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Dennis & Dee Mourn Steve Jobs

Dennis & Dee Mourn Steve Jobs

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Published by Shyam Popat
Written between season 5 and 6.
Written between season 5 and 6.

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Published by: Shyam Popat on Oct 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dennis & Dee Mourn Steve JobsByShyam PopatIt’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia spec scriptCopyright 2011 Shyam Popat shyam.popat91@gmail.com07912623323
EXT. STREET/INT. BAR10.30am.On a Monday.Philadelphia, PA.CHARLIE and MAC walk towards the bar.CHARLIEI just don’t get why you wouldwanna watch movies about a bunch offoreign people. I mean, what dothey have that you can’t get inAmerica?MACThey’re Chinese or something, OK?And they do karate and jiu jitsuand kung fu and it’s awesome.CHARLIEOK, that’s awesome, I get that, butwhat about the bits in between? Yougotta read all those subtitles andwait so long for the next kick-assfight. That can last, like, tenminutes man.MACStory is important, Charlie. Itsets up dramatic tension so thatwhen the sweet moves come back onwe’re super pumped, because we’vebeen so bored for so long.CHARLIEOh, that kinda makes sense...Charlie and Mac enter the bar. It is dimly lit, with candlessupplying the only light. Patrons are scattered around.DENNIS and DEE stand, in silence, turned away from the frontdoor, looking down. Dennis wears a black turtleneck, Dee ablack dress. Dee cries, her make-up running over her cheeks.Mac and Charlie walk to them.MACWhy the hell aren’t the lights on?CHARLIEAre those candles scented?(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.DEENo, they’re not scented, Charlie.CHARLIEI like the smell. Is that whatnormal candles smell like?DENNISWe’re in mourning, Mac.CHARLIEOh...MACWho died?Dennis and Dee part to reveal a framed picture, surroundedby candles, a wreath lies at its feet. The picture is ofSteve Jobs. A caption reads:RIP Steve Jobs1955-2011END OF TITLE SEQUENCECREDITS ROLL: DENNIS AND DEE MOURN STEVE JOBSINT. PADDY’S PUBCHARLIESo you never actually knew thisguy. Did you meet him?MACNo, they never met Steve Jobs. Thisis so stupid.DENNISYou’re stupid, Mac, if you’re notsad that we have lost a trueAmerican hero.MACOK, Dennis. What makes this guy sogoddamn great?DENNISUh, I dunno, maybe the fact that heinvented computers?(CONTINUED)

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