\u00d7nh, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab m\u00edi t\u00d8nh l\u00b9i v\u00b5 ng\u00b9c nhi\u00aan th\u00cay ng\u00eai \u00ae\u00ec anh \u00aei kh\u00abng ph\u00b6i ai kh\u00b8c m\u00b5 ch\u00ddnh l\u00b5 \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng. anh nghe ti\u00d5ng \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng n\u00e3i:

- ch\u00ddnh c\u00cbu, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab \u00b9, l\u00b5 ng\u00eai c\u00e3 l\u00e7i. v\u00d7 v\u00cby m\u00edi ra n\u00abng
n\u00e7i n\u00b5y. t\u00abi c\u00e3 mu\u00e8n th\u00d5 \u00ae\u00a9u...

v\u00b5o bu\u00e6i chi\u00d2u h\u00abm \u00ae\u00e3, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab kh\u00abng c\u00dfn c\u00e3 th\u00d3 thay \u00ae\u00e6i g\u00d7 \u00ae\u00eec n\u00f7a. c\u00b6 ng\u00eai \u00aeau nh\u00f5 v\u00d7 nh\u00f7ng c\u00f3 \u00ae\u00cam, c\u00dfn \u00ae\u00c7u th\u00d7 nh n\u00e6 bung ra b\u00ebi bao nhi\u00aau \u00fd ngh\u00dc.

c\u00b8i th\u00bbng v\u00ce ngo\u00b5i g\u00c7y g\u00df y\u00d5u \u00aeu\u00e8i kia l\u00cay \u00ae\u00a9u ra b\u00cay
nhi\u00aau l\u00b5 s\u00f8c m\u00b9nh nh\u00d8 ? - ric\u00b8c\u00aeo ngh\u00dc. anh b\u00de d\u00b5y v\u00df b\u00ebi \u00fd

ngh\u00dc r\u00bbng \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng \u00ae\u00b7 th\u00beng anh. x\u00cau h\u00e6, th\u00cbt l\u00b5 x\u00cau h\u00e6! m\u00b5 kh\u00abng ch\u00d8 v\u00edi \u00a7\u00ab\u00ae\u00abng - v\u00edi c\u00b6 ch\u00ddnh m\u00d7nh! v\u00b5 lina s\u00cf n\u00e3i g\u00d7 khi bi\u00d5t chuy\u00d6n n\u00b5y!?

nh\u00f7ng \u00fd ngh\u00dc quay cu\u00e5ng trong \u00ae\u00c7u, anh c\u00b6m th\u00cay m\u00d6t
m\u00e1i v\u00ab c\u00efng. l\u00dfng t\u00f9 tin tr\u00edc \u00ae\u00a9y \u00ae\u00b7 bi\u00d5n \u00aei \u00ae\u00a9u m\u00cat.

m\u00e7i l\u00c7n t\u00b8cpi ngoe ngu\u00c8y \u00aeu\u00abi \u00ae\u00d5n b\u00aan c\u00b9nh ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab, anh l\u00b9i ch\u00b8n ng\u00b8n l\u00bec \u00ae\u00c7u: n\u00e3 sao m\u00b5 g\u00c7y \u00ae\u00d5n th\u00d5, ch\u00d8 c\u00e3 \u00aeu\u00abi v\u00edi m\u00cay t\u00f3m l\u00abng! v\u00b5 nh kh\u00abng c\u00dfn s\u00e8ng n\u00f7a, su\u00e8t ng\u00b5y n\u00bbm d\u00b5i \u00eb nh\u00b5 ng\u00f1 g\u00cbt. l\u00b9i g\u00c7n nh kh\u00abng bao gi\u00ea s\u00f1a l\u00cay m\u00e9t ti\u00d5ng. m\u00b5 n\u00d5u c\u00e3 s\u00f1a th\u00d7 c\u00f2ng ho\u00b5n to\u00b5n ch\u00bcng do\u00b9 \u00ae\u00eec ai. \u00a7\u00d5n k\u00ce tr\u00e9m c\u00f2ng kh\u00abng s\u00ee. ch\u00d8 c\u00c7n th\u00cay ngo\u00b5i \u00ae\u00eang m\u00e9t con ch\u00e3 con n\u00b5o ho\u00c6c nghe ti\u00d5ng b\u00c7y ch\u00e3 nh\u00b5 b\u00aan c\u00ben nhau, n\u00e3 \u00ae\u00b7 c\u00f4p \u00aeu\u00abi ch\u00b9y nh t\u00aan b\u00ben v\u00b5o nh\u00b5 tr\u00e8n t\u00ddt d\u00edi g\u00cbm b\u00b5n! \u00a7\u00b7 bao l\u00c7n ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab n\u00e3i v\u00edi m\u00d7nh: "\u00a7\u00d3 con ch\u00e3 n\u00b5y l\u00b9i l\u00b5m g\u00d7 n\u00f7a? \u00a7\u00eec \u00ddch l\u00eei g\u00d7? ch\u00d8 c\u00e3 bi\u00d5t \u00a8n! m\u00e9t con v\u00cbt l\u00eai bi\u00d5ng, nh\u00b8t nh c\u00b8y. th\u00d5 m\u00b5 c\u00f2ng l\u00b5 gi\u00e8ng \u00ae\u00f9c!"

ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab \u00ae\u00denh \u00aeem cho ng\u00eai kh\u00b8c, nhng kh\u00abng ai mu\u00e8n nh\u00cbn c\u00b6. t\u00b8cpi g\u00c7y \u00ae\u00d5n n\u00e7i ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab ph\u00b6i x\u00cau h\u00e6. khi c\u00e3 ng\u00eai h\u00e1i con ch\u00e3 n\u00b5y l\u00b5 c\u00f1a ai, anh tr\u00b6 l\u00eai tr\u00b8nh \u00aei r\u00bbng ch\u00bec l\u00b5 con ch\u00e3 hoang n\u00b5o \u00ae\u00e3 l\u00b9c \u00ae\u00d5n, kh\u00abng bi\u00d5t ai l\u00b5 ch\u00f1, v\u00b5 anh n\u00e3i th\u00aam: ch\u00bcng l\u00cf v\u00f8t n\u00e3 ra \u00ae\u00eang \u00b5, t\u00e9i nghi\u00d6p!

th\u00f9c ra con ch\u00e3 n\u00b5y l\u00b5 c\u00f1a ch\u00ddnh ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab. anh h\u00e1i xin n\u00e3 \u00eb nh\u00b5 ng\u00eai anh h\u00e4 khi n\u00e3 c\u00dfn b\u00d0 t\u00dd. ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab ch\u00a8m s\u00e3c n\u00e3 r\u00cat c\u00c8n th\u00cbn, m\u00ac \u00edc s\u00cf nu\u00abi th\u00b5nh m\u00e9t con ch\u00e3 s\u00a8n gan d\u00b9, kho\u00ce \u00ae\u00d1p. nhng hi v\u00e4ng c\u00f1a anh kh\u00abng th\u00b5nh. t\u00b8cpi l\u00edn l\u00aan \u00e8m y\u00d5u, c\u00e3 l\u00cf v\u00d7 v\u00cby m\u00b5 ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab r\u00f1a n\u00e3 l\u00b5 l\u00eai bi\u00d5ng v\u00b5 nh\u00f3t nh\u00b8t, v\u00b5 anh bao gi\u00ea c\u00f2ng c\u00b6m th\u00cay kh\u00e3 ch\u00deu c\u00b6 nh\u00f7ng khi n\u00e3 th\u00a9n thi\u00d6n ve vu\u00e8t anh.

ng\u00b5y h\u00abm \u00ae\u00e3, t\u00b8cpi ch\u00bcng hi\u00d3u sao kh\u00abng \u00eb nh\u00b5. kh\u00abng th\u00cay n\u00e3 c\u00b6 \u00eb c\u00b9nh th\u00efng \u00ae\u00f9ng c\u00b8 h\u00e9p, c\u00b6 d\u00edi h\u00b5ng d\u00cbu g\u00e7, c\u00b6 \u00eb ngo\u00b5i \u00ae\u00eang ph\u00dda tr\u00edc nh\u00b5. tuy v\u00cby, ric\u00b8c\u00ae\u00ab v\u00c9n \u00ae\u00e6 ph\u00c7n \u00a8n cho n\u00e3 v\u00b5o b\u00b8t v\u00b5 ngh\u00dc r\u00bbng n\u00d5u con ch\u00e3 c\u00e3 l\u00b9c m\u00cat \u00aei n\u00f7a th\u00d7 anh c\u00f2ng s\u00cf ch\u00bcng ti\u00d5c...

anh mu\u00e8n c\u00e3 m\u00e9t con ch\u00e3 gi\u00e8ng t\u00e8t, kho\u00ce, kh\u00abn v\u00b5 c\u00b8i ch\u00ddnh l\u00b5 gan d\u00b9. t\u00b8cpi th\u00d7 ch\u00bcng c\u00e3 \u00ae\u00eec m\u00e9t \u00ae\u00f8c t\u00ddnh n\u00b5o c\u00b6. n\u00d5u t\u00b8cpi kh\u00abng nh\u00b8t gan l\u00bem, c\u00e3 l\u00cf anh \u00ae\u00b7 b\u00e1 qua \u00ae\u00eec

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