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R-C General Election guide

R-C General Election guide



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Published by sierranevadamedia

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Published by: sierranevadamedia on Oct 15, 2008
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 a  s p e c  i a  l  p u  b  l  i c a t  i o n  p r o v  i d e d   b y
  v  o  t  e   n  o  v
Community Leadership
5 years on the Douglas County Planning CommissionExtensive work on the 10 year master plan updateGraduate of Leadership Douglas CountyPresident Business Council of Douglas County
Community Understanding:
Water issuesEconomic IssuesOpen SpaceInfrastructure
Community Direction:Endorsed by:
Work within the Master PlanRetain open space andlocal water rightsPlanned InfrastructureStable Budget
Douglas County Commissioner District 5
It's Your Community
DouglasCountySheriff Protective Association
LakeTahoe Gaming Alliance
I am running for office because it is time for citizenrepresentation on theDouglas County Commission.As a 14-year resident of theCarson Valley with 25 yearsof business experience, I bring independence and loyalty to ALL residents of Douglas County.As your County Commissioner I will• Stand up for fiscal responsibility• Find real solutions to growth• Protect our quality of lifeI’m working to be your voice on The CountyCommission. Please join me in a campaign that unites our community and moves us to a bright and secure future.This is your community… it should be your voice.
in the November 4thGeneral Election
Nancy Epstein
County CommissionDistrict #5
“I pledge to work hard for Douglas County with ALLdecisions based on the county’s BEST INTEREST….” 
775-267-5107 info@NancyEpstein2008.comwww.NancyEpstein2008.com- Nancy Epstein
Page 2Introduction
Welcome to The Record-Courier’s printed version of a candi-dates forum.Like a candidates forum, we issued formal invitations to partici-pate and in some cases tracked down information about candidatesand their races.The information contained in this guide is pro-vided by the candidates. It gives them an oppor-tunity to talk directly to you about what theythink is important after providing us with somebasic information we think is important.The organization of the guide is simple withlocal elections in the front, state elections in themiddle and federal elections at the end.Below is a list of candidates and their information.Voter registration is closed and Saturday is the first day to voteearly in the Nov. 4 election. We wish all the candidates the best of luck and encourage everyone eligible to cast a ballot.
Kurt Hildebrandeditor
Source: Douglas CountyClerk-Treasurer’s Office
County commissionerDistrict 1 — Page 3
Anje de KnijfGreg LynnLocal Ballot Questions
District 3— Page 4
Doug N. JohnsonEric Rieman
District 5
Nancy L. EpsteinMichael Olson
School Board — Page 5Area 1
Karen H. ChessellCharles ‘Chuck’Swanson
Area 3
Greg FeltonCindy Trigg
Gardnerville Town Board — Page 6
Paul LindsayRobin BernhardMichael Smith
Indian Hills — Page 6
Art BaerBrian BuffoDianne Humble FournierLaura Lau
Gardnerville Ranchos — Page 7
Cade BaligadDavid BourneJeremy D. Davidson
Assembly — Page 8
JoEtta BrownDavid SchumannJames Arnold Settelmeyer
Supreme Court — Page 9
Mary ‘Kris’PickeringDeborah SchumacherThomas Frank ChristensenMark Gibbons
State School Board — Page 10
Dave CookBarbara MyersState ballot questions
U.S. Congress — Page 11
Craig BerglandJill DerbyJohn EverhartDean Heller
Douglas County Clerk’s Office
Check your registration
http://cltr.co.douglas.nv.us/ elections/vripri-general.cfm
Nevada Secretaryof State’s Office
Federal Election Commission
The White House
CandidatesUseful links
Douglas County Board of CommissionersDouglas County ballot questions
Local racesPage 3
Anje de Knijf
1218 Sierra Vista Drive,Gardnerville
Contact information:
Graduated from San Diego State University with a bache-lor’s degree in psychology with distinction in my major with a special-ization in statistical analysis and experimental design.
I attended the Douglas County Chamber of CommerceLeadership program
The upcoming election is a critical one that can determinethe economic future of Douglas County for a long time and I felt com-pelled to run so that as a county commissioner I can make thosedecisions that would be to the best interest of our county. As a countycommissioner I will address and support economic stability as the No.1 priority in Douglas County.I see the managed growth that we currently enjoy hampering theeconomic growth we could realize. Managed growth is fine whenthere is growth to manage. However, the current building permit allo-cation system is actually impeding those who desire to build inDouglas County from realizing their goals.Why constrain an owner from building by having them wait until thenext allocation quarter before issuing a permit when there are alloca-tions left begging each quarter? This does nothing to boost our localeconomy but prevents work for builders, orders to building supply out-lets, building permit revenues for the county, hookup fee revenue forthe improvement districts. I think that it is going to be difficult enoughto provide necessary services in the first responder segment, educa-tion sector and senior services with our current budget let alone thereduced county revenues we would have with managed growth.Why deny channels of revenue that the county can certainly uti-lize? I am, however, opposed to development of our Valley corridor(along Highway 395).Our quality of life is certainly deserving of protection. The potentialconsequences have not been sufficiently researched to give carteblanche to projects like the Park proposal. Our longstanding ranchingcommunity certainly deserves the support and respect of the board ofcommissioners. As a county commissioner i will always have thegood of the entire county as my No. 1 priority. Avote for me is a votefor Douglas County.
Greg Lynn
Place of residence:
1218Bobwire Lane, Gardnerville,(5
years, 28-year localresident)
Generalbuilding contractor
Contact information:
Bachelors, St. Mary's College,California, 1967 Graduate studies, SanFrancisco State University, 1967-69
My connection with Carson Valleygoes back to before I was born. My motherwas in the Army during WWII flying B-17s outof the Minden airport as a ferry pilot. My fatherwas also a pilot and ran a crop dusting busi-ness here during the war. In the winter theydumped hay out of the bombers to feed therange cattle. When folks gripe about growthand say they’d like to see the Valley the way itwas in 1995 (or 1990 or 1985), in a perfectworld I’d like it the way it was in 1955. Alas,those days are behind us.I’m a life-long Republican, a 28-year localresident and have lived in the district I seek torepresent since 2002. I’ve also been doingbusiness in district since 1995 and have run ageneral contracting business in the county asa licensed contractor since 1985.In the late ’80s and early ’90s I wasinvolved with what was then the Builder’sAssociation of Douglas County, serving asvice-president for four years and also servingas association liaison to the county buildingdepartment where I wrote the department’snewsletter for 10 years, keeping the buildingcommunity current with code and policychanges.More recently I spent 16 months sittingacross the table with representatives from theSustainable Growth Initiative Committee, com-ing to a compromise agreement that ultimatelyresulted in the adoption of the current buildingpermit allocation system in July of 2007.Additionally, I spent the summer of 2007 asfacilitator of a county/industry review panelupdating the county’s design manual fordevelopment projects (roads, sewer, waterand drainage). We were able to come toterms on just about everything, except for thedrainage element, and the update was adopt-ed by the board of commissioners in the fall of2007.Also, in 1997 I was approached by thecounty to design and build the DouglasCounty Shooting Facility. This project wasdone on a volunteer basis on my part, largelyemployed trusty labor from the jail, as well asparticipation from a variety of local contrac-tors, and was completed in the spring of 1998.In the fall of 2007 I again volunteered toreconstruct this facility to improve public safetyfor the long run, and this effort was completedin November of 2007.Last but not least, I spent a good part oflast summer working on the floodplain man-agement ordinance, both through the work-shop process, and the technical review com-mittee that actually hammered out the lan-guage and worked through the sticking points.What I hope to demonstrate with this briefresume is a long-term familiarity with the inter-nal county dynamics and a history of workingwith a variety of county department staff, frommanager, sheriff, parks, and others.I’ve come to the decision to run for thisoffice through a somewhat non-traditionalseries of public service experiences. Ratherthan describe this complicated sequence ofevents, I’ll just say that I’ve had 20 years ofpractice at doing the homework and am readyand willing to put forth the effort required.Anyone is welcome to call for more detailsor expansion on my thoughts on how I feel thecounty should work. I’m a working man so I’mnot home during the day and you’ll get myanswering machine. Don’t worry, I’ll call back.
District 1
Should the Douglas County Building PermitAllocation and Growth Management Ordinance,Douglas County Code Chapter 20.560, passedby the Board of County Commissioners, andeffective July 1, 2007, and as amended, remainin effect?
Shall Douglas County School District beauthorized to issue general obligation schoolbonds to improve, equip, acquire and constructschool facilities?Taxes generated by the district’s existingschool bond property tax not needed for pay-ment of bonds and purposes related to thebonds including the required reserves for bondsin any year may be used for capital projects.District projections at the time the bonds areissued must indicate that issuance of the bondswill not result in an increase of the existingschool bond property tax rate of 10 cents per$100 of assessed value. If approved, thisauthorization will expire Nov. 4, 2018.

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