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Constructictivist Foudautions 4

Constructictivist Foudautions 4

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Published by: api-3719401 on Oct 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume 2, Numbers 2\u20133

Festschrift for
Ernst von Glasersfeld
celebrating his 90th birthday

Festschrift for
Ernst von Glasersfeld
celebrating his 90th birthday

An interdisciplinary journal
March 2007
Editors: Ranulph Glanville & Alexander Riegler
Editors: Ranulph Glanville & Alexander Riegler
Advisory Board
William Clancey
NASA Ames Research Center, USA
Ranulph Glanville
CybernEthics Research, UK
Ernst von Glasersfeld
University of Massachusetts, USA
Vincent Kenny
Accademia Costruttivista di
Terapia Sistemica, Italy
Klaus Krippendorff
University of Pennsylvania, USA
Humberto Maturana
Institute Matr\u00edztica, Chile
Josef Mitterer
University of Klagenfurt, Austria
Karl M\u00fcller
Wisdom, Austria
Bernhard P\u00f6rksen
University of Hamburg, Germany
Gebhard Rusch
University of Siegen, Germany
Siegfried J. Schmidt
University of M\u00fcnster, Germany
Bernard Scott
Cranfield University, UK
Sverre Sj\u00f6lander
Link\u00f6ping University, Sweden
Stuart Umpleby
George Washington University, USA
Terry Winograd
Stanford University, USA
Alexander Riegler
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Editorial Board
Pille Bunnell
Royal Roads University, Canada
Olaf Diettrich
Center Leo Apostel, Belgium
Dewey Dykstra
Boise State University, USA
Stefano Franchi
University of Auckland, New Zealand
Timo Honkela
Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Finland
Theo Hug
University of Innsbruck, Austria
Urban Kordes
Institut Jozef Stefan, Slovenia
Albert M\u00fcller
University of Vienna, Austria
Herbert F. J. M\u00fcller
McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Markus Peschl
University of Vienna, Austria
Bernd Porr
University of Glasgow, UK
John Stewart
Univ. de Technologie de Compi\u00e8gne, France
Wolfgang Winter
Univ. of Cooperative Education, Germany
Tom Ziemke
University of Sk\u00f6vde, Sweden
Constructivist Foundations (CF) is an independent academic peer-reviewed e-journal

without commercial interests. Its aim is to promote scientific foundations and applications of
constructivist sciences, to weed out pseudoscientific claims and to base constructivist
sciences on sound scientific foundations, which do not equal the scientific method with
objectivist claims. The journal is concerned with the interdisciplinary study of all forms of
constructivist sciences, especially radical constructivism, biology of cognition, cybersemiotics,
enactive cognitive science, epistemic structuring of experience, non-dualism, second order
cybernetics, the theory of autopoietic systems, etc.

The basic motivation behind the journal is to make peer-reviewed constructivist papers

available to the academic audience free of charge. Theco nst r u ctivec ha r a c te r of the
journal refers to the fact that the journal publishes actual work in constructivist sciences
rather than work that argues for the importance or need for constructivism. The journal is
open to (provocative) new ideas that fall within the scope of constructivist approaches and
encourages critical academic submissions to help sharpen the position of constructivist

sciences. The common denominator of constructivist approaches can be summarized as
\u2022 Constructivist approaches question the Cartesian separation between objective world
and subjective experience;
\u2022 Consequently, they demand the inclusion of the observer in scientific explanations;
\u2022 Representationalism is rejected; knowledge is a system-related cognitive process rather
than a mapping of an objective world onto subjective cognitive structures;
\u2022 According to constructivist approaches, it is futile to claim that knowledge approaches
reality; reality is brought forth by the subject rather than passively received;
\u2022 Constructivist approaches entertain an agnostic relationship with reality, which is
considered beyond our cognitive horizon; any reference to it should be refrained from;
\u2022 Therefore, the focus of research moves from the world that consists of matter to the
world that consists of what matters;
\u2022 Constructivist approaches focus on self-referential and organizationally closed systems;
such systems strive for control over their inputs rather than their outputs;
\u2022 With regard to scientific explanations, constructivist approaches favor a process-

oriented approach rather than a substance-based perspective, e.g. living systems are
defined by processes whereby they constitute and maintain their own organization;
\u2022 Constructivist approaches emphasize the \u201cindividual as personal scientist\u201d approach;
sociality is defined as accommodating within the framework of social interaction;

\u2022 Finally, constructivist approaches ask for an open and less dogmatic approach to
science in order to generate the flexibility that is needed to cope with today\u2019s scientific

For more information visit the journal\u2019s website
Language: Papers must be written in English. If English is a foreign language for you please
let the text be proofread by an English native speaker.
Copyright:With the exception of reprints of \u201cclassical\u201d articles, all papers are \u201coriginal

work,\u201d i.e., they must not have been published elsewhere before nor must they be the revised version (changes amount to less than 25% of the original) of a published work. However, the copyright remains with the author and is licensed under a Creative

Commons License.
Author\u2019s Guidelines: Before submission, please consult the guidelines at
Submissions are continuously received
Send all material to Alexander Riegler, ariegler@vub.ac.be
The quality of a journal can only be maintained by thoughtful, careful, and constructive
reviewing of both board members and external reviewers. We thank the following
external reviewers for taking the time to review manuscripts submitted to Constructivist
Foundations Volume 2: Paolo Ivan Bolognesi, Gary Boyd, Jane Burry, Giancarlo Corsi,
Wolfgang Jonas, Richard Jung, Elvira Knaepen, Claus Pias, Francesco Ranci, Fred Steier.
Constructivist Foundations 2007, vol. 2, nos. 2\u20133
Festschrift for
Ernst von Glasersfeld
celebrating his 90th birthday
Ranulph Glanville and Alexander Riegler
Table of Contents
Ranulph Glanville & Alexander Riegler
Ninety Years of Constructing................. 2
Ranulph Glanville
The Importance of Being Ernst............. 5
Siegfried J. Schmidt

God Has Created Reality,
We Create Worlds of Experience:
A Speech in Honour of Ernst von
Glasersfeld to Mark the Award of the
Gregory Bateson Prize,
Heidelberg, 6 May 2005.......................... 7

Early Work

Paul Braffort
Ernst Glasersfeld\u2019s
First Scienti\ufb01c Paper............................. 12

Felice Accame
Ernst von Glasersfeld and the
Italian Operative School....................... 18

Renzo Beltrame
The Theoretical Environment
around 1965.......................................... 25

Duane M. Rumbaugh
Ernst von Glasersfeld\u2019s Contributions
to the LANA Project............................. 29

Marco Bettoni
The Yerkish Language:
From Operational Methodology to
Chimpanzee Communication.............. 32

The Philosophy of
Radical Constructivism
Jack Lochhead
Ernst to Amherst, Massachusetts.......... 39
Leslie P. Steffe
Radical Constructivism:
A Scienti\ufb01c Research Program............. 41
Dewey I. Dykstra Jr.
The Challenge of Understanding
Radical Constructivism........................ 50
Vincent Kenny
Distinguishing Ernst von Glasersfeld\u2019s
Radical Constructivism from Humberto
Maturana\u2019s \u2018Radical Realism\u2019................ 58
Bernard Scott
The Co-Emergence of Parts and Wholes
in Psychological Individuation............ 65
Herbert F. J. M\u00fcller
Epistemology Returns to Its Roots...... 72
Vincent Kenny

Anyone for Tennis?
Conversations with Ernst on Being
Sporting about Epistemology............... 81

Radical Constructivism and Teaching
Reinhard Vo\u00df

To Find a Daisy in December:
Impressions of Ernst von Glasersfeld
and an Interview with Him about
Constructivism and Education............. 85

Marie Larochelle & Jacques D\u00e9sautels
Concerning Ernst von Glasersfeld\u2019s
Contribution to Intellectual Freedom:
One Interpretation, One Example....... 90

Ana Pasztor

Radical Constructivism has been Viable:
On the Democratization of
Math Education.................................... 98

Andreas Quale
The Epistemic Relativism of
Radical Constructivism:
Some Implications for Teaching the
Natural Sciences................................. 107

Theo Hug
Viability and Crusty Snow.................. 114
Radical Constructivism and
Its Implications for Society

Gebhard Rusch
Understanding. The Mutual Regulation
of Cognition and Culture................... 118

Laurence D. Richards
Connecting Radical Constructivism to
Social Transformation and Design.... 129
Markus F. Peschl

Triple-Loop Learning as Foundation
for Profound Change, Individual
Cultivation, and Radical Innovation:
Construction Processes beyond
Scienti\ufb01c and Rational Knowledge..... 136

Stuart Umpleby
Ernst von Glasersfeld\u2019s Limerick........ 146
Acknowledgement: The festschrift was generously supported by the American Society of Cybernetics (ASC) and the
Wiener Institut f\u00fcr Sozialwissenschaftliche Dokumentation und Methodik (WISDOM, Austria).
Special thanks to Silvia Pizzocaro (Politechnico Milano, Italy) for her translation of Felice Accame\u2019s contribution.
Copyright of photographs and paintings: Cover page: Werner Horvath, New Austrian Constructivism
Page 1: Jack Lochhead \u2022 Other photos: See individual papers for copyright notice
All cartoons throughout the festschrift were exclusively made by Mihaly Lenart.
VOLUME 2, NUMBERS 2\u20133
Constructivist Foundations

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